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This page contains all the history from the beginning of the server to current day. This page is a constant work in progress.

Alpha: July 13, 2012 - March 28, 2013

Welcome To The MRT Server

The original rules were very basic compared to today's rules.
video still taken from "Minecart Rapid Transit Server - Grand Opening And New Website! (Minecraft 1.2.5)" by Frumple1

Announcement and The Opening

On July 13, 2012, Frumple posted a video titled "Minecart Rapid Transit Server - Grand Opening And New Website! (Minecraft 1.2.5)". In the video, Frumple explained the basics of the server, the rules, and more. Frumple gave a first look at the original dynamic map, or "dynmap", and the original flagging of it. Frumple emphasized the original applications and how it was used to join the server. When the server opened, Frumple generally accepted many applications and was very lenient about them.

Original Rules, Ranks, and Application

During the early months of the server, the rules of the server were displayed on the website and at spawn. The rules back then are still generally used today, and are implemented with today's technicalities. Many rules, such as staying on MRT Lines and no use of lava, were taken very serious at the time and many warnings were given out for petty things. Those rules were eventually thrown out.

The ranks in the opening of the server were bare-boned. The ranks, in order, were: Guest, Member, Mod, and Admin. Soon after, Frumple made himself the Owner rank rather than the Admin rank.

The application in 2012 was almost exactly similar to the one today, excluding the questions at the bottom. The applications were early large amount of applications were generally accepted, allowing for the first members to join the server and build the first towns. Frumple received a large amount of applications and led to him closing applications temporarily.

Early Towns

Some of the earliest towns on the server were started by old members that are no longer here. Some of which include ariwcharles, j1andt2, Hiesenberg454, and oliverkillz. Though many left and never came back, some are still on the server today, such as LDShadowLord, chiefbozx, and MinecraftYoshi26. Some of the earliest towns and buildings that arose were Hollis Swamps, Lighthouse, Oasis, Silver Spring, and Miningstone. Those cities set precedents for future town evaluations, ideas, and necessities.

The Start of Staff

The idea of staff was started when Frumple needed people to help him enforce rules on the server. The first mod to be promoted was Biohazard_Stuff. The other MRT members promoted to Moderator were chiefbozx, ariwcharles, Benie, uugiggi, xplayman911, ActualFacts, and BossOfGames. chiefbozx later within a few days became the first Staff member promoted to Administrator other than Frumple. This was because Chief had taught Frumple how to use WorldEdit.

Staff had access to world edit with no restrictions and permission to edit MRT stations and its regions. Soon thereafter, some world edit rights were restricted from Mods such as world editing lava, due to ariwcharles's lava ball jokes and world edit block sizes.

Growing Focal Points

Spawn City

The Admod Building built by Omricon and chiefbozx was a major attraction in Spawn City for members.
photo taken by chiefbozx
Main article: Spawn City

Like any other part of the server, Spawn City started out as a MRT station in the center of the map with no buildings around it. As soon as the server became more popular, development began in Spawn City. The first building was erected in an area immediately named Glowlight Town, which is still standing to the northwest of the station. The Admod Building was built just southeast of the station, and the original "Ride the MRT" sign was put up on the same day and still stands today in a different location of Spawn City.

The original Admod Building was created by chiefbozx within a couple days of the server opening, and was featured in Frumple's first MRT Server video. It had ten offices, a town hall, and a very basic court, which was unfinished at the time of the video's release. Its floors and ceilings were only a block thick, rather than two in the next version of the building, offices took up an entire floor, and the office spaces were three blocks high, compared to four or five in the next version of the building.

The next version of the Admod Building was the location of all staff offices, the Spawn City town hall and courtroom, and the original quote board. The Admod Building was designed by chiefbozx and Omricon, and was created in August 2012.

That version of Admod Building has eleven floors above or at ground level. After ascending up the grand staircase to the mezzanine level, where an office directory is posted, players then could fly up the elevator or run up the large, spiral staircase to the moderator office floors. Each floor was color-coded: floor two was orange, three was magenta, four was yellow, five was light blue, six was lime green, and seven was red. Each moderator office floor had two offices, A and B, which were equal in size. Floor six had a kitchen, with offices 6A and 6B having direct access, which had seating and food preparation areas for informal meetings or random office parties. Floor seven had the board room (7C) next to office 7A, which was used for formal staff meetings and had a fully-stocked mini fridge, however any Mayor or higher could have reserved the room. The elevator had exits on floors eight and nine, where the administrators and senior administrators have offices, respectively. Like the floors below, floors eight and nine had two offices each, however floor nine had a glass domed roof for Frumple and chiefbozx's offices. In the basement of the Admod Building, the Spawn City Town Hall used to be found on floor B1, which had a fully-functional voting system.

Spawn Station had a mini-map of the MRT system and had cities marked on the map as the server grew. Spawn Station had gained areas for members to build retail in the station, which have now since been removed, and soon after the creation of the first "warp booths" on the server.

One of the staples of the server's was Studio Chief, the filming location for The Snapshot, the server's weekly news segment. Located at 4 West Main Street, Studio Chief stands where the former Rayma Studios Buildings 2 and 3 were located, and featured a large glass window on the south side of the building. Recordings for various videos, including The Snapshot, occured there and players were welcome to lurk in the background and make themselves known by throwing potions, fireworks, fishing rods, anvils, experience bottles, or arrows at the window during a recording. Trolling gimmicks included random in-flight PVP, spawning animals, and lightning cannons.

As the server grew, more and more buildings popped up, and a few have moved to other locations. The old MRT Lab, originally located just outside the Admod Building, has since been removed, and in its place an apartment complex named Spawnpartments has been built above ground. Transit in Spawn City grew rapidly as the city grew, such as a bus station and the Northern Trail. Building in spawn seemed like a necessity to showcase your build to the server.

Frumple has been the mayor of Spawn since its creation in July 2012, and he retains mayorship so long as he owns the server.

MRT International Airport

Main article: MRT International Airport

The Airport was planned by BossOfGames on the Old World at G2. It was an ambitious project, but was criticized by many. As it started as a blank square of stone on the map, many termed it as "The Chunk Error." Many believe that it was the large size of the airport as well as the slow pace of construction (a pace that earned its architect the nickname "BossOfDelays") that led to the eventual ban of all airports. Eventually, by 2013 all the gates were filled, but the airplanes were almost purely cosmetic as there were only two other airports in existence on the server.

Silver Spring

Main article: Silver Spring

Redstone Gaming Centre

Main article: Redstone Gaming Centre

The Redstone Gaming Centre was built at G11 as a place for board games operated by redstone such as Tic-Tac-Toe and Connect Four. More will be added later on this topic.

MRT Mail Centre

Main article: MRT Mail Centre

The MRT Mail Centre was planned by thomasfyfe and built in Spawn City. Its purpose was to allow the communication between members when one is offline. In it, each member had a chest which "mail" (books) could be deposited into. There was also the ability to send mass advertisements to most mailboxes, although there was an option to opt out.

Infamously, the MRT Mail Staff played an elaborate joke on the community. A "book copier machine" was set up to allow people to give their books to Mail Staff for it to be copied using redstone. In reality, the books were simply copied using pick block, with the redstone being their as part of the joke. This fooled most of the community though.

Projects For The Community

The Snapshot

In many episodes, chiefbozx had multiple people behind him trolling.
video still taken from "The Snapshot w52" by chiefbozx
Main article: The Snapshot

The Snapshot was a weekly update series for the server mainly created by chiefbozx, however also part made by thomasfyfe. The Snapshot was first launched at on August 26, 2012. In total, 43 episodes were made spanning the first 52 weeks of the server, and were found at chiefbozx's Youtube channel. The Snapshot was a regular video series watched by many members of the MRT. It featured several sections, including a featured station, any station name changes, staff promotions, and more. The Snapshot had its final broadcast on December 22, 2013. The Snapshot left a legacy of informing members and allowing the community to be connected by the often community trolling in the background of the video. It is regarded as one of the server's most famed gathering times. The Snapshot was revived two years later.

