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Flag of Waterville.png
Town officials
Mayor PtldKnight
Deputy Mayor Skelezomperman
MRT  A21  Waterville - Union Station
 A22  Waterville - Downtown
 A23  Waterville - Old Town
 A24  Waterville - Orio District
Bus KTA Bus  X19 
CityBus  W1 ,  W2 ,  W3 ,  W4 ,  W5 
IntraBus  111 
PrimeBus  PB12 
RedLine  003 
Roadways  A80 ,  A890   A90 
 B91 ,  B91A ,  B91B   B92   Armada Ringroad 
Nearest airport Airport Sign.png Waterville Municipal Airfield
Airport Sign.png Horizon Nat'l Airport
Rail Waterville Union Station
 IntraRail  Upwester, Dubya
 BluRail  BluRail6-01.png Line, BluRailWC-01.png Shuttle
 Fred Rail  B&K RR
 NewRail  Pasadena Line
Orio and Waterville
 RaiLinQ  2000 Stoptrain, 6300 Stoptrain
Waterville Pontiac
 RaiLinQ  6300 Stoptrain
 NewRail  planned
Waterville Municipal
 BluRail  BluRail6-01.png Line
 NewRail  planned
Facts and figures
Founded 10/10/15
Town rank [Senator]
Renamed Old Town: Arctic Highlands (10/10/15 - Early Nov. 2015)
Orio District: Orio (10/16/15 - 2/28/18)
World New World
Post codes  WV9 
Political Party Moderate PartyMedia:Example.ogg
Ward(s) 9
Other info
Member NWAG
United Cities

Waterville is a [Senator] City located at  A21  Waterville - Union Station,  A22  Waterville - Downtown,  A23  Waterville - Old Town and  A24  Waterville - Orio District on the Arctic Line. The Mayor is PtldKnight and the Deputy Mayor is Skelezomperman. It was founded on 10/10/15 under the name Arctic Highlands. Waterville has been featured in some videos and search challenges such as the Not a Van Challenge. It was featured on The Amazing Race in late 2017. Waterville hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics from December 27th to December 29th 2018.



Old Town

Old Town (formerly known as Town Centre) is the first District of Waterville built. It is located at  A23 . Currently all Government buildi/ngs are housed here such as the Town Hall and Fire Department. The Pontiac Tunnel also pops out at Old Town allowing players to access the shopping areas of West Highlands and the  B91 . Some Franchises located here are: Kalmar Fried Chicken, McNeils and Ptld's Burgers and Fries

Downtown Waterville

Downtown Waterville is the Commercial, Government Affairs and Sports Hub of the Northwest.

West Highlands

West Highlands (also known as Pontiac District) is the Shopping Capital of the Armada Area, with many Franchises such as MellonShop, Northern Tech, Red Grocer and Ptld's Boots: Kiosk Edition there is no reason not to visit here!

Olympic Park

Olympic Park is an area situated West of Downtown Waterville and Providence Park. It was built by Skelezomperman for the 2018 Winter Olympics that took place between December 27th and December 29th 2018. Following his return from ban, Ptld is focusing his attention on Olympic Park by improving it with more transit as well as roads and buildings.

Ski Valley

Situated on the  B91 , Ski Valley is an area built as a Ski Resort for use in the 2018 Winter Olympics. It was built by time2makemymove by moving his BearLodge Waterville Hotel to the area and constructing a ski resort around it. The Ski Resort is owned by time2makemymove as well as the hotel


for more see Orio

Orio was origionally founded by Yellowitcher on October 16th, 2015 at  A24  Station. It was founded before Waterville but it origionaly held the land that would become the Origional Waterville at  A23  Waterville - Old Town. However Yellowitcher become inactive and in 2018 Orio was given to PtldKnight by Yellowitcher and incorperated into Waterville.



Union Station

Track Company Line Destination Status
Track 1 NewRail South Pasadena Line South Pasadena/WMA ON TIME
Track 2 BluRail BluRailWC-01.png Laclede Central ON TIME
Track 3 BluRail BluRail6-01.png EB Waterville Municipal Airfield ON TIME
Track 4 BluRail BluRail6-01.png WB Horizon Nat'l Airport ON TIME
Track 5 IntraRail Upwester WB Carnoustie - Calum PARTIAL SERVICE
Track 6 IntraRail Upwester EB Horizon Nat'l Airport ON TIME
Track 7 IntraRail Dubya NB Snowtopic ON TIME
Track 8 IntraRail Dubya SB Whitechapel - Border ON TIME
Track 10 Fred Rail Washingcubian NB Spruce Valley NO SERVICE
Track 11 Fred Rail Washingcubian SB Bakersville Penn NO SERVICE

Waterville Downtown Station

Track Company Line Destination Status
Track 1 IntraRail Upwester SB Horizon Nat'l Airport  NOW BOARDING 
Track 2 IntraRail Upwester NB Larkspur - Lilyflower Int'l  NOW BOARDING 

Orio and Waterville Station

Track Company Line Destination Status
Track 1 RaiLinQ Stoptrain 2000 Birchview Central via Newton-Le-Willows  NOW BOARDING 
Track 2 RaiLinQ Stoptrain 2000 Wazamawazi Queen Maxima via Horizon Junction  NOW BOARDING 
Track 3 RaiLinQ Stoptrain 6300 Calbar Arena via Spruce plains  NOW BOARDING 

Waterville Pontiac Station

Track Company Line Destination Status
Track 1 RaiLinQ Stoptrain 6300 Calbar Arena via Spruce plains/Orio & Waterville  NOW BOARDING 
Track 2 NewRail  NOT IN SERVICE 


Waterville Downtown Intercity Terminal

Track Company Line Destination Status
Bay 1 Hermes Bus Arctic Route Inbound for Central City
Outbound for Spruce Hills
Bay 2 KTA Express Bus X19 Nippia - North  ON TIME 

Pontiac Transit Center

Track Company Line Destination Status
Bay 1 Northwest Regional Transport
Bay 2 Northwest Regional Transport
Bay 3 Northwest Regional Transport W2 Waterville Downtown Pulse  ON TIME 



The  A80  travels under downtown Waterville and connects Waterville with Armada at the  A89  and Spring Valley at the  A8 .


The  B91  travels through Waterville and connects it with Orio and Armada to the North and Pasadena, Freshney and Whitechapel to the south.


Waterville has two golf courses (the most out of any city), a Forest Mini-Golf course and Waterville Country Club

Waterville Country Club


Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Par 3 2 2 3 2 3 4 3 6 3 3 2 2 2 4 2 1 2

Forest Mini-Golf Waterville

Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 14 15 16 17 18 Total
Par 2 2 2 4 2 4 4 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 6 3 4 3 54
Previous station Next station
 A20  Pasadena
towards Central City—Southwest Station via Whitechapel
 A21  Waterville - Union Station
 A22  Waterville - Downtown
 A23  Waterville - Old Town
 A24  Waterville - Orio District
 A25  Armada Rocksted
towards Snowtopic via Washingcube