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Town Officials
Mayor godzilltrain
Deputy Mayor CortesiRaccoon
MRT  ZS6  Segville North
 ZS7  Segville Central
 ZS8  Segville South
Roadways Highway A5.png to Central City & Utopia
Nearest Airport Segville International, Segville Heliport
Facts and Figures
Population 19
Town Hall Coordinates -728, 70, 2460
Founded 4th October 2014
Recognized as town 16th February 2015
Town Rank [Premier]
Official Language(s) English
World New World
Ward(s) 5

Segville is a town on the New MRT Server built by godzilltrain. It is situated at  ZS6 - ZS8  located on the Zephyr Line.



Welcome to Segville a town slightly south of Central City on the new MRT Server owned and built by godzilltrain. It is located on a plains biome which makes it an ideal location for a town. The current town rank is Premier. The Town is a member of the MRT Sumotori Association with it's Chad Stadium. The town features several significant buildings and is spread between three stations ( ZS6 - ZS8 ). The land that Segville is on was claimed during the Gamma's opening weekend and features many franchises by other players.

Notable Structures

Below is a list of all notable structures within Segville, with descriptions and images of each.

Town Hall

After the original Town Hall was taken down and replaced with a park, this one was built on the eastern side of the town, between the two major parks in the town. This building houses the Thank-You wall, where other players that have made a significant difference in Segville's development are given a special Thank You.

Town Library

This building, originally built in the abandoned town of Inverton ( XW23 ) is located towards the south of the town, adjacent to the Southern Park and the Southern Car Park.

Prancing Horses Monument

This is the town's official monument, and is located slightly south of  ZS7  station, and is positioned over the MRT tracks. This monument was built when the town was going for it's [Mayor] promotion. More recently, this monument was a Pit Stop in the fourth season of The Amazing Race


Segville's factory was built in the place of the town's power plant, and is based off various images found online. The power plant features security walls and is situated next to one of the town's many car parks as well as the RegionalConnect Station, the Town Mall and the various town embassies. It largely bridges the distance between  ZS6  Station and  ZS7  Station.

Car Parks

Intended as a way to make a largely green area feel more urban, the main car park in Segville was built midway between  ZS6  Station and  ZS7  Station. It features an almost cartoonish car style which is common around Segville. More recently, 2 large car parks have been opened to the South of Segville, one to serve the Town Library , the Southern Park and the Tesco store and the other to serve the Football Stadium, Baseball Stadium and Mini-Golf Course.

Bus Depot

This is Segville's Bus Depot. It currently contains 3 internal lines and 2 external lines, the destinations of which can be found below.

Town Mall

The Mall is adjacent to both the Bus Depot and the Car Park, and is a large structure closest to  ZS6  station. It has 20 spaces for shops, of which 13 are filled and 7 are vacant. For a space here for your franchise, please contact godzilltrain.

Housing District

This housing area was originally the main housing area within Segville, located between  ZS6  and  ZS7  stations. It's plain exteriors have often meant it likened to that of communist style housing. Recently, this has lost it's status as the main housing district, with the introduction of over 40 modern houses within the Suburbs.

Omega Theatre

The Omega Theatre, designed and made by Cortesi, has a build style similar to that of the Town Mall. The theatre is located between the Bus Depot, the Housing District and one of the town's main car parks, and is closest to {st/n|z|ZS6}} Station. This theatre has had hosted one event in the past, that being one of the Enslavement Party's Primary Debates.

RegionalConnect Station

This station, designed and made by RLcrafters, is adjacent to Segville's Factory, and is closest to  ZS7  station. The station was primarily constructed as a station for RegionalConnect, however is also used in IntraRail's network. Information on services departing from this station can be found below.

Town Parks

Segville has several areas of parkland throughout, however there are two main parks in the town located directly north and south of the Town Hall. Built as a collaboration between godzilltrain and Mine_man, these feature several pieces of modern art as well as lakes, play equipment, fountains and seating areas.

The Suburbs

The Suburbs is a large area to the east of the town. This was made in an attempt to modernise the housing in Segville, which was before then wooden boxes with flat, stone slab roofs. This area is still in active development, but currently boasts over 40 properties as well as a local bus link to the bus depot.

Forest Mini-Golf

The Forest Mini-Golf course is the new world's first Mini-Golf course. This course features 18 holes of varying difficulty, with the overall course par set at 60. The course's theme is that of a forest and is located towards the South-East of Segville.

Churchill Field

Churchill Field, built by jphgolf4321 is located towards the south of Segville closest to  ZS8  Station, and holds <Insert amount here in the future when I can get on to check> number of seats. The presence of this stadium means that Segville is a member of the MRT American Football League.

Current Projects

Below is a list of ongoing projects within Segville:

Suburb Construction

The large suburb to the east of Segville is actively being worked on to increase the size.


Several methods of transport are available within Segville, as summarised below.

Road Connections:

Highway A5.png to Central City & Utopia

Bus Connections:

 Arrivé Bus Lines  157   to Oakley, Royal Ferry and Central City
Segville Buses to Washingcube, Utopia, Sealane and Central City Bus Terminal
IntraBus route 101 to Zaquar.

Rail Links:

Rail services in Segville are operated from Segville Grand Central, which houses RegionalConnect and IntraRail services.

Service Status Information
Regional Connect GWR (Great Western Railway) Status: Service Good.png Good service All stations have been opened and the line is fully complete.
Regional Connect MSL (MidSouth Line) Status: Service Partial.png Partial service open: No service beyond Segville, arrivals only.
IntraRail - Utopiary Status: Service Good.png Good service To Utopia - Plano & Utopia
IntraRail - Segvillian Status: Service Closed.png Closed Service Discontinued

Air Links:

BARTiCopter to Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport
IntraAir Heli Lines to Western Ocean International Airport

Rail Services
Previous station Next station
 ZS5  Foobar
towards Nippia via Central City
 ZS6  Segville North
 ZS7  Segville Central
 ZS8  Segville South
 ZS9  Foobar
towards Zaquar
Terminus IntraRail Grand Central Shuttle
Segville Grand Central
Segville International
Terminus IntraRail Republic Express
Segville International
Sealane Central
towards Ravenna via Express
Terminus IntraRail Spruce Regional
Segville International
Sealane Central
towards Amestris via Local
Terminus IntraRail Utopiary
Segville International
Utopia - Plano
towards Utopia
Terminus IntraRail Waffle Express
Segville International
towards Formosa
towards Zaquar
BluRail BluRail4-01.png Line
Segville International
Forsythe Park
Utopia - IKEA
towards Xandar
towards Tranquil Forest
BluRail BluRail1X-01.png Line
Segville International
Utopia - IKEA
towards Larkspur

This city is a proud member ofTronc.png