Winter Events Week

After the server updated to Minecraft 1.4.5, Winter Events Week occured in late December 2012. For a week, games were planned to happen for every day of the week. A few events did not happen, such as the Deal or No Deal on Thursday. Quoted from the MRT website, the following listed events were planned to occur:

The first ever Christmas adventure map that was released on Sunday featured a KFC evil production factory.
photo taken by thomasfyfe
  • Sunday: Reveal of Thomas's adventure map. Thomas has kindly made a fun adventure map for us all to try out. Full instructions will be given to you on Sunday right outside the cyan exit of Spawn (located near the Skyline Bar & Grille).
  • Monday: Spleef Tournament! We will be having only one tournament this time, and it's at 9:00 PM GMT. You can register for it here if you have Member or higher rank on the server, and the structure and rules are just like last time. This will be streamed on Chief’s twitch.
  • Tuesday: Connect 4 and Tic-Tac-Toe Tournament! These tournaments will start at 8:00 PM GMT, and you can register for it here. Guests are welcome to enter in these tournaments, and they will take place at the Redstone Gaming Centre (which already has a warp from spawn).
  • Wednesday: PVP Tournament! We are pleased to announce our first official PVP tournament to be held at the Wishington-PVP arenas, built by conductor MinecraftYoshi26. Please register online here. Your arena will be randomly decided by random.org, and everyone will have the same item kit. The first round is at 9:00 PM GMT.
  • Thursday: Deal or No Deal (TENTATIVE) If you are interested in playing Deal or No Deal, please register online here and download the Mumble client for free. Our Mumble server connection information can be found on the blue and green boards in Spawn, and just ask any staffer for the password. Games will take place throughout the day when the server is in high traffic. Please note: if demand is low or logistics become a problem, we may cancel this event. You only need to register if you want to be able to play the game – anyone is welcome to join the audience with no registration required. This will be streamed on Chief's twitch.
  • Friday: Parkour races! Test out your parkour skills on the Y10 Parkour Course. You’ll be racing through one of the courses in a time-trial fashion, starting at 11:00 PM GMT in 1-minute intervals. Instructions will be given at 11:00 PM GMT, so make sure you're online then! Please register here to participate.
  • Saturday: Track and Field! We'll be having some fun on the track, doing some weird events: 100m dash, 100m Pig Dash, 100m Hurdles, and long jump. Please register online here. Events start at 11:00 PM GMT.

The LRT 780

The LRT 780 was a rail line constructed by YoshiJL with three stops: Sandstone Fair, Ocelot Bay, and Redstone Gaming Centre. The LRT 780 was the first major intercity third-party rail line on the server. It was marked on dynmap with a light blue line and colored flags for a short period of time. The LRT 780 is cited as the source the third-party rail industry.


Roads were needed as infrastructure. The first road built was the MRT Highway on the south side of Spawn Station, built by Benie shortly after the server's creation. Later on, Benie would on the north side begin construction of InterMap 0, the first limited-access expressway on the server. Later on, other players began building their own roads, such as an extension of the MRT Highway along the Red Line which also went over the BlueSpring Memorial Bridge. Roads at the time could only be travelled by a pig, but they still were promulgated.

Wishington-PVP Arenas

Main article: Wishington-PVP

The PvP arenas were built by MinecraftYoshi26 at B20, also the location of another town of his, Wishington. These arenas were used by players to fight it out to the death when they were bored and idling on the server. 12 were eventually built by Yoshi. At the time, there was no special plugin for it. Instead, the arenas would be accessed by a minecart line that came out of a lobby area that connected into B20 Station.

The First Problems


In September, Frumple handed out demotions to Staff for the first time. The three moderators demoted were ActualFacts, uugiggi, and ariwcharles. The demotions sent ripples through the fabric of the MRT community. ariwcharles would leave forever, never to return.


Sometime in late September 2012, mysteriously a guest had come online. Said guest was misbehaving badly. Soon after the guest left, uugiggi connected to the server. After "hearing" of what the guest had done, Giggi had gone on a long rant about how he would have been able to prevent the guest from being so bad.

Frumple and Chief had suspicions about this story, and rightfully so. An IP check revealed that the guest was, in fact, an alt of Giggi. After being confronted, Giggi was then banned. However, this was not the end of him. The server was flooded with alternate accounts of Giggi for the next few days. Several IP bans were done, but even this wouldn't stem the tide. This became known as a "Giggifest" or "Gigglefest," and attacks like this by Giggi would repeat in bursts several times for the rest of the year.

ActualFacts: A Descent into Darkness

Changes In The Community


The conductor rank was introduced on October 19, 2012 as an attempt to bridge the gap between a standard player, of which the highest rank at the time was mayor, and the staff ranks, of which the lowest was moderator. The conductor rank was seen by many players as a staff member lower ranked than mods, due to their increased permissions, which involved them being able to place water and ice and edit MRT stations, however was eventually replaced by the trusted rank to allow the rank to be shown as a non-staff member. Players reaching the conductor rank were often seen to be the mods of the future, and the limited permissions that came with being a conductor being a test to see if they were ready for promotion, however when the conductor rank was replaced by the trusted one, a trial period was introduced for all new mods, so while they would have full moderator permissions, it could be taken off of them at any time if they were deemed not good enough during this trial period. This trial period is still present today with any moderator promotions. The first conductor to be given the rank was YoshiJL, however during the lifetime of the rank, other conductors included Omricon, MinecraftYoshi26, Keks63, thomasfyfe and more. When the rank was abolished, the remaining conductors were all given the trusted rank, along with several players that were not conductors.


One of the puzzles at B29 by kekkomatic featured rail lines similar to the MRT's.
photo taken by MinecraftYoshi26
Main article: Cactusville

B29 was originally not part of the MRT network but was added during the Halloween of 2012, when the server also updated to 1.4. Built by kekkomatic, it features an adventure map, and was anticipated on the server after several fake denials, such as chiefbozx's Snapshot episode 10, in which the description features the sentence "- PLEASE DISMISS ANY RUMORS OF B29 OR CACTUSVILLE STATION. It does not exist. The terminus of the Blue Line is B28 / Nanthaven.". This was then backed up within the video itself, and also a book written by kekkomatic that can be found in the MRT Library on the Old World, entitled 'The Mystery'. In the week approaching Halloween 2012 strange occurrences began happening on the server. This included unexplainable broadcast messages from the server, disappearing staff members and an indestructible pumpkin just East of Nanthaven. Signs were placed all around the server with "Now you're closer. :)". When block checked, the signs were claimed to have no data, however, staff purposefully lied to create the illusion for the ultimate reveal.

B29 was announced to be real on October 31, 2012. On Halloween 2012 there was an odd presence on the server, Spawn Station had been decorated for the occasion but signs indicated the existence of B29. A book titled "The Mystery" had been found in the MRT Library and in PO boxes at the MRT Mail Centre. The book confirmed the rumors that B29 did exist. Some players made their way to the location to find a temple filled with puzzles and traps. Following clues, players made their way through the haunted station. After completing the adventure, players were surprised to find themselves at Ravenmoor Manor, a haunted house just South of B19, Inchmuir.

Blobstudios 24hr Gaming Livestream: Whelburn

A couple of weeks after being promoted to Moderator, thomasfyfe proposed hosting his channel's 24 hour gaming livestream on the server. The proposed idea was for members from the MRT and guest players watching from the livestream to build a town in one day. The livestream would play a number of different games during the 24 hours but would periodically visit to see how the town progressed. The livestream was announced in a Snapshot segment, produced by thomasfyfe.

The livestream event was held on November 17, 2012. Thomasfyfe and the other livestream hosts were given a special magenta "Livestream Host" tag. The north side of G22 station was chosen to be the location of the event. Initially, it was unknown what was going to be built for the livestream. Ideas of extending an existing town or working on the MRT International Airport were thrown around. It was Frumple who came up the idea and location about building a new town with a British-style theme. Thomasfyfe set up a small welcome area with a list of recommended building materials and chiefbozx created an instructional video to be shown during the livestream for those looking to get involved.

As the server is graylisted, a temporary system where Guests would be able to acquire temporary building permissions within a specified region was setup. Upon reaching the event area, Guests would press a button for permissions and be able to build in the event area and no griefers took advantage of this.

Main article: Whelburn

Whelburn was the outcome of the livestream event. The town was mostly completed within the 24 hours, although additional builds have since been added. The town was one of the first "free-to-build" locations on the server, as almost all previous towns had required permission for the Mayor to build in. During the livestream, a cow nicknamed "The Drunk Cow" was named the official Mayor of the town.

Following the event, the livestream hosts were given full server membership. One of those hosts, now moderator, cal76, remains the only active member who has never applied for membership.

Unfortunately, the livestream is not available to watch back, due to a configuration error. However, the information page on thomasfyfe's old website still remains intact. The town was also shown in The Snapshot episode 13.

Rail Line Permissions


Christmas was rolling around, and the Staff needed an idea for what to do for Christmas. Eventually, an idea was found. A Christmas Tree was put just outside Spawn Station, where members could build gifts for each other underneath. These gifts would then be opened on Christmas Day 2012. This idea would stay and be repeated annually for Christmas, though the server community eventually grew so large to where the Tree would need its own space.

World Edit Fails

Shaping The Server


New Games


The MRT Wiki

The MRT Wiki's new website had to be heavily discussed between administrators beforehand.
photo courtesy chiefbozx

The MRT Wiki was originally hosted on a third-party site, Wikispaces. This site was essentially a wiki farm, with the wiki being started in early 2013, the effort spearheaded by Chief.

Development of Towns

Towns began developing at different rates. Many got their own metro system - Robin's Hill being a prolific example. Others were just simple Minecraft towns. In most towns, architecture was not necessarily important. It was not as advanced as it would become in later years due to a lack of blocks. In addition, town growth was complicated by the transfer of towns when people were banned. Some towns even merged - an example being Plainsville, which was absorbed into neighboring Crystal City when its mayor was banned. Sizes ranged too - from small resort towns like Oasis to major metropolises like Inchmuir.

