United Sumotori League

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United Sumotori League
USL Logo.jpg
Governing Body MRT Sumotori Association
Commissioners jphgolf4321
Members TBD
Current Champion hvt2011

The United Sumotori League is an ongoing competitive sumotori league that will start its second season in mid-summer 2019 and will end in late-summer 2019. It has a to-be-determined amount of members who will face off in bouts against all the other members of the league twice over the course of the regular season before the top teams meet for a postseason tournament to determine a champion.

League Table

For the 2018 season, see 2018 United Sumotori League season.
United Sumotori League
City Player BP W L KO RW RL SD Points
Flag of Laclede.png Hannibal Valkorion314 4 1 3 1 2 20 -18 2
Flag of Tranquil Forest.png Tranquil Forest hvt2011 2 2 0 0 13 3 +10 4
Flag of Peripotamia.png Peripotamia Cookie46910 6 5 1 0 30 7 +23 10
Flag of Euphorial.png Euphorial Kangaroo567 8 6 2 3 41 14 +27 12
Flag of Carnoustie.svg Carnoustie CaptainObi 5 0 5 0 4 32 -28 0
Flag of Eagleshore.png Eagleshore SkyJumperTalon 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Flag of Rockham.png Rockham Aldranster50 6 2 4 0 18 30 -12 4
Flag of Richville.png Richville woorich999 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Aquamarine Bay Flag.png Aquamarine Bay Johngi 5 2 3 2 7 23 -16 4
Flag of Central City.png Winterside Needn_NL 1 1 0 0 8 0 8 2

Players with bolded usernames have clinched a playoff berth. Players with a number in front of their name have clinched that seed.

Game Log

United Sumotori League 2019 Season
Host Score Visitor Date Location Reporter Broadcast
Euphorial 4-0 (KO) Carnoustie 12th July 2019 Euphorial Arena CaptainObi
Aquamarine Bay 8-7 (KO) Winterside 12th July 2019 LRCC Kangaroo567
Hannibal 2-6 Tranquil Forest 15th July 2019 Hannibal Auditorium Valkorion314
Tranquil Forest 7-1 Hannibal 15th July 2019 BluRail Arena Valkorion314
Aquamarine Bay 3-2 (KO) Carnoustie 18th July 2019 LRCC Kangaroo567
Carnoustie 5-3 Aquamarine Bay 18th July 2019 LRCC Kangaroo567
Carnoustie 0-8 Rockham 20th July 2019 LRCC Aldranster50
Rockham 5-3 Carnoustie 20th July 2019 Rockham Sumotori Arena Aldranster50
Carnoustie 1-7 Euphorial 20th July 2019 LRCC CaptainObi
Carnoustie 0-8 Winterside 27th July 2019 LRCC Skelezomperman
Euphorial 5-0 (KO) Aquamarine Bay 27th July 2019 Euphorial Arena Kangaroo567
Aquamarine Bay 1-4 (KO) Euphorial 27th July 2019 LRCC Kangaroo567
Euphorial 7-1 Rockham 28th July 2019 Euphorial Arena Kangaroo567
Rockham 1-7 Euphorial 28th July 2019 Rockham Sumotori Arena Kangaroo567
Peripotamia 7-1 Rockham 3rd August 2019 Peripotamia Arena Aldranster50
Rockham 2-6 Peripotamia 3rd August 2019 Rockham Sumotori Arena Aldranster50
Hannibal 1-7 Peripotamia 3rd August 2019 Hannibal Auditorium Valkorion314
Peripotamia 0-1 (KO) Hannibal 3rd August 2019 Peripotamia Arena Valkorion314
Euphorial 4-5 Peripotamia 5th August 2019 Euphorial Arena Kangaroo567
Peripotamia 5-3 Euphorial 5th August 2019 Peripotamia Arena Kangaroo567



Quarterfinals Semifinals USL Championship Series
  1. TBD   Bye
Semifinal 1
  ---   ---  
  1. TBD   0
Quarterfinal 1
      TBD   0  
  4. TBD   0
  5. TBD   0  
  TBD   0
Quarterfinal 2    
    TBD   0
  3. TBD   0
Semifinal 2
  6. TBD   0  
  2. TBD   0
      TBD   0  
  2. TBD   Bye
  ---   ---  


Quarterfinal 1
Game Home Score Away
TBD advances to Semifinal 1
Quarterfinal 2
Game Home Score Away
TBD advances to Semifinal 2
Semifinal 1
Game Home Score Away
TBD advances to USL Championship Series
Semifinal 2
Game Home Score Away
TBD advances to USL Championship Series
USL Championship Series
Game Home Score Away
TBD wins the USL Championship


The USL uses MRT Sumotori Association rules for its gameplay.
The Basics: Sumotori is a PvP game played on a 7 by 7 square platform surrounded on all sides by a moat of water at least two blocks wide. The object of the game is for one player to punch their opponent into the moat. A full game of Sumotori is called a bout. Each bout is divided into eight rounds. Each round begins with a 3-2-1-GO countdown and ends when one player has fallen into the moat. Whenever a player wins a round, they get a point. Whoever has the most points after eight rounds wins. However, if after eight rounds the score is tied 4-4 a ninth round must be played to determine the winner. A player may win either by winning more rounds than their opponent or by knocking out their opponent.
Knockouts: A player wins by knockout when they kill their opponent during play. If the player who wins by knockout was already winning or the score is tied, one point is added to their final score. If the player who wins by knockout was losing before the knockout, as many points as are necessary for the player to lead by 1 are added to their score. For example, if Scott leads a bout against Ben 5-2 but Ben knocks out Scott in the eighth round, Ben wins the bout 6-5.
Equipment: Both players must be wearing a gold chestplate, gold leggings, gold boots, and a leather cap. Armor may not be repaired or replaced for the duration of a bout.
Items: both players must start with a bucket of milk, three Notch apples, and at least one stack of 64 steak. Apples and Steak may only be eaten between rounds.
Before the first round of a game both players must switch into adventure mode, face each other in the ring, drink their buckets of milk, and eat their first Notch apple - in that order. When both players are ready, having eaten and waited to regenerate health if necessary, one player then gives a 3-2-1-GO countdown to start the first round and each round of the bout.

Season Format

Regular Season

The USL season runs from when the full league table is released (June 2) to July 15. Each member of the league must play every other member of the league twice: once at an arena in their own city and once at an arena in their opponent's city. After a bout it is the players' responsibility to report scores in a designated Discord channel and update the Table. Standings will be determined based on a points system:
2 points for a win
0 points for a loss
The regular season will end either when a to-be-determined date passes or when all regular season matches have been played, whichever comes first.


If at the end of the season there is a tie in the standings that would impact postseason participation, the following will be used as tiebreakers:
1. Point differential
2. Wins minus KOs
3. One-bout playoff


The top 6 finishers will make the playoffs, which will follow a modified version of the MRTSA single-elimination tournament rules:

  • The top 2 finishers will receive a first-round bye.
  • All rounds of the playoffs will be played in two-bout series.
  • Bout 1 will be hosted by the lower seeded player.
  • Bout 2 will be hosted by the higher seeded player.
  • Unlike in the regular season, if the score is 4-4 after eight rounds, a ninth round will be played to determine a winner.
  • If the players each win one bout, a third bout to determine the series winner will be played at the same arena as Bout 2.

How to Join

1. Wait for next season.
2. Design a flag for your city if it doesn't already have one.
3. If you don't currently have an MRTSA-standard (7x7 square platform surrounded by a water moat at least 2 blocks wide) arena, build one or get one from jph.
4. Wait for the table to post and check your Discord Direct Messages for a link.