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Logo of the town of Christi
Town officials
Mayor mustang guy
Deputy Mayor MindBender15
Town Councillors _frozen
MRT  T10  Christi
Roadways  B901 
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates -1730,69,-2905
Founded 7/7/2015
Recognized as town 11/26/15
Town rank Mayor
Official language(s) English
World New World
MPO Seneca Planning Council

Christi is a town created by mustang_guy. The theme of this town is futurist/retro futuristic, borrowing many styles and elements from the Tomorrowland movie, the Tomorrowland areas in the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, and Epcot Center's Future World.


Christi was founded on July 7th, 2015, and the town hall was constructed about a month later, after extensive and dramatic land changes were made. The MRT station and track was re-aligned and raised to a higher elevation to accommodate the new ground level that was being established. A large hill that was present was bulldozed, and using that soil ground level around the center of town was raised from y=64 to y=69. The river that was running through the area was re-routed to be connected, via an artificial channel, to Seneca Canal.

Getting Here

There are many ways to get to Christi. You can find the various methods listed below. The fastest route is taking Route 94 via Arrivé Bus Lines from the Arrivé bus depot in Central City.


Use MRT Taiga Line, RaiLinQ, IntraRail Spruce Regional service, or vivoTransit.


B901 runs directly through Christi. This road connects directly to B90 on the western border of the town, and A9 on the eastern border. Further west in the neighboring town of Sheepshead, B901 connects to A94.


Manukau Transport/Arrivé Bus Lines Route 94 from Central City or Laclede.


Last Updated: Summer 2017


Town Map
Road Construction Map
Christi Transit System Construction Map
Rail Services
Previous station Next station
 T9  Foobar
towards Central City—Northwest Station
 T10  Christi  T11  Laclede Theater District
towards T40 via Kessler
towards Segville
IntraRail Spruce Regional
Christi Station
Laclede Central
towards Amestris