Ideas For Updates

PVP Versus Disc Space

The Scheduling of Omega

Omega was scheduled in early 2013, when for the first time the MRT would be hosted on a dedicated machine. This would then be a new machine, which would also host the Wiki on its own in addition to Minecraft. This also meant that the Wiki was free to control by the Staff instead of being constrained by Wikispaces.

The Beta Server

Server Migration

Omega: March 29, 2013 - October 3, 2014 (PLEASE ADD MORE)

First Anniversary


The First Anniversary of the MRT fell on July 13, 2013. This marked a momentous occasion, as many servers do not last this long. It is believed that not even Frumple himself was expecting the server to last that long. In celebration, a spleef tournament was held at the Silver Spring Spleef Arena.

Competition and Rivalries


Main article: SET

Stock Exchanges

During this period, the server saw a rise in the amount of companies and franchises, where most of the members had at least one franchise. To add on to this trend, Cortesi had created the MRT Stock. It kept track of franchises' shops, adding one stock point per new location, and minus one per loss. These kind of 'stocks' do not reflect stocks on real life, but rather acted as a counter of franchises.

Later, _frozen had created the Fairfax Stock Exchange. It operated with a total of 7 indexes, with 6 indexes focused on their fields of operations and one showcasing the top 50 franchises.

Since then, the idea of stocks has been loose, with ideas such as Central Stock Exchange in the New World, however, it did not get popularized.


Growth & Expansion

Bullet Trains

In October 2013, a lesser-known member joined. That member was notable because he had a username resembling that of a new-ish, more well-known member, and had a bit of animosity with that member at first. He built a sksycraper in the middle of Big Lake near Orwyn, and wanted to build transportation to it. So he saw technology for high-speed rail, and built the first bullet train line to the town of Bloomington. It was revolutionary - the use of pistons to push carts along tracks had a speed comparable to that of a compassing moderator. The only limitation was that it could only move diagonally, but many were interested.

That member, of course, was 6687kittycat, and his technology perpetuated across the server. But soon, problems arose. Many complained that the bullet train caused lag, and other just complained because they hated people talking about it. And it was in February 2014 that at a GSM piston trains were forever banned. Proponents of the bullet train have blamed alterations to the original technology, most notably Just_robinho's version which had placed lights along the train line that was activated when a cart would pass by it, however other observers have remarked that the bullet train likely would have been banned anyways regardless of how the technology was developed. From time-to-time the topic has come back up but never gained much traction again due to the existence of busses and warp trains.


On November 10, 2013, Frumple announced on the website that donating to the server to gain supporter benefits was available. The original perks contained a "+" symbol appended to the player tag indicating a supporter, the ability to use /me in chat, the ability to use chat colors, and the ability to place signs with colored text. From then, supporters have been allowed to use the /hat command. The minimum purchase amount for benefits is $10.00 CAD. Supporter benefits are granted on a permanent basis and do not need to be renewed. Several restrictions were put in place to make sure that supporters would not cause problems, including rules against reverting contributions, guests donating, and banned members donating. In addition, all contributions are public on a MRT Server Finances document linked on the website. As of March 2018, about 34.7% of the money spent by Frumple has been paid by supporters.

MRT Orange Line

The finished MRT Orange Line differs from its original proposal.
photo courtesy samyankeesfan20
Main article: MRT Orange Line

The MRT Orange Line is a line that was intended to serve the Northern and Western areas of the Old World. Its build start was on December 30, 2013. It was to be built by chiefbozx and Just_robinho. The northern terminus is the MRT International Airport while the southern terminus is Eisitasi. It was officially opened on January 11, 2014, which was the date of the "Orange GSM". All stations were claimed within the first few hours of its opening. The Orange Line was notable for serving Eisitasi, considered by many to be the largest city which previously had not been served by the Old World MRT. In addition, development was also spurred by the Orange Line, most notably that of islands in the Western Ocean.

Game Shows

MinecraftYoshi26 was already known for his minigames on the MRT server such as the creation of Parkour City and the Survival Games map. However, in December 2013, Yoshi decided to try something new. He decided to try a mock game show - starting with "The Mole," a show where players would attempt to complete challenges to earn money while a "Mole" would try to stop it while deceiving the players from knowing his identity. Players would be eliminated for having the lowest score on a quiz, and the last surviving non-Mole player wins.

The inaugural season of the Mole was played on consecutive days, December 28th and December 29th of 2013. There were 8 contestants, and after 6 episodes wilywonker became the first ever winner, with Music3_0 revealed as the first-ever Mole. As there was no money on the server at the time, the prize given out was ownership of the town of Cactusville, which Wily shared with Music.

Little did most of the people participating know that those two days would pave the way for an event that brings players from around the server online to participate: the Yoshi game show.

Gamma Preparation

Origins of Expansion

By the beginning of 2014, it had become apparent that the Old World was becoming too crowded. Space was becoming a premium. Every MRT station had been claimed, and more and more obscure places were being used for new towns. There were towns on artificial islands, towns in jungles, and even towns floating in the sky. Something had to be done. At the first GSM of 2014, Staff began discussing solutions to add more land for people to go on.

Expansion Versus Addition

There were two main proposals being discussed by Staff. The first was the expansion of the existing world to add more land onto it. The second was to create an entirely different world which people could build on. The issue with addition though was with the new 1.7 update that completely changed the way worlds were generated. Either the new server would have to stay in 1.6 and generate the world expansion in that update, or 1.7 would be used, creating a large disjoint border between the expansion and the original world. In the end, the addition was chosen.

Controversy Over Change

The Beginning of Construction

Construction involved the acquisition of a new server machine for the server in mid-2014, which was whitelisted for Staff. The New World was generated, and Staff began building the MRT lines out. In addition, a grid was laid out for Central City which flattened most of its natural terrain, the exception being Central Park. In addition, several other worlds were created: a Games World, a Lab World, a Space World, and a Staff-only world. This kept out several "meta" builds from the main New World, most notably labs, which had previously required the burrowing of giant underground areas.

Rank Changes and Planning

Staff also decided that it would be prudent to change the ranks system. Previously, under the old system there was little incentive to try to develop towns. A new ranks system was created to incentivize town development. After Member, there would be a "Citizen" rank which would be given to members who had built a home and a business, and a "Trustee" rank which would have the same permissions as Trusted, but easier to get as it only required three endorsements from existing Trustees and for Staff not to veto the promotion during a 24-hour veto period.

All ranks between Trustee and Moderator would be achieved by building towns. Councillor and Mayor would be received with two Staff endorsements, while Senator, Governor, and Premier would be awarded during GSMs. In addition, certain builds previously banned to all would now be rank-restricted. For example, stadiums would now be allowed for Senators, while airports would be allowed for Governors. There were also some proposals for a parallel ranks system for those who preferred to do other things such as growing companies or building infrastructure (e.g., roads) but this never came to fruition.

Gamma: October 4, 2014 - December 26, 2016

A Fresh Start

A Whole New World

The "New World" was set to open on October 4, 2014.
photo courtesy CortesiRaccoon
Main article: New World

The New World was opened on October 4, 2014. Since several months the admods had been building the eleven new MRT lines, Central City and the new MRT Marina. It was really different from the Old World because it was eight times larger and introduced new 1.7.0 biomes such as savannahs. The staff also introduced new ranks since towns were able to get larger than on the Old World. The New World MRT System uses the MRT v5.0 technology unveiled by Frumple in 2014 as a christmas present for the community. On December 26, 2016 the New World was extended again while the server updated from Gamma to Epsilon.

Towns and Reconstruction

As soon as Gamma started, many players went to found their towns on the New World. There was a few disputes for stations such as  A32  Snowtopic. Some of the most famous cities include Vermilion, Airchester or Whitechapel were founded in these first days. Additionaly, canals like the Seneca Canal were built to connect major water bodies. A lot of players chose to build their cities close from each other which made the SMP system develop like in what became the Lacledic Republic.

Adjusting and Applying Ranks

Shared Municipalities

Shared municipalities (SMP) first arose when Arcadia was founded on August 29, 2014, by snaf014, tarheelscouse, and others. It brought up the idea of having multiple districts, each with its own mayor who would collaborate. However, shared municipalities did not develop until Saint Roux was founded by tarheelscouse, bestmate66, and AP_Red in 2014. After they created the city together, SMPs were created to allow collaborations similar to Saint Roux. People in the SMP would get all the perks of the rank above if there was at least one city within the SMP with a higher rank. An example would be that if a Senator and Mayor was in an SMP, the Mayor would get all the perks of Senator, including building transit hubs and stadiums. However, a Governor and a Councillor town in the same SMP would mean the Councillor town would only get Mayor perks. Premier cities, which does not benefit from being in an SMP, offer nothing to SMPs if a member is a Governor.

