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Eagleshore | Eagleshore Metro | Eagleshore Spiral
Town officials
Mayor SkyjumperTalon
Deputy Mayor CodyHM
MRT Nope
Other transit  Prime Bus   PB06   
 Prime Bus   PBX6   
Facts and figures
Town rank Mayor
World New
RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png

Eagleshore is a town built near the MRT Western Line, currently ranked Mayor.

To get there, the fastest and simplest way is to use the A8 and take the exit to Eagleshore or to take BluRail from Spring Valley.

The town was originally built around Lake Eagleshore, a former city park (eventually replaced by Eagleshore Spiral in March 2018). Prior to destruction of Lake Eagleshore, Lake Road ran around the lake. What was the original Eagleshore is now officially the Downtown District. Lake Road and the rest of downtown has been replaced by a pedestrian zone, modeled after the ones in Germany.

Road Map of Eagleshore as of June 29, 2018.

Line of Succession

Placement in Order Player Name Player Rank (MRT) Player Rank (Eagleshore)
1 SkyjumperTalon Mayor Mayor
2 CodyHM Mayor Deputy Mayor
3 KittyCat11231 Senator Former DM
4 Kel5 Member Former DM
5 woorich999 Governor Former DM, Train Supplier
6 mine_man_ Moderator Former DM
7 ZambiblasianOgre Mayor Chief of Rail Construction
8 hvt2011 Moderator Founding Father
9 camelfantasy Governor Founding Father
10 PineappleMaster2 Citizen Builder


Eagleshore is divided into districts

Name Builds Notes
Downtown 19 First district, the original Eagleshore
Nivtat District 16 Combined Embassy District and Nivtat District (former) on April 23, 2018
Hillside District 8 Formerly Franchise District

Notable Projects

Project Name Project Description
Main Street Added in Main Street
Road Destruction Removed Lake Road and the Eagleshore Expressway
Parkway Added the Parkway
District Zoning Added Districts
Transit Renovated the Eagleshore Metro
Sidewalks Added Sidewalks

Kel's resignation

On May 6, 2018, Kel5 resigned from the position of Deputy Mayor. woorich999 was the temporary stand in. On May 14, 2018, Talon decided to upgrade woorich's DM status to permanent. However, on July 4, 2018, Talon removed woorich from DM and replaced him with KittyCat11231


There are 43 builds in Eagleshore, as well as 4 defacto builds. All builds with only an address are houses, unless otherwise indicated


There are 19 builds in Downtown, as well as 2 defacto builds.

Defacto builds

Hillside District

There are 8 builds in the Hillside District, as well as one defacto build.

Defacto Builds

  • Bus Terminal, empty

Nivtat District

There are 16 builds in the Nivtat District, as well as one defacto build.

Defacto Builds

  • Seproc's Homeless Hut

April 2018 Road Changes

A8 Connection to Eagleshore

The A8 was the first ever road connection to Eagleshore.

After a GSM Proposal, long talks with the United Cities, a few private meetings with Skelezomperman, and a few weeks of waiting, Eagleshore had gotten the permission to build the B879, a B-Road connecting the A8 Eageshore's Franchise Road.

Prime Bus Service

Mayor TalonPlays asked for a bus service when the A8's interchange with Eagleshore had finished. When given an option, Talon chose to use Prime Bus as the company to provide buses and warps to Central City

Sidewalk Addition

One of the biggest reason Eagleshore had so many denied promotions for Councillor was because they had no sidewalks. Toward the end of March 2018, Kel5 started to put sidewalks on Main Street, between Eagleshore Bank and BluRail Metro Station. However, this was the only work done on sidewalks for a few weeks before TalonPlays put sidewalks in over the rest of Eagleshore's roads. On April 7, 2018, Eagleshore had officially finished sidewalks.

Completion of Franchise Road-Eagleshore Parkway Intersection

Eagleshore had never finished the completion of the intersection of the Parkway (formerly Expressway) to Lake Road (pre-demolition) or Franchise Road. On April 7, 2018, SkyjumperTalon completed the interchange with Franchise Road, and announced a ring road around Eagleshore Stadium to complete the other end of the terminus. This wasn't finished until early May.


Transit in and out Eagleshore comes in many different ways

Rail Services
Previous station Next station
Terminus BluRail BluRail1-01.png Line
Spring Valley
towards Juhwa-Ochung via Local

Housing / Apartments

This is a complete list of all housing in Eagleshore

Ectil Apartments

The Ectil Apartments is the second tallest building in Eagleshore, and was the tallest in Eagleshore for a long time before it was overtaken by The Claytrium. It has 9 floors, 7 of which have housing. All apartments cost 5 dollars.

Floor Room Owner
2 201 VACANT
2 202 VACANT
3 301 VACANT
3 301 VACANT
4 401 VACANT
4 402 VACANT
5 501 VACANT
5 502 VACANT
6 601 VACANT
6 601 VACANT
6 602 VACANT
7 701 VACANT
7 702 VACANT
8 801 VACANT
8 802 VACANT

Ender Apartment Complex

The Ender Apartment Complex is a 3 story building in the heart of downtown Eagleshore, with 4 rooms

Floor Room Owner
2 1 EndermanGhast160
2 2 SkyjumperTalon
3 3 Shanape
3 4 _TwistedTotoro_


Address Owner
300 Forest Road PineappleMaster2