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The current CreeperCola restaurant design, the CreeperCola One.
The interior of the CreeperCola One restaurant, showing the standard menu.
CEO/Founder Diemundz
Number of Restaurants 72
Headquarters Skyscraper City at  B21  Skyscraper-Arden
Other Information
Founded December 2012
July 2013 (First MRT location)
Parent Company MP Holdings
Headquarters Coordinates 1379,65,800
Current Selling Versions CreeperCola One
Custom w/ Soda Fountain
New! Classic Stand

About CreeperCola

CreeperCola is a multi-server fast food franchise founded by Diemundz in late 2012 and first constructed on the MRT server in July 2013. CreeperCola specializes in serving premium freshly-made handcrafted beverages, such as sodas, potions, waters, and more. CreeperCola is currently headquartered in the CreeperCola Tower in Skyscraper City at  B21  Skyscraper-Arden, and has a multitude of locations on both the old and new worlds.

Similar to Dave's Doughnuts, CreeperCola was originally founded on a singleplayer world, but has since grown with established locations on many different servers, including the MRT server. The CreeperCola Company currently has locations on over 6 different public and private servers throughout various sandbox games.

CreeperCola became a wholly owned subsidiary of parent company MP Holdings, LLC. on May 15, 2016.


The CreeperCola One restaurant is the standardized design for use on the MRT server. This standalone design has dimensions of 10 x 7 x 4, which does not include the signs and torches found on the exterior of the building, and serves all items on the standard menu. Restaurants are typically red buildings with a white stripe in the middle, and have spruce frames and floor construction. After entering the front door, the counter and kitchen are can be found on the left side of the building, and two booth-style tables are located on the right. Notable variations of the design have been made to suit certain locations such as the Northeast Waterport, the MRT Mall, Atlantis, Kolpino City, and Espil.

As of July 5, 2016, a smaller, open-air design called the Classic Stand is also available for purchase. This design, based off the original CreeperCola restaurant on Diemundz' singleplayer world, is slightly smaller, with dimensions of 7 x 6 x 4, not including the signs and torches found on the exterior of the building. This restaurant's lack of seating makes it ideal for use in parks and food courts, and an included vending machine can be used when the restaurant itself is closed.

All CreeperCola Restaurants, including both prefabricated and custom designs, are built without the assistance of WorldEdit.


The standard CreeperCola menu, which is available at all locations, is as follows:

  • Classic Cola - $3
  • Diet Cola - $3
  • Soda Refill - $2

Some larger, more specialized locations may offer some or all of the following menu items in addition to the ones listed above:

  • Fountain Drink - $2
  • Water - $1

Item pricing is not enforced at most locations. However, if you want, you can optionally send Diemundz a tip for his hard work in making and maintaining the restaurants.

Price Differences

  • As a joke regarding the word "splurge", the Splurgeville location's menu prices are 10 times as expensive as the standard prices.
  • As a holiday tradition, all locations serve free drinks from December 25-31 of each year. However, the beverages' prices are not changed on the restaurants' menu signs.