In August 2016, the issue arose that SMPs were losing their original meaning, so it was discussed on August 20, 2016 at the GSM. Changes included that when proposing SMPs, the staff required greater reasoning behind the proposal such as present goals and plans. The staff want to avoid SMPs being created solely to get a bigger airport. Some airports that were allowed to be built to a larger scale than the original town because of original SMP rules included Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport, Horizon National Airport, Ilirea-Vermilion International Airport, and Union of Central Western Territories International Airport. It wanted to be made clear that if towns want to band together and work on an airport, then they could do so. All that would be required was a Governor town willing to collaborate and share. It was set to discourage SMPs being formed in this situation purely to get a bigger airport.

At the December 2016 GSM, the staff proposed the changing of the rules of SMPs. The website post, posted on December 25, 2016 by Frumple, explained the proposal:

The staff would like to propose removing most of the rules around SMPs, particularly around the sharing of perks between ranks. So far, staff have been unable to enforce SMP restrictions, and it’s too complicated to keep track of whether a player can build or not build something based on their SMP. Therefore, we would like to propose the

  • Sharing of perks in SMPs, and SMPs in general, will be eliminated with one exception. The exception is that players may still work together on a single large airport if at least one of the players is of Governor rank. Any players within this group, regardless of their rank, can participate in the construction of this large airport.
  • To allow towns that are very close together to still build road and rail connections, as part of this proposal we will allow unlimited connections within 300 blocks. The rules for connections outside of 300 blocks will still apply according to your rank.
  • Also, as an addendum to the Senator Airfield rule, we initially mandated that if a player initially constructs or helps out in building a large airport, but they haven’t yet built their own small airfield, then they forfeit the right to build the small airfield. However, on further consideration with these SMP rules, this restriction would be lifted. Under these new rules, Senators would be able to build their own airfield in any case regardless of whether they built a large airport.

Once again, this proposal is not finalized and will be discussed at the next GSM.

Problematic Changes

Tensions Rise

The Battle of Suggestivity

Colafest and Its Effects

Colafest may have only peaked for a short time in early January 2015, but the effects were seen all the way through the summer. Colafest started with the deletion of many pages on the wiki by colaja953. One of the first major changes to occur was the ban of colaja953 and the resignation of yeamanator132 from mod, and eventually, a ban due to suspicions of have colaja953 possibly being linked to having access to the account. Music3_0 also resigned from mod as he disagreed with some of the ways the situation was dealt with, mainly yeamanator132's ban. Shortly after, thomasfyfe recovered all the pages which were deleted by colaja953 on January 2, 2015. After this, Frumple put mumble on severe lock-down, changing the password every few days and only allowing people to get the password in batches. This was thought to be the last of Colafest, however, it was not.

February came about, and angelzer0 had placed chests in Central Park where members could send Valentine's Day cards to one another. In one book, however, there was a link to an email thread with private details about Frumple and chiefbozx. This link then was spread to the MRT Skype chat and the MBS Twitter. When this information was given to the staff, Music3_0, 0rocketscience0, and Skelezomperman received double warnings for an infringement on privacy. Who placed the book is still a controversial subject among many members. Theories have surfaced as to whether it was placed by Music3_0 or colaja953. Frumple has claimed it to be Music3_0. Frumple then announced that privacy is of the utmost importance on the server. This led to the issuing of double warnings for giving out the personal information of oneself or others, whether accidentally or on purpose.

MBS tweeted regarding Music3_0's ban.
photo courtesy MBS Twitter

By the time the second Eagle Awards came around, most had thought Colafest had faded away completely, but were all proved wrong when Music3_0 was banned after the event due to remarks to other players and past infractions. This shocked many people since Music3_0 was known by many people in the community and that the ban occurred rather suddenly. After Music3_0's ban, colaja953 occasionally came onto the server with alternate accounts. However, after they were found out, Colafest had died out almost completely.

After about two months after Music3_0's ban, a new guest joined the server called Katyalina, who claimed to be colaja953's girlfriend. At first, some people had their reservations, but most people had treated her as a normal guest, discounting her association with colaja953. However, due to the reservations of staff members, she was never able to get member. Later, she started acting weird and started to make rude comments to many other players. Many assume that colaja953 got a hold of her account and used it to abuse the server again. Katyalina was then banned and Colafest had died down.

Colafest generally caused havoc and overreactions. People became suspicious of new guests during this time, causing people to question whether they were colaja953 or just a random guest. From then on, colaja953 has sometimes popped on the server with alternate accounts.

Road Proposals

The original proposal for A50 was made by mine_man_.
photo courtesy mine_man_

The first A-class road was secured by _frozen. It ran between Central City-Inchmuir Street and Whitechapel. It was built by Benie and still remains in operation.

At the March GSM, the staff announced a much simpler way of sending in road proposals. To send in a road proposal, players would email the staff with the road number, the builders and planners, and the price of construction. The numbering system was overhauled to create a easier system to find roads. Nine road regions were created, radiating from Central City. Thus, the Whitechapel freeway became A8. The first number would be the largest region the road would pass through. The second, third, and fourth digits would be recommended by the metropolitan planning organizations and cities the road passed through. For example, roads in the IVY region usually start seventy-five, roads near Whitechapel usually start eighty-nine, and roads near the Epsilon Region usually start thirty-one. At GSMs, the staff make the final decision regarding what number will be assigned to a road.

At the May GSM, a whole host of A roads were approved. This included the A1 and the A4. The GSM also brought on the first player-owned roads. The A50 was approved and was privately owned by mine_man_ and KittyCat11231 (before being taken over by Yellowitcher). Afterwards, there was a hiatus in GSMs. Now, the number of roads is increasing rapidly.

Airport Disputes

After the January 2015 GSM, _frozen was promoted to governor for his town of Whitechapel, giving him the ability to start construction on the third New World airport, Whitechapel Sky Harbor. While it was under construction, it was the largest airport in area on the New World, taking up roughly the same area as the actual city it served. The airport was seen to many as a great new landmark to the New World. This blinded some people to the fact that it took up so much space. However, the airport was ignored and nothing happened.

Skipping forward to the GSM in February, chiefbozx received governor for his town of Vermilion, meaning he could build another airport in the New World. Also, Vermilion was in an shared municipality with mikefishr with his town of Ilirea, so they decided to collaborate to make the fourth and largest airport in the New World. Named Ilirea-Vermilion International Airport, this was the New World equivalent of the MRT International Airport. It had over eighty gates and had six concourses. It was a gigantic structure. However, it was not to last.

During the March GSM, new rules were put in place to stop airports like IVY and WHT from taking up all the space on the New World. WHT was downsized and IVY was completely removed from existence, despite the disagreement of many. The two main cities IVY serviced made their own smaller, individual airports. Future airports were limited to being one half the size of the city or SMP they service.

Positive Change in the Community

Defining Premier: Arisa

Kekkomatic became premier for his town of Arisa.
photo taken by lalaboy
Main article: Arisa

As more and more members were being promoted to the Senator and Governor rank, Premier was not far. The first Premier was kekkomatic who was promoted in February 2015. He was promoted for his town of Arisa in the Old World. He was promoted because it seemed outstanding and was a project which everyone aspired to emulate. Despite kekkomatic not having a town in the New World at the time, he still received the rank. This also gave the opportunity for the staff to set Arisa as the standard for all future premier promotions so people could see how they can improve their towns to the premier standard. When accepting his promotion, kekkomatic gave this speech:

"Well, I’ve been playing on this server for as long as it’s been online. I joined on the third day, I remember, and I’ve been incredibly impressed with the community and the warmth. And you know, I’m only just glad that… I’m not glad about the recognition, and the importance of the project, but more about the friendships and the relationships that started from just joining a server. I’m a very shy person, so I would have never imagined to go this far. And I’m glad that the project is getting a final recognition. I’m also going to finish the city very soon, so that’s a… just thank you, I don’t know what to say!"

Some controversy arose as some people believed that this was unfair since the rule stated that only New World towns were eligible for promotion. However, the issue passed by quickly.

The staff also made the acronym "EPIC" to describe what cities should be like to get premier.

  • Expressive, meaning they have a variety of building sizes and styles (e.g., low and high density areas).
  • Planned, meaning it is thought out with defined districts, a transportation network, which could include roads, busses, metro or pedestrian walkways as well as a well thought out layout for where buildings will go.
  • Individual, meaning it has something special to it, whether it is the building style, green spaces, road layout, transportation system or general "vibe".
  • Culturally significant, meaning it is a significant part of the server, whether it is a transportation hub, an event haven, or something else entirely.

Central Park Upgrade

_Kastle's original Central Park proposal was sent to the admins.
photo courtesy _Kastle

Central Park, the spawn location, was originally built by staffers before the Gamma server opened. Angelzer0 had received Central Park permissions from computerghost. She then had added small park tables and small details. Also, she had built small builds for some events such as the Valentine's Day Cards chest. Though she did contribute to Central Park, some members had felt that she had been given permission without any preparations or plans.

