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Flag of Raiko.svg
Flag of Raiko
Deputy MayorEspiDev
City recognition
Date foundedMay 5, 2022
Town hall coordinates-25863, -10487
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 8
Post code(s)RK8
Local transitRaiko Metro (planned)
No. of buildings14
Landmark(s)Iridium Tower
Former name(s)RaikoCity
Political affiliations
StateKonten State

Raiko is a town in Ward 8 located in West Zeta.


The city is named after Raiko Horikawa, a Touhou character. This is also where its Japanese name (雷鼓市 Raiko-shi) comes from.

In lore, no one is sure how the name of Raiko came to be. The current town was formed from a merger of serveral towns, including Chihaya, Pogsburg, Forest Hills, Iridium City, Teyvat and Chalcedony.


The town was founded in May 5, 2022 after the mayor, chimata had an idea of an futuristic-styled city and decided to look for locations. The location was chosen due to proximity to sea, many biomes and it was near an unfinished canal for 2 years. It was originally known as RaikoCity before it was changed to its current name, Raiko 1 day later.

However, development of this town didn't start until June 28, 2022 after its mayor completed Chuuou Ward in Cirno Bay.

In August 16, 2022, development of Iridium District started.


Raiko is located in central-north west Zeta, being approximately 27.9km away from Central City. Raiko covers a variety of biomes.

Raiko is located near Lake 42. A canal is planned to be built connecting this lake to Misty Lake, which has been under construction since April 2020, before Raiko was founded.

Nearby towns include Norloch, Lakeside City and Ultima.


Iridium District

Iridium Tower as seen on Dynmap in November 22, 2022.

Iridium District is the financial center of Raiko. It is home to the city's landmark, Iridium Tower which is the first building completed.

Downtown District

Downtown District is a planned district. The city hall is planned to be built here and it will feature a lot of near futuristic-styled buildings which rise above Tsukumogami Park.