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Hermes Bus

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Hermes Bus
Founder sheimoria
President sheimoria
Employees None
Franchise Type Bus Line Operator
Bus Manufacturer
Parent Company Hermes
Headquarters Hermes Complex @ Gecko Campus, Serpentine City (planned)
Outreach None

Tidbit: Hermes is the Greek god of travel.


Hermes Bus is a franchise operated by Hermes that manufactures buses and operates bus lines all over the New World. The founder and current president of the franchise is sheimoria.


The hub of the Hermes Bus network will be Central City, with 9 out of the 13 routes terminating in the future Hermes-Four Seasons Bus Terminal.

Arctic Route

Desert Route

Eastern Route

Forest Route

Island Route

Northern Route

Southern Route

Taiga Route

Western Route

Expo East Route

Expo West Route

Zephyr North Route

Zephyr South Route