_Kastle had asked for permission for Central Park, however, he was shut down by computerghost because he did not present any plans, which added further onto the permission controversy. On February 6, 2015, _Kastle had sent a proposal to the admins regarding remaking Central Park and his plans. After submitting his plans, he received the permissions to build in Central Park. He then had gave Central Park a complete makeover, leaving little to no trace of angelzer0's original builds. _Kastle has since added the Welcome Center, a gazebo, rivers and lakes, a train line, and more flags at Central Park.

For the holidays in winter, _Kastle, lalaboy, and MinecraftYoshi26 had worked together to produce a holiday themed spawn, comprising of large spruce trees, a new Welcome Center, and more. The themed park was removed in early January of 2016. It was reused in December 2016. Since then, Central Park has been changed to fit with the seasons (Winter, Valentine, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday).

The Screenshot Contest

_Kastle's screenshot won first place in the Screenshot Contest.
photo taken by _Kastle

On February 7, 2015, Frumple had announced the screenshot contest via the MRT's website. The reason for the contest was to place screenshots on the image slider on the website’s front page. The winners of the contest would receive cash prizes in game. The eligibility rules were as follows, quoted from the website:

  • The contest is open to all players who are of at least [Member] rank and at most [Mod] rank. The 4 [Admin]s will be judging all submissions. The [Owner] will be facilitating the contest and will not vote on any submissions.
  • Each player can make ONLY ONE (1) screenshot submission to the contest, so make sure it counts! If you have already sent in your submission, any further submissions will not be accepted. No exceptions.
  • The contest will start following the February GSM, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 7th.
  • Submissions will be accepted until 11:59 pm PST on Saturday February 28th. Admins will then conduct voting for 1 week until the results are announced at the March GSM, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, March 7th.

The screenshot rules were as follows, also quoted from the website:

  • The screenshot may contain any subjects (including structures, towns, cities, landscapes, players, mobs, etc.), as along as it is within server rules.
  • Minimum resolution for screenshots is 1024 x 768. Higher resolutions are strongly recommended.
  • The Heads-Up Display (HUD) must be hidden in your screenshot. Press F1 to show/hide it.
  • If you are using OptiFine, you are encouraged to enable connected textures and grass sides.
  • You may use any texture packs.
  • You may use any shaders or renderers.
  • You may crop or rotate your screenshots to your liking, but any further edits or "photoshopping" of your screenshots is strongly discouraged and may result in disqualification.

To send images into the contest, members would have uploaded images to the MRT subreddit. Some contestants that submitted were RLcrafters, _frozen, and Music3_0. After many people submitted, the voting commenced.

There were two rounds of voting, a preliminary round and a final round. At any point in time, the admins were not allowed to share their selections or votes to anyone else other than Frumple. In the preliminary round of voting, the four admins each selected their choice of their top five submissions and submitted them to Frumple. Frumple collected a maximum of twenty finalist submissions, which moved forward to the final round of voting. In the final round of voting, the four admins scored each of the finalist submissions from 0 to 10. Frumple then tallied up the scores for each finalist, and issued prizes to each finalist according to their score. Two People's Choice prizes were supposed awarded to the top two scoring (upvotes + downvotes) screenshot posts on the MRT subreddit. The admins voted based off overall aesthetics and beauty, use of colors and contrasts, attention to details, and depiction of everyday life on the server.

The contest had gained mass popularity among the server, however, it had some controversy. Some players wondered whether the Admins would choose a screenshot over another due to shaders, which some people could not get. The Admins had cleared the controversy over the shaders by addressing that they would not take that into major consideration. Also, the screenshot contest's People Choice prizes were cancelled because "the poll results were inconsistent and rigged: some entries were at the bottom of the list for several days, and then shot up to the top near the end," according to the MRT website.

The finishing places of the contest were as follows:

All other were given $20 for submitting. Overall, $13,560 in prizes was handed out to all of the participants and the twelve finalists' screenshots were posted on the MRT website.

The Eagle Awards

The "Frozen" skit during the Second Eagle Awards featured KittyCat11231.
video still taken from "[MBS Entertainment] 2nd Eagle Awards - Full Ceremony" by MBS
Main article: The Eagle Awards

Senators began to receive the Governor rank, which led to the construction of airports on the New World and airlines fighting to get gates in the airports. The competition was so thrilling that a community event called the Eagle Awards, an awards ceremony that awards the airline industry of the server based on different categories, was conceptualized. The show, founded by kiwirainbow, had huge success in leading the airline industry on the MRT to a whole new level. The first Eagle Awards were hosted by KittyCat11231 and Music3_0 and it received mixed reviews. Some people had seen it as unplanned while others had seen it as sufficient. The second Eagle Awards were hosted by hntredtie and Gopher and received generally positive reviews, as it had the highest attendance of all the Eagle Awards ceremonies. The show had been planned arguably well. Some had seen it as inadequately planned and corny, while others saw it as an amazing show. It attracted a large audience and much attention. Both awards shows prompted the server community to come together and connect more. Though the first and second Eagle Awards were generally popular and gained praise, the third Eagle Awards was no where near close to the popularity of the first and second.

A Change In Staff

During early 2015, since the world was expanding, the server needed more staff members. During the February GSM, hntredtie had been promoted to moderator. At the March GSM, Omricon had been re-promoted to moderator, becoming the first staff member to be re-promoted after stepping down. He originally stepped down due to his joining of the Navy. At the April GSM, MinecraftYoshi26 had become the first moderator to ever be re-promoted after being demoted. Originally the promotions caused a bit of controversy, but that quickly drifted away. These promotions allowed for more moderators to be on the server. However, the constant flow of moderators being online soon decreased in frequency. As of March of 2018, Omricon, and MinecraftYoshi26 all still hold the moderator position, with hntredtie officially stepping down at the 2018 March GSM.

A New Era

1.8 Update

On Saturday, May 30, 2015, the long awaited 1.8 update to the server arrived. Previously, the beta server was open for testing running 1.8, and was closed shortly after the 1.8 update to save memory. The update was successful overall, but there were several problems. During the first few days, the server randomly crashed, and all unsaved work would be lost. This was later determined to be caused by the server running out of memory, and was thus fixed by shutting down the beta server. It was also noticed that 43:8 blocks could not be added to player inventory's and could only be world-edited into place. Infinite carts also stopped working, causing third party transit to panic. Major intercity rail companies such as CitiRail and RegionalConnect had to go through all of their stations to perform a replacement. Lalaboy and Frumple had tried to fix this issue, though they failed. Another problem was that warps would randomly disappear with out being deleted or reappear after deletion, causing many problems among the members of the server. The warp bug was fixed by updating the server to 1.8.8 in the fall of 2015.

Warp Trains

Calbar Arena is home to a few RaiLinQ Warp Train lines.
photo taken by MinecraftYoshi26

Warp trains were created by autobus22 in 2015. Warp trains were still trains that were built to look like realistic trains which had warps in them, similar to buses. Warp trains, mainly distributed by RaiLinQ, had garnered some respect for its realistic build style, but some criticism for its possible affect on the MRT, being a waste of space.

After some people were vocal positively and negatively about warp trains, it began to be talked about during GSMs. After the June GSM concluded, the staff came up with a new verdict involving warp trains. On the website, Frumple posted the GSM update which said this:

"Warp Trains (train systems that use warps to simulate travel instead of classic minecarts and rails) are allowed on the server. However, staff will only grant warps to such systems if there is an actual physical connection that has been built on the world, and this includes any rails, tunnels, etc. This policy will also apply to bus routes: staff will only grant warps to bus routes that have an actual road connection."

RaiLinQ faced several obstacles to continue building due to the new rules requiring warp train tracks to be connected between all stations and several cities denying RaiLinQ because the transit simply being a warp train. Though some people were in agreement with the conclusion of the GSM, some people still claim that the tracks between the stations are useless and that warp trains should be abolished, while some believe that warp trains are fine to be on the server.

New Events

As the server was growing due to the New Worlds' arrival, some members of the community again started to create new events for the general public to enjoy.

Main article: The Mole 5

The first event that occurred was The Mole 5, hosted by MinecraftYoshi26. The season was played over the course of late March to the last day in May. The show generally connected the community, and caused more money to flow into the server economy, since five-thousand dollars was awarded to the winner of the show, Technological99. The show was later dedicated to Music3_0, because of his ban during the season.

Main article: The Amazing Race 2

The next event that hit the server was The Amazing Race 2, hosted once again by MinecraftYoshi26. This cycle of the race traveled to New World cities, such as Airchester, Whitechapel, and Achowalogen Takachsin. The race allowed for many people to discuss the race's possible outcome and locations. The winning team of the event was Just_robinho and kekkomatic. This season was one of the most popular of all.

