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User Page: Conric005
Owned Towns: Birchwood, Dand
Franchises: AstroCorp, AstroSlurp, Neptune Buses
Neptune Buses
CEO and Founder Conric005
Number of cities served 16

Neptune Buses is a bus company owned by AstroCorp. This bus company has routes that go all across the A-Roads of the MRT. The buses used by this company are all 3 blocks wide, allowing the bus to fit on most city roads and in smaller bus stations. Neptune Buses will also (hopefully) have its own bus station in Central City.


The bus company was created when AstroCorp's CEO wanted to create a bus company. He thought about making a bus company owned by one of his towns, such as Birchwood and Dand. In the end, he finally decided to make a bus company owned by his company, AstroCorp. Neptune Buses soon started collecting bus bays in different stations, such as bays in Creeperville and Cornus, which later became the Birch Line. Neptune Buses then started to expand, with one new destination on the Birch Line and a whole new line serving Deadbush and surrounding cities. After the Deadbush Loop was created, a new route was formed called the Nebula Line, and ran from Ilirea to Covina. At the time of writing, the Nebula Line now serves Whitechapel and Merchant City on the line.


Neptune Buses has a large network planned, and most of the plans are starting to be put in place. At the moment there is no way to transfer from one line to another Neptune Bus, but connectivity is also planned for this network.

List of Cities Served


Birch Line

Stop Status Connections
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