Jaywalkers Unite

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Jaywalkers Unite! Crystal City enforces a zero tolerance policy on jaywalking in effort to suppress our movement! We must fight Crystal City in order to legalize jaywalking! #JAYWALKERS_UNITE!

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Our Victories

Cities who have joined the movement!

LDShadowLord Jaywalking Trial

Crystal City sued LDShadowLord for refusing to pay a fine for jaywalking. After an intense court trial filled with drama, action, poisonous potatoes, and suspicious unattended packages, LDShadowLord was found not guilty.

Jaywalking legalization in Welcomeville

In March 17th, the government of Welcomeville has approved jaywalking due to several reasons, which includes annoyingly narrow sidewalks.

Jaywalking in Atlanta

After the trend of Jaywalking Legalization, the City of Atlanta had a city council meeting to determine if Jaywalking should be made legal. After representation from both sides, the city council had a verdict. Jaywalking would be made legal in the districts of Buckhead and Georgetown. Now, the Jaywalkers Unite side is pushing for Atlanta to end Diplomatic Relations with Crystal City, however Atlanta responded with this message "The City of Atlanta will not end Diplomatic Relations with Crystal City. Crystal City and Atlanta share many of the same values and will remain strong allies."

PS: The Jaywalking Unite Side was kidding about ending diplomatic relations, and this was just added to the wiki because it sounds like a good story.