Main article: SummerFest 2015

SummerFest 2015, the next event, featured three events, MRTVision, the MRT Cities Awards, and the third Eagle Awards. MRTVision was run in the style of a smaller-scale Eurovision. Unlike Eurovision, there can be an unlimited number of contestants from any region in the semi-finals. For voting, each region's votes are brought together as one uniform vote. It featured MRT players singing, and the live audience voting. SummerFest had hit a rocky start, and was quite frantic in the beginning. The event did finish, however, and sparked server conversation. The MRT Cities Awards was attended by a small group and featured cities receiving awards. The awards show did not gain mass recognition. The third Eagle awards did not receive nearly as much as attention as its counterpart, the second Eagle Awards. This caused the ceremony to be cancelled and the results to only be posted on the wiki. All tickets were refunded.

Whodunnit? Season 2 occured next, which featured 12 contestants, one of whom was the killer. After came more The Amazing Race seasons.

Change In Administration & The Timely GSM

On September 7, 2015, chiefbozx resigned from administrator of the server, thus making him the first of his rank to do so. This was largely due to the fact that he is now attending college, which he has stated as a higher priority than the server. Chiefbozx was in turn demoted to the rank of Governor for his town of Vermilion.

On November 7, 2015 during the Timely GSM, thomasfyfe resigned from the administrator rank and was demoted to Mod, and Computerghost was also demoted, to the rank of Trustee, thus leaving Tom_Pairs as the only person of his rank. There were also two new mods. Ortem was promoted to mod shortly after the GSM, and the mystery mod was revealed about a month later to be AlikSong.

The GSM results post was released on the website on December 6, 2015. It indicated there was indeed a new admin who had passed the promotion criteria, but stated that he was busy with life and therefore not promoted. At the March GSM, _frozen was promoted to administrator. On April 3, BaronThamesBank was promoted to Admin, becoming the third administrator at the time.

The Revival of The Snapshot

The Snapshot's new logo was created by Just_robinho.
photo courtesy Just_robinho
Main article: The Snapshot

Near the end of November, random broadcasts were being made that stated "15.12.15", referring to December 15, 2015. On that date, it was announced that The Snapshot was making a return.

After a hiatus lasting over two years, a video in relation to The Snapshot was released on chiefbozx's YouTube channel. The eleven minute video entitled "12-15-15" was considered the 44th episode of The Snapshot. During the video and according to the updated wiki page, the new CEOs were Just_robinho and kekkomatic. The Snapshot was put under the parent company of "The Italian Birds", the name of Just_robinho and kekkomatic's Amazing Race team name. According to Just_robinho and kekkomatic, the Amazing Race money they had won was used to produce episode 44.

Just_robinho replaced chiefbozx as host. The Snapshot's main segment is set to feature: general server maintenance, server updates, station renames, staff vacations or breaks, channel announcements, and newsworthy topics. The Spotlight, which replaced the Featured Station segment, was made longer and hosted by kekkomatic. Episode release was changed from weekly to monthly, usually staying in line with the GSM.

The new version of The Snapshot has yet to be seen as momentous or a large event as it has only been released for a short amount of time. As time progresses, some people expect it to be a spectacle for the server.

More Premier Cities

Main article: Minecart Rapid Transit Wiki:Acceptance speeches

As the influx of promotions increased, Premier was not far for some members. After kekkomatic came CortesiRaccoon with Airchester, Tom_Pairs with Achowalogen Takachsin, and _frozen with Whitechapel. Those cities set more precedents for Premier towns and what they should strive to be. CortesiRaccoon gave this speech when accepting his promotion during the May 2015 GSM:

"Two years and five months. I’ve passed a lot of time on this amazing server. I’ve made new friends, and I don’t regret any single minute I’ve spent on it. One of the things I’m most proud of is of the work I’ve done and of the people I’ve made happy. I now have the highest rank of non-staff players, and it’s an amazing objective. I’ve been demoted a few times, but that’s helped me to become more mature. I’m now a better person, a more friendly person. People may think Minecraft is a waste of time, but this server never stops surprising me, and I cannot live without it. Next objective? Well, helping grow the buildings, and moderator sounds like a good objective. Thank you to all of the players of the MRT, for making my days on this amazing and unforgettable server. Love you all.

P.S. Still waiting for the pineapples to take over the server…"

Achowalogen Takachsin was also promoted during the same GSM, and Tom_Pairs gave this short statement:

"Come visit Achowalogen Takachsin! I have lots of shops and houses available. I’m starting to build some high-end condos… I don’t know, I don’t like speeches."

_frozen was the fourth person to receive Premier.
photo taken by _frozen

A few months later, the outcome of the December 2015 GSM was that _frozen's town of Whitechapel was ready to be the Premier, making Whitechapel the fourth Premier town. Shortly after his town's promotion, _frozen's speech was posted onto the website:

"I cannot take the credit for Whitechapel entirely to myself. I have been exceedingly lucky and blessed with people helping with this city, with a lot of help from people that are still here and people that are long gone. Without their work, Whitechapel would be a poorer town.

Now that Whitechapel is endorsed as one of the Premier Cities, I would like to take the time to thank people.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the city, from those that helped with the start of the road system with radioactive center lines (To date, no one has reported they have had terminal cancer from those, so that s(sic) good!), to those that put down dirt blocks after dirt blocks with no clue what the insane mod was planning, to those that installed major puzzle parts of Whitechapel (especially the Airport, the Canals, Sheepshead, Sports District, the Rail Yards, to name a few puzzle pieces).

Thank you to everyone who willingly let me create a large rail hub out of Whitechapel using totally unproven technology, and to allow Whitechapel come closer to your town. My hope is to make CitiRail actually working and functional by the end of the holidays!

Thank you to the staff for the honor of adding Whitechapel to a prestigious list of premier cities such as Arisa, Achowalogen Takachsin, and Airchester. It is a list I am honored to be part of.

Thank you to Frumple, for running the server (if it wasn’t this type of server I wouldn’t even consider building this city. Imagine Whitechapel in a survival server...). Also, without you, we wouldn’t have this special community to be part of.

As for the future: Whitechapel is not done as is. It is far from being done, really. Look for more development, major events, and surprises hidden in Whitechapel. It is the least I can do for you all.

Again, Whitechapel is but a collection of dirt huts without all your help. Thank you all."

In December 2016, AlikSong was promoted for their city of Kenthurst, one year after _frozen, at the tenth city rank promotion batch. He sent his speech to the staff almost two months after being promoted:

"Dear everyone,

I came to the MRT server on 1 January 2015. On that same day I started building up the area around MRT station XW10, hoping that one day my city would expand to the coastline and have a port. Since that first day I have come back to this server again and again to work on this one city for over 2 years. I thought I’d give everyone a brief snapshot of the history of Kenthurst.

The central part of Kenthurst surrounding XW10 MRT station is the oldest part of the city, and all the builds there are the original builds that I constructed in the first month of being on the server. I also built an inner ring road to set up the skeleton for my city expansion.

About 5 months in, I decided to construct a large ring road around my city to establish its new boundaries (now the B79 outer ring road). This was a big challenge as it meant that I had to fill in most of the empty space between the inner and outer ring roads. Slowly but surely I created district after district, including the New Commercial District (supertall skyscrapers), residential district, estates district, sporting district, Kenthurst beach/port district, Kenthurst Fort, and an airport. I decided to also build a canal system within my city, and this required a fair bit of planning especially since I had to retrofit the canals into some of the existing areas of the city.

In about August 2015, Mississa Bay (around XW11) was also given to me by hnt and decorminecraft. I have expanded the original township and integrated it into greater Kenthurst. In mid 2016, Central Park north of XW9 was established as an exhibition of the best terrace buildings on the MRT. More recently I have been putting more detail into the buildings throughout Kenthurst, building parks, constructing roads to other cities and building general infrastructure within Kenthurst.

Throughout my time on the MRT I have been supported by many generous players who have contributed large and small to the development of Kenthurst. Ideas for what to build next were sourced from other players, my own imagination, and Google Images (honourable mention). I have invested much time to create a city that tries to have a healthy mix of high and low density districts, with a futuristic theme, while being in harmony with the natural landscape. I spent much time planning to ensure that the city would look realistic and well organised to visitors and locals alike.

Thank you everyone for your support in attaining the Premier rank. I especially thank Frumple for creating such a wonderful server and for facilitating a close knit community. All the best for 2017 and beyond. Love from Alik"

In October 2017, godzilltrain received Premier for his town of Segville. His speech was as follows:

"After playing on the server since pretty much the start, It’s honestly an honour that I’ve been accepted as one of the Premiers. Being not an exceptionally good builder, I hope this sets an example that even with mediocre skill, enough effort can still be recognised with the highest rank possible. While I hope to carry on with Segville in the future, I hope this also allows me to help others around the server, working on more community projects. Right that’s the speech done, if you were expecting anything better, blame the staff who gave me 20 minutes to finish this speech before the end of the GSM.


Increase In Conflict

Mumble Versus Discord

At the January 2016 GSM, the staff announced that it would be testing a new voice-chat server called Discord. The discussion "Mumble versus Discord" sparked controversy as people took sides of which chat client they preferred. At the February 2016 GSM, the staff discussed "Mumble versus Discord" and the verdict was that both would be kept for the foreseeable future.

