North Edge

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North Edge
City recognition
Date founded2012
Town hall coordinates-1730, 65, -2580
WorldOld World
MRT B2  North Edge
Road connectionsI-0

North Edge is a town originally founded in 2012 by colaja953 and lukeday115. Unfortunately, luke was lost along the way but yeamanator132 picked up his role and became the deputy mayor. The city was featured in the very first Featured station on The Snapshot (Episode 2).

The town grew quickly so that Colaja953 could rise to the rank of Mayor which happened around 31/8/2012. The town expanded south to the point that  B2  North Edge and  B3  New Delvin were bordering up on each other. Many attempts at transit systems came and went but failed within this time, until Benie brought I-0 to North Edge in 2013 when it was officially connected to spawn by transit. The mayor, colaja953, managed to achieve the rank of Mod, which helped to turn a once baron land of snow into a usable nice beach, where a new section of the city opened up. This part of the town was started when Colaja953 had the huge insane idea to build a sandstone empire state which touched the sky. The beach and docks were built shortly after and North Edge was expanded to 50 plus buildings.

Most resonantly North Edge has had its first successful rail connection made by AMR.