Prubourne Steak

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Prubourne Steak
A Prubourne Steak location on the old world.
CEO & FounderTechnologyPro
MottoTaste the Freedom
Facts and figures
HeadquartersCentral City
FoundedOctober 2, 2012
Parent CompanyFrontier Group

Prubourne Steak is a franchise owned by Frontier Group and is best known for its steak. Known with it's iconic big red 'P' at most locations, Prubourne Steak is very hard to miss. While Prubourne Steak is a "fast food" restaurant, everything is delivered to stores daily and cooked when you order it. Prubourne Steak, also known as PB Steak, was founded by TechnologyPro on October 2, 2012 and is managed by TechnologyPro and Soleurs. If you'd like one to be built, please ask them. The headquarters is located in the MRT Trade Centre, Inchmuir, B19, and there are over 44 restaurants across the server.


In October 2, 2012, chiefbozx opened the MRT Mall, and TechnologyPro was among the first to get a store. Not knowing what to build, he looked at the Kalmar Fried Chicken next door, and had the idea for Prubourne Steak. After the creation of LSN Holdings, the Prubourne Steak franchise was expanded, and nowadays, there are over 20 locations throughout the MRT. After TechnologyPro's departure, Soleurs took full control over Prubourne Steak. On March 16, 2013, a new design was created by TechnologyPro, and it was rolled out to all outdoor locations on the MRT. It replaced the boxy design of the old Prubourne Steak with a more open design, featuring an arched roof. In September 2014, a new menu was created by TechnologyPro, along with a revised design. These were both rolled out to several locations on the MRT and other servers. After the opening of the new world, it was decided that Prubourne Steaks would continue to be available, and can now be co-built with a logCABIN Coffee.

On December 28th, 2015, Frontier Group was acquired by Feline Holdings. On June 29th, 2016, Prubourne Steak was reacquired by Frontier Group.


The menu in-game

Ingredients are brought in fresh daily from our listed sources. Please ask your server for today's list of alcoholic beverages. We will not serve you if you are intoxicated or not of age.

- Potato
- Baked potato
- Mushroom stew

Main Courses
- Tenderloin, sirloin, strip, or ribeye steak from Prubourne
- Chicken from Prubourne
- Fish from Jones Beach
- Salmon from Jones Beach

- Cake
- Cookies
- Melon
- Apple
- Golden apple
- Pumpkin pie

- Still water
- Sparkling water
- Coca Cola
- Diet Coke
- Sprite
- Sprite Zero
- Dr. Pepper
- Root Beer
- Fruit Punch
- Ginger Ale

Alcoholic Drinks
We have a selection of wine, beer, and liquor available. Please ask your server for today's selection.
A selection of barbecue and steak sauces are available, including Peter Luger. please ask your server.

Franchise types

There are several types of stores available:

  • Standard: Most locations are Standard. It is 12 blocks wide by 9 blocks long.
  • Kiosk: A small takeout-only Prubourne Steak location with a full menu. Size varies, but is typically smaller than a Standard.
  • Mega: The largest off-the-shelf Prubourne Steak available, at 20 blocks wide by 16 blocks long.
  • Custom: A Prubourne Steak with dimensions, architecture, or other defining characteristics not matching those of one of the above models.
Standard Prubourne Steak
Kiosk Prubourne Steak
Mega Prubourne Steak
Custom/Mall Prubourne Steak


New World

Location Name Closest Transit Store Type(s)
Loudoun  F11 - V12  Loudoun Custom/Resize
Sesby  C24  Sesby Custom/Storefront
Vergil  P12  Vergil Custom/Storefront
Nippia  ZN20  Nippia Central Custom/Storefront
Zaquar Custom/Patio
Huntington  C9  Huntington Standard (2); Custom/with logCABIN (1)
Hummingbird Islands International Airport  C11  Coronado Custom
Mason City  C12  Mason City Custom/Storefront
Ilirea  XW18  Ilirea - Cascadia Union Station Custom/Mall/with logCABIN
Marblegate  F27  Marblegate Custom/Storefront
Wazamawazi  C97  Wazamawazi Central Custom/Resize
Evella  M10  City of Evella Custom/Mall
Utopia  D14  Utopia Custom/Resize
Vermilion  XW15  Vermilion Custom/Resize (1); Custom/Mall (1)
Sealane  XW2 - M2 - D2  Custom
Birchview  ZN13  BirchView Custom
Astoria  C48  Astoria Custom
Armada  C107 - A26  Armada Custom
Elecna Bay  I21  Elecna Bay - Restraunt District Custom
 A30  Lucerne Custom/with STOP N' DROP
Jeeka  T32 - C99  Jeeka Custom
Washingcube  A15  Washingcube Custom
42  XW7  Foobar Custom/Mall
Ashmore  A3 - ZN3  Ashmore Standard
Kolpino  M18  Kolpino City Custom (XL)
Christi  T10  Christi Custom
Wythern Mall  C41  Wythern Custom
Whiteley Docks Standard
DesertView Standard
Danielston  D7  Danielston Paisley Place Standard
Legitevon  ZS14  Foobar Standard
Southern Royal Plaza  ES21 - P35  Foobar Custom
Laclede Plaza IntraRail Station
 T14  North Laclede, IntraRail Custom (2)
Horizon National Airport
 C110  Konawa, IntraRail Custom (_Kastle)
Los Angeles  XE26  Farwater Custom (_Kastle)
Xenonite Station
 XW10  Kenthurst Custom

Old World

City Name Closest Transit Location Type
Manangatang  G23  Standard
Crystal City  R11  Standard
Chesterfield  G9  Standard
Inchmuir  B19   C1  Standard
World Plaza Between  R2  and  R3  Standard
High Hoopsville  Y20  Standard
Robin's Hill  G10  Standard
Hillside-Pagoda  Y21  Standard
Talihina  R12  Standard
Orwyn Mall  G8  Mall
Silverhaven  Y22  Standard
Wishington-PVP  B20  Standard
Treplöw South of  B19  and east of  Y20  Standard
Atlantis  R4  Mall
Owasso  Y14  Standard
Shadow Falls  2  Standard
Riverside  NET   RTA   M4   I-0  Standard
Palm Paradise Near  B8  Standard
Cyra Southeast of  R13  Standard
Theatre District  B14 - Y16  Mall
MRT Zoo  Y1  Mega
Alturas Standard
MRT International Airport Concourse A  G2  Kiosk
Reedy Creek Ampitheatre Kiosk
Kitania Standard