Announced at the November 2016 GSM, Discord was going to pushed by Frumple more rather than Mumble. Mumble was said to be phased out as the main voice chat in the future. When Epsilon was being transferred over, Mumble was shut down for a brief period of time but was set back up quickly. The server uses both forms of communications today.

Wars and The League of Cities

The first iteration of the headquarters of the League of Cities had a large open room where meetings were held.
photo taken by camelfantasy
Main article: League of Cities

Founded on September 1, 2015, the League of Cities was a New World metropolitan planning organization founded by camelfantasy. Its main aim was to keep peace across the server, have intercity projects, and discuss issues. Many players liked the idea and it became a large organization quickly with a large influx of members joining it. The League of Cities' headquarters is Formosa while the offices were in Vermilion.

As the League of Cities expanded, new issues arose, such as the abundance of wars. Since late 2015, players started making war scenes with armor stands and war scenes in their cities. War scenes and bases were built throughout the server, and attacks occurred at those locations as well. A few skirmishes during this time included The Sealane War and Isle of Friel War. Conflicts arose when some members had built war scenes in others' towns without permission, making some staff have to step in and making decisions on a gray area in the rules. As these scenes were more prevalent, the admods looked for a way to reduce them. It was decided that war scenes would still be allowed, however they would be strongly discouraged and need to be removed for town promotions.

The League of Cities had been dissolved on April 26, 2016, after _Kastle had proposed a Resolution 31, "Dissolution of the League of Cities". After its disassembly, _hnt had posted this final note on the League of Cities' wiki page:

"Now that Resolution 31 has passed, the LoC will be dissolved effective May 1st, however all operations of the League have ceased immediately. On behalf of myself and the rest of your leadership team, I'd like to extend my sincere thanks for all the contributions that were made to the LoC during its lifespan. I'd like to wish the best to everyone in future endeavors. Yours truly, _hnt 07/4/2016"

The League of Cities had not made any major contributions to the server other than wars and disputes. It has left a legacy to where other members have tried to make similar versions of large-scale metropolitan planning organizations that are more successful, such as The Federation, Let's Talk Peace, and United Cities. A majority of the new organizations have failed to do any major actions.

Expansion of Connectivity

A Resurgence In Airlines and Airports

Alert.png List of things to make article on:
  • New Airlines
  • Notalis and IntraAir Merger + Effects (BART, Viaggio, Caelus, other mergers etc)
  • Renewal of old world airports (akane, mrtia, mrtra, Atlanta woi omerah) + rapid construction (cyra, hillville, hillside pagoda, alturas )
  • Surge of new world airports (Utopia, Kolpino, Espil, SRX, MarbleLake, Vermilion, Elecna Bay)
  • Rapid airline growth
  • Heliports and Seaplanes
  • Banning of old world airports

Extension of the MRT Network

At the October 2016 GSM, this proposal was accepted for the extention of the Desert, Mesa, and Southern Lines.
photo courtesy thomasfyfe

Several months after the New World opened, no MRT line apart from the MRT Zephyr Line was extended. Only some parts of the MRT Eastern Line was built in early 2015 by Just_robinho and chiefbozx.

The Eastern Line was extended Pearl Coast in September 2016. After that, the MRT expanded at a slow rate. In October 2015, the decision to extend MRT Plains Line and MRT Eastern Line from 30 stations to 40+ stations. At the March 2016 GSM, it was decided that thomasfyfe would extend the MRT Mesa Line to Totsworth, and was later decided that it would be expanded to Heampstead, making the MRT Mesa Line have 45 stations in total. The MRT Taiga Line was extended by lalaboy to the northwest, which also included a few parts of the MRT Arctic Line, MRT Northern Line and MRT Western Line. CortesiRaccoon started work on the Northern Line beginning in the northeast corner shortly thereafter. It was also decided that the Western Line would not serve Camino, since Omricon, who owns the island, wanted to be isolated from other cities, which led to some players being upset.

The expansion of some new lines led to some conflict among players. Issues regarding claiming stations before the builder allowed so led to arguments with new towns being set up. Some players had dealt with issues of claims "being too close," as evidenced by mine_man_ and Vegeta on the MRT Taiga Line. There was also some controversy that surrounded MRT Northern Line construction, that led to CortesiRaccoon almost dropping the project, but after the October 2016 GSM, decided against dropping it and continued work. He ended his role in building it after resigning from staff and it led to AP_Red taking the project.

Epsilon: December 27, 2016 - February 18, 2020

The Shift to Epsilon

World Expansion

Future MRT Lines

Change in Staff

At the April 2017 GSM, Frumple announced the introduction of the [Trial Mod] rank, which he described as:

"New moderators on probation for three months, and have the [Trial Mod] tag. They have all of the same permissions as full moderators, except that full mods have the ability to temporarily ban trial moderators if necessary. Once the probation for a trial moderator is up, Frumple and the admins will make a decision as to promote them to a full moderator or not."

In addition, Frumple added a second purpose to the rank at the June 2017 GSM in response to events of the time regarding the United Cities and jphgolf4321's involvement in related incidents:

"Starting from now, I have decided that when a mod is warned, they will be demoted to [Trial Mod] to indicate their warning to all players. They will also go through a 3-month probation period, at the end of which, the admins and myself will make a determination whether they should re-promoted back to full moderator or not."

The first to receive the rank were godzilltrain and _Kastle, with subsequent GSMs seeing the promotions of unjinz, hvt2011, _HeavenAngel_, mine_man_, megascatterbomb, and sesese9. As of late June 2018 all but the last have received [Mod].

On October 1st, 2017, several staff promotions were given out following an Administrative Staff Meeting. Chiefbozx was promoted directly to [Mod] with a possible further promotion to [Admin] following a three-month probation ending in January, and AlikSong and thomasfyfe were promoted to [Admin]. Several months later near the beginning of 2018, 2 new admins were promoted: Chiefbozx was repromoted to [Admin] on December 2nd, 2017 following his probation period, and godzilltrain was promoted a few days later on January 2nd, 2018. On May 2nd, 2018, AlikSong voluntarily stepped down from [Admin] to [Mod]. At the May 2018 GSM, held on May 7th, Cynra was promoted to [Admin], to replace Alik.


MRT Screenshot Contest, 2017

The 2017 MRT Screenshot contest was held in June, with ranking done directly by taking the average of members' rankings of each submission from 1 to 10, 1 being disliked screenshots and 10 being well-liked ones. The top five screenshots are below in order of ranking. (Click on each image to enlarge.)

The United Cities and Its Politics

Inception and Primary Effects

Conflict & Changes

The Republic of Epsilon

Zeta: February 18, 2020 - Present

Move to Zeta

Modpocalypse / Modgate and Its Effects

Initial Announcements

At 21:50 UTC on October 4, 2020, Frumple published a statement in the #announcements channel of the MRT Discord Server that outlined his opinion on the status of the MRT server and vaguely announced changes to elements of the MRT community, including the announcement of "very serious complaints towards certain staff members," emerging after a server-wide focus study conducted by Vulpicula and endorsed by the overall staff team. His statement said, "one of these problems that we are already aware of is the notion of the "Mumble crowd", where others feel that those who frequent Mumble get special treatment in moderator selection and staff requests, and they feel excluded from that social circle in general," and, "the social group within Mumble... will be greatly affected by these changes, and hopefully for the better."

The first announcement out of a series of announcements coming as a result of the investigation conducted by Vulpicula.

At 22:01 UTC, _Kastle sent a message into the #general channel of the MRT Discord Server, pinging @everyone and saying "this is my final message. goodbye," with a link to a statement from him, outlining his perspective on his imminent punishment and stating that he would be leaving the server community. Two minutes later, at 22:03 UTC, Frumple announced the immediate demotion and double-warning of _Kastle. The reasons for this action were listed as, "At least aware and complicit in the finding and sharing of an MRT member without their consent, including phone numbers and personal photos, using that information to mock, slander, and disrespect the MRT member behind their back, and consistent complaints from numerous MRT members citing unfriendly, unhelpful, and disrespectful behaviour from _Kastle when interacting with him on Mumble or in-game." It was clarified that _Kastle would never have the opportunity return to the staff team. _Kastle's response statement to his punishment stated that he blamed Vulpicula for conducting a biased study, which he described as a "witchhunt," and, "To those for whom my demotion and departure is a celebration, I really do hope that this will bring you peace, as I assure you it brings me none."

At 22:15 UTC, it was announced that _Mossie would be demoted from the moderator position due to "unauthorized sharing of sensitive details and discussion from the September 2020 GSM private portion to a non-staff MRT member, specifically the discussion on moderator candidates." It was clarified that he would be eligible for renomination to the staff team three months after the demotion.

At 22:39 UTC, it was announced that woorich999 would be double-warned for "finding and sharing personal information about an MRT member without their consent, as well as harassment and disrespectful behaviour on Mumble."