Current Restaurants

A CreeperCola Classic Stand location in Izumo.
A custom CreeperCola storefront design located in Espil.
A custom mall-style location with a soda fountain at Skyscraper City.
A two-story standalone custom design found in Atlantis.
City Name Nearest MRT Number of Stores Store Type(s)
Skyscraper City  B21  2 CreeperCola One, Custom w/ Soda Fountain
Arden  B21  1 CreeperCola One
Atlanta  G4  1 CreeperCola One
Redlin  Y22  1 CreeperCola One
Bluemont  R8  G13  1 CreeperCola One
Splurgeville  B21  1 CreeperCola One
MRT Mall  G8  1 Custom w/ Soda Fountain
Northeast Waterport  Y8  1 Custom w/ Soda Fountain
Ravenswood  B22  1 CreeperCola One
Cyra  R13  1 CreeperCola One
Crystal City  R11  1 CreeperCola One
Atlantis  R4  O15  1 Custom
Chelsea  G1  1 CreeperCola One
Riverend  O8  1 Custom
Beacon Ski Resort  G27  1 CreeperCola One
True City  R9  1 CreeperCola One
Redstone Valley  Y13  1 CreeperCola One
Kitania  Y24  2 CreeperCola One, Custom
Nkcity  R4  1 CreeperCola One
MineCity  Y19 / Y20  1 CreeperCola One
Menlo Park  R13  1 CreeperCola One
Snowy  Y5  1 CreeperCola One
Stanwood  G20  1 Custom
Dahood  O21  1 Custom
Arcadia  G26 / R3  1 CreeperCola One
Subterania  G12  1 CreeperCola One
Chesterfield  G9  1 CreeperCola One
Smallville  Y1 / Y2  1 CreeperCola One
Farwater  XE26  1 CreeperCola One
Greenplain Heights  ZS3  1 CreeperCola One
Nippia  ZN20  1 CreeperCola One
Heights City  ZN14  1 CreeperCola One
Thunderbird  F16 / F17  1 CreeperCola One
Siletz  V13  1 CreeperCola One
Utopia  D14  1 CreeperCola One
Sky Mall  C11  1 Custom w/ Soda Fountain
Loudoun  F11  V12  1 Custom w/ Soda Fountain
Grayzen  XE3  1 CreeperCola One
Brunswick  I17  C54  1 Custom w/ Soda Fountain
Spruce Neck  A2  ZN2  T2  1 CreeperCola One
Kolpino City  M18  1 Custom w/ Soda Fountain
Matheson  I10  1 CreeperCola One
Delta City  ZS13  1 CreeperCola One
AEville  ZN18  1 Custom
Liten  ZN18  1 CreeperCola One
Ilirea  XW18  1 CreeperCola One
Washingcube  A15  1 CreeperCola One
Danielston  D7  1 Custom w/ Soda Fountain
Burnt Oak  M7  1 CreeperCola One
Espil  C80  C81  1 Custom w/ Soda Fountain
Schusterlans  C44  2 CreeperCola One, Custom
Newton-le-Willows  C102  T35  1 Custom w/ Soda Fountain
Cape May  C59  1 CreeperCola One
Freedon  F22  2 CreeperCola One, Classic Stand
Republic of Marioni  M12  1 CreeperCola One
Landside Hills  XE4  1 Custom
DesertView  XW29 / C93  1 CreeperCola One
Glenbrook  M14  1 CreeperCola One
Izumo  C34  1 Classic Stand
Benion  C3  1 CreeperCola One
Dabecco  F9 / F10  1 CreeperCola One
Ellesume  EN1  1 CreeperCola One
Storalisburg  C94  1 Custom
Inverness  I16  C55  1 CreeperCola One
Central City  X0  Z0  1 Custom
Castlecombe  ES8  1 Custom
SummersVille  V28  1 Custom
Zaquar Onika T. Maraj Station  ZS30  1 Custom

Getting a Restaurant in Your Town

If you want a restaurant in your town, contact Diemundz either through in-game chat, on his user talk page, or using MRT Mail; he can build one in your town for the base price of only $5.00! All new prefabricated restaurants will be your choice of either a CreeperCola One or a Classic Stand design by default. However, a special adaptation of the design can also be requested for use in malls, food courts, and other places where the normal design cannot be built due to limitations of any sort. As custom designs and standalone locations involving heavy landscaping typically incur higher charges, price quotes are available upon request prior to construction. Please do not build restaurants by yourself or copy and paste them from another location, as they will not be marked as official and/or put on the wiki.

Third-Party Restaurant Partners

In addition to its dedicated restaurants, CreeperCola is also served as a beverage at the third-party locations listed below. Though these locations serve the same types of products found at regular stores, they are not owned by the company itself.

Restaurant Name City Name Nearest MRT Number of Stores
Frumpmobile Taco Truck Skyscraper City  B21  1
Frumpmobile Taco Truck Kitania  Y24  1
Frumpmobile Taco Truck Crystal City  R11  1
Minedays Rockstone  B23 / B24  1
MineDonalds Shadowpoint  C6  1
MineDonalds Achowalogen Takachsin  XE12  1
MineDonalds Spring Valley  C96  1
Frumpmobile Taco Truck Farwater  XE26  1
Diemundz' Pancakes Farwater  XE26  1
Diemundz' Pancakes Washingcube  A15  1
Diemundz' Pancakes Dabecco  F9 / F10  1
Diemundz' Pancakes Matheson  I10  1

Getting a Beverage served in your Restaurant

If you want our beverages to be served in your restaurant, contact Diemundz either through in-game chat, on his user talk page, or using MRT Mail; he can install the necessary equipment for free, or you can choose to install it yourself. Please make sure that you have