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Deputy Mayorhntredtie
CouncillorsCouncillor: RLcrafters
Powerman: stringle55
Chancellor: jamess2912
Minister For Transit: Technological99
Date foundedSeptember 8, 2014
Coordinates4481, 65, 764
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 3
MRT P13  Melrose
Local transitMelrose Transit Committee

Melrose was a Mayor town founded and created by Martii_Scots01 in the New World. It was located at  P13  Melrose of the MRT Plains Line. Martii_Scots01 put the town up for sale in 2016. The town was purchased by _Kastle and the town has since ceased to exist, with the land now being a part of Covina.

The were 3 districts which were City Centre, Civic Services District and Residential District. There were also districts in planning which are Culture District, Entertainment Area, Shopping District, and Industrial District. Other districts which were in planning were planned to open after Martii_Scots01 received Senator.


Melrose is a town created by Martii_Scots01 which is currently at the 13th (unlucky for some!) station of the Plains Line ( P13  Melrose). Over the first few days of Gamma, staff were appointed; these early staffers were: jamess2912, hntredtie, TechnologyPro, Kottlewing and allifarki. The staff got shuffled one day, after allifarki got a 7-day tempban. So, RLcrafters was appointed to staff as [Councillor] to the town. After that, allifarki has re-joined City Staff, but in a new position, [Minister For Transit]. On the 29th October 2014, Martii_Scots01 promoted to the [Councillor] rank and Melrose became a [Councillor] ranked city! However, jamess2912 had to resign due to IRL reasons on the 30/11/2014 and so the position of Dep Mayor was took up by allifarki. The Minister for Transit position then was gave to Technological99 following several interviews with candidates. Unfortunately, on the 4th of January 2015, TechnologyPro decided to leave the server and decided to give up his Melrose City Staff position. On the 06/01/2015, stringle55 became the new Powerman after a relatively brief interview process. Then, on the 16th January 2015, thanks to chiefbozx and _MajorMagpie, Melrose was promoted to the [Mayor] rank! On the 17/01/2015, it was announced that hntredtie was going become the new Deputy Mayor of Melrose and that jamess2912 was going to return to the staff team as Chancellor! Allifarki was then removed from the staff team due to his inactivity. Now, Melrose has now becoming better and better from time to time.

The Concept

The concept for this town is that it will feature builds which use many different materials. The town will be separated into districts; this shall be explained in the Districts section.

Government Policies

Here is a list of Melrose Policies:

The 1,000 Hour Clause

The 1,000 hour clause is a clause attached to buildings which are in the construction stage. If these buildings are not owned by City Staff, these builds shall be removed immediately after 42 days of no work occurring to them. Please note: If there is a certain reason as to why your build has not been touched, please contact a member of City Staff by using either /mail send, the Mail Centre or talk to them in-game.


City Centre

City Centre was the very first district in Melrose. It features some buildings that are government related, some franchises and some other buildings. The builds will be like city hall, franchises, restaurants or even a Model Railway Club! All can currently build in this district!
Here are the list of builds in the City Centre:

Residential District

The residential zone provides the citizens of Melrose a place to live. It has houses and plots for them to live in. To build a house, simply contact Martii_Scots01 or others (most are inactive for a while) by sending a PM or mail at MRT Mail hub. The PM or mail should include a plot/house number. There are currently 9 residents live in that zone.
Here are the list of houses and plots to claim.

Address Type Resident(s) Status Remarks
Plainsview Apartment 1 Apartment above retail space 2DanyMany5 Sold
Plainsview Apartment 2 Apartment above Plainsview Apartment 1 harald705 Sold
Plainsview Apartment 3 Apartment above retail space ICTman1O76 Sold
Plainsview Apartment 4 Apartment above Plainsview Apartment 3 henrik645 Sold
Braeview Tower Apartment 1A 54 square block Apartment cgc747 Sold
Braeview Tower Apartment 1B 54 square block Apartment ThaneFein Sold
Braeview Tower Apartment 2A 54 square block Apartment jamess2912 Sold
Braeview Tower Apartment 2B 54 square block Apartment kekkomatic Sold
Braeview Tower Apartment 3A 54 square block Apartment mineman4604 Sold
Braeview Tower Apartment 3B 54 square block Apartment AlikSong Sold
Braeview Tower Apartment 4A 54 square block Apartment Kottlewing Sold
Braeview Tower Apartment 4B 54 square block Apartment ericsong1911 Sold
Braeview Tower Apartment 5A 54 square block Apartment Available
Braeview Tower Apartment 5B 54 square block Apartment Available
Braeview Tower Apartment 6A 54 square block Apartment Available
Braeview Tower Apartment 6B 54 square block Apartment Available
Braeview Tower Apartment 7A 54 square block Apartment Available
Braeview Tower Apartment 7B 54 square block Apartment Available
Braeview Tower Apartment 8A 54 square block Apartment Available
Braeview Tower Apartment 8B 54 square block Apartment Available
Braeview Tower Apartment 9A 54 square block Apartment Available
Braeview Tower Apartment 9B 54 square block Apartment Available
Braeview Tower Apartment 10A 54 square block Apartment Available
Braeview Tower Apartment 10B 54 square block Apartment Available
Braeview Tower Apartment 11A 54 square block Apartment Available
Braeview Tower Apartment 11B 54 square block Apartment Available

More to be added to the chart.
The prices for each plot/house are:

  • Apartment = $1
  • House = $2.50
  • House Plot = $1 per 225 square blocks(aka. 15x15)

NOTE: Please check out the houses , plots and apartments before buying one. Pictures of it soon.