At 23:03 UTC, it was announced that Echohue would be demoted from the moderator position due to "Discord DM evidence that shows him directly soliciting other members to nominate him for moderator back in July/August 2019." It was clarified that he would be eligible for renomination to the staff team three months after the demotion. This was the final forced demotion of moderators, yet the fallout after was yet to come.

At 23:05 UTC, as a part of the same set of announcements but not as a punishment for wrongdoing, it was announced that daltdisneyland had voluntarily resigned from the moderator position due to "negative feedback rang[ing] from questioning the accuracy and scope of dalt's assistance in moderating MPOs, to negative personal interactions with dalt himself."

For the final announcement, at 23:15 UTC, the new Open Moderator Nomination Process was announced as an agenda item on the October GSM and to be implemented for the November GSM onwards. The announcement came with a statement that provided more information on the process.

There were a wide variety of reactions to these announcements, from very positive to very negative and everywhere in between. While some people called for the end of the Mumble server, Frumple clarified in his original announcement that the Mumble server, at least for the time, would not be shut down. Due to the immense amount of reactions in the duration of the announcements, "Slowmode" was enabled on some channels of the MRT Discord Server. Staff in the #general channel continually asked members to stop speculating on what would happen in future announcements.

Many questions arose from the aftermath. Proposals of recording others in the Mumble server to catch rule breakers arose. Frumple and other staff instructed members not to record others, and rather to write down what happens and get verification from others in a situation if a member sees rulebreaking or harassment in Mumble. Another solution staff instructed people to utilize was to ask for a staff member to enter the channel.

At 05:28 UTC on October 5, 2020, hvt2011 announced in the #general channel that he would be resigning from the moderator position and he would be leaving the MRT community, with a link to a statement. This statement cited, "the demotions that occurred... have been quite taxing on my mental health due to many of them being some of my close friends," and that "to me, [friends from the server are] like my second family. To see many of them get demoted today, really disheartens me. I really thought I belonged on this server. Now I no longer feel welcome here," as reasons he was leaving the community. Many staff members that were not demoted/didn't voluntarily resign said goodbyes to hvt2011, for example, sesese9 responded in the #general channel by saying, "It's hard to put into words how sad I am to see you leave, hvt. When I came back from a long hiatus (2 year break) to a wacky mumble, you were quick to accept and befriend me."

After hvt2011's departure, chiefbozx recognized the struggles to come for the server by saying, "the next couple months are going to be a bit rough for several reasons... hopefully with the new nomination process we'll be able to bring on more people in November and onwards. We've had small staff teams like this before."

At 17:15 UTC, Valkorion314 (formerly known as jphgolf4321) announced in the #general channel that he would be resigning from the moderator position and spending less time with the MRT community, with a link to a statement. In his statement, he said, "If not for the friends I met through Mumble, I don’t know if I would even be alive to write this letter... Initially, I was debating whether or not I should resign, but the response of the community in the past several hours has been, frankly, appalling. It has left a sour taste in my mouth which has led me to this point." He also called the evidence used against the demoted staff members into question, saying, "I vehemently disagree with every single demotion which occurred yesterday, in part because I firmly believe the “evidence” which the investigation found that resulted in the demotions was nothing more than conjecture and hearsay." Addressing those who he believes were working against him and his friend group, he said, "You won, but at a heavy cost. You’ve both eliminated the so-called “Mumble crowd” and driven several of the most critical anchors of this community away in one fell swoop. I wish you the best of luck in picking up the pieces from this. You’re going to need it."

After Valkorion314's departure, at 17:24 UTC, VickiTori_ stated why she was not going to leave the server or the staff team, saying, "The server will definitely be rendered hardly recognizable. It's one of the reasons I'm very passionate about staying on the mod team. Enough have left already. Though most of the mods have left, there needs to be someone to keep that worldedit niche filled."

Being greatly affected by the departures, Conric005 announced a month-long hiatus and a link to a statement, saying, "I no longer feel welcome on this server. Now that all of my friend group is gone, I need to take a month to let things blow over. I honestly don’t know how my future here is going to go." KyleFrb also commented on the situation and the feeling of being unwelcome by saying, "the tone of some messages from select people after the announcements made me and others feel unwelcome. It got to the point for some staff [and people] that they left."

At 20:15 UTC, Vulpicula released a statement in the #announcements channel addressing the concerns others had about the investigation method and announcing the questions used. The questions in the study were as follows:

  • Do you know of anyone who might have left or is playing less due to the actions of staff, or other issues with how the server is run?
  • Does your perspective of the ‘Mumble Crowd’ affect how much you play on the server, or how you feel about the server?
  • Do you know anyone who I could possibly talk to, to try and get information and opinions?
  • If you could change anything on the server to fix the issues you feel it has, what would it be, how would you change it, and why?
  • Are there any staff members you have issues with, and why?

As a way of showing that the study was not a targeted attack on those who frequent Mumble, Vulpicula said, "I assure you that none of the actions taken on Sunday were a result of [the question about Mumble]. [That question] was largely to gather information and assess possible reforms and ways forward." He also stated, "I understand that for many I’m the last person they want to hear from right now, and I can understand that. While I didn’t wish for this chaos, it was merely the result of what I had found. Don’t shoot the messenger, and all that. This whole investigation consisted of me asking questions and sending those answers to the admin team, or trying to link incidents together to get a more complete picture of what we were hearing." As a way of addressing whether he did this survey for his own gain, Vulpicula stated, "Some have accused me of doing this only to further my own position on the server, and to that I again, deny. This investigation was done out of a moral sense of trying to make things better. I love this community, and want to improve it for everyone. Hearing that folks are being driven off, harassed, or generally feel unwelcome for one reason or another is something I wished to rectify." Frumple also stated in relation to this accusation that, "I've heard some rumours that people think Vulp was doing this just to further his own position in staff. I will say clearly that I'll probably never promote Vulp to admin."

Before and During The October GSM

On October 9, daltdisneyland posted a statement to the #announcements channel showing his perspective. dalt mentioned that he wanted more open conversation to bridge the gap between Mumble frequenters and non-Mumble frequenters. "He said, I’ve run in social circles both “in the group” and out of it, and I can say from experience that neither side has all of the information", noting a time when someone thought frequenting Mumble was "a direct pipeline to [being] staff", as well as comparing the reaction to _Mossie's demotion with ones on the resignations of hvt and Valkorion.

Two days later, woorich999 and _Kastle had posted another statement to #announcements. This served as an apology and farewell message for the two of them, as well as more evidence being put forward. Kastle clarified Frumple's original statement about their demotion, stating that the doxxing event they were allegedly involved in happened in a Discord chat he wasn't in, which was a chat including camelfantasy, Frosty_Creeper10, SoSo123, time2makemymove, and woorich999, which served as a chatroom intended for the splitting of FliHigh Airlines and FlyCreeper, and the foundation of SkyNation Alliance. This statement contained various instances of doxxing by camel, Frosty, and woorich, and a link to the logs of the full Discord conversation, with relevant information redacted out for the victims' safety.

Frumple later wrote a statement that explained his personal opinions in the events that occured in the days prior, including woorich and Kastle's statement. This included explanations to this actions that lead to both Kastle's initial demotion to Trial Mod on 2018, and their later demotion on October 4. He said that Kastle, Frosty, and Cookie46910 had attended a raid to another server named UltraCraft, whose head admin, a former MRT member, reported to Frumple. This, as well as other concerns, had led him to demoted to Trial Mod, however, he was originally planning to demote him to Governor but changed his mind, fearing a staff revolt. This statement also considered the statement of woorich and Kastle mentioned above, and considered the possibility of retracting the double warning that was initially given in light of new evidence.

That same day, time2makemymove had posted a third statement, showing their perspective in the doxxing that happened in the SkyNation founders' chat. They said that while their was the least active person in the chat, not noticing most of the events that happened without their knowledge, their apologized for the hurtful messages sent by them and their friends.

The final major statement that day was from Frosty_Creeper10 and camelfantasy, the last two founders of SkyNation who hasn't published a statement yet (excluding SoSo123, who was already banned on 2018). They both apologized for their actions in the chat, and answered a few questions and clarifications for the events in the chat. They denied that they were actively tracking down the information of other members, mentioned that Frosty reported their own doxxing to Vulpicula during the investigation, and said that the SkyNation founders' chat and the main SkyNation Discord were different, and that other members of the airline alliance were not involved in this situation.

Later that day, various members expressed their feelings, opinions, and information regarding the new discoveries. Worrski of aero left SkyNation due to the events, and time also mentioned wanting to leave SkyNation. SoaPuffball, another member of SkyNation, confirmed that the discussion indeed only happened in the founders' chat, as "nothing of note happens in the [SkyNation] main discord". Various other members, including Sasha9076 and MIKE24DUDE, had posted statements about their feelings from the first wave of demotions on the 4th until this point.

Trials of the New Promotion System

The Glowlight Awards