The Shopping District

Address Name Builder

Industrial District

The Industrial District, is an up and coming district in Melrose. It will be where most citizens are employed, and shall be home to several large factories; these shall include:

  • Block Home Stores (BHS) main factory
  • ----
  • ----

Entertainment Area

Culture District

Civic Services District

Melrose's Major Buildings/Points of Interest

Some Data in here, some data in there, coming soon!

Public Transit In/Around Melrose

The MRT Lines

As previously mentioned, Melrose is at  P13  Melrose of the Plains Line by Music3_0. There is no plan for any other lines to go through Melrose.

Melrose Transit Committee

The Melrose Transit Committee or MTC is the department for Transit of the City-state of Melrose. It owns Transit Centres/Hubs, Marinas, Metros, Airports and Bus Lines which serve member cities of the City-state of Melrose.


Melrose is served by the MCR Metro or Melrose Commuter Rail Metro, is a 3-line underground metro system and shall include 16 stations, with all designs by PinnacleMOVE and tunnels by Martii_Scots01. For more info, see the Melrose Metro Lines section of Melrose Transit Committee.

Inner-City Buses

There are no plans for Melrose to have any internal bus lines as of present.

Vergil-Melrose International Airport

No details have yet been announced.

The David Millar Transit Centre

The DMTC shall be located next to  P13  Melrose. The Melrose David Millar Transit Centre shall include the bus station, the RegionalConnect station and Melrose Central MCR station. No further details have been announced as of 08/12/2014. Shall not be built until I have reached [Senator] rank.


The Melrose Marina shall be the dock for all water related transit to and from Melrose. It shall be located near Fort William Way's junction with Jedburgh Road. No further details yet announced as of 08/12/2014.

East Rail Lines

There are currently plans for Melrose to share it's EAST rail station with Vergil. The current plans are that Vergil-Melrose shall be served by the Lime Green and light blue lines.

Regional Connect

There are currently plans for RegionalConnect to serve Melrose on their Great Central Line. More info shall be added later.

Inter-City Buses

At this moment in time, there is a route between Melrose and another town via bus:

Melrose opp. P13 to Appleton

This route is operated by TiePro Transport.

How to find the bus
At P13 station, leave through eastern lift. Opposite the lift, on the other side of the road, you shall find a bus bay. This is where the bus runs from.

This service runs directly to Appleton Transit Centre.


  • 04/01/2015: Unfortunately, TechnologyPro has decided to leave the server and has therefore decided to give up his Melrose City Staff post. Me, Martii_Scots01, and the rest of the Melrose City Staff team would like to wish Techie the best wherever he goes and we hope to see him to come back to MRT one day. We would also like to thank you for all your contributions to our great city.
  • 05/01/2015: Tax policy has been removed due to lack of interest in houses/apartments due to old prices. Prices for apartments and houses as well as plots have dropped. See Residential District section for more info!
  • 06/01/2015: Congratulations to stringle55 who has became the new Powerman on the Melrose City Staff team . We look forward to seeing him on the staff team here in Melrose.
  • 07/01/2015: The long slow journey towards the Mayor rank is almost over… Melrose Grand Hotel's outer structure is now complete. We hope that MailMelrose and Melrose Fire Station shall be completed this week. This means the current aim is to have the Mayor rank by the 20th of January.
  • 10/01/2015: We may have Mayor status on Sunday. This is due to the early completion of MailMelrose. I, Martii, shall now start work on the Melrose Fire Station, while I get other players to design MGH rooms and get allifarki to build the kitchens, cafès and lounges at MGH. I shall also be working the Car Park at MGH.
  • 11/01/2015: We may have Mayor status by the 18th rather than 20th now. This is due to Baron requesting that I build 5 more builds. The Melrose Fire Station was completed today and we now have a build schedule. You can find this on the wiki underneath the News section. In other news, hntredtie is set to become the Deputy Mayor of Melrose due to allifarki's inactivity... Congratulations to him. allifarki shall stay on the staff team, taking up hntredtie's old position of Chancellor. The change shall officially be made on Tuesday. We are still looking for people to decorate MGH rooms, contact me if interested. And finally, as soon as we get the Mayor rank, the MCR cross-city line shall be extended to Park station and construction on the MCR Entertainment and Civic Services Line shall start.. The first section will run from City Hall to Melrose Grand Hotel station.
  • 16/01/2015: We have now been officially promoted to [Mayor]! Thanks to all who helped this dream come true and to _MajorMagpie, for endorsing me and to chiefbozx for endorsing me, renaming P13 to Melrose and doing a dynmap render shortly after!
  • 24/03/2015: Neglected this for a bit, sorry! Brilliant news came on Sunday, we have entered a Shared Muncipality Policy with Vergil! Me and Deputy Mayor of Melrose/Mayor of Vergil hntredtie hope for the best in future, for both of our fine cities!

Melrose Building Schedule

This list shows builds in priority order:
(1) Convertion of old RadioMelrose building to MCR Metro Minecart Depot
(2) Melrose Police Station
(3) Melrose Health Centre
(4) New apartment block
(5) MCR Headquarters above City Hall MCR station
(6) New gas station
(7) Melrose Playhouse (Theatre)
(8) Block Home Stores (parody of British Home Stores)
(9) Corporate Tower(s)
(10) Melrose Secret Bunker
(11+) A whole lot more!!

Facts about the town

  • Braeview Tower is named after the Cathkin Braes in Scotland, very close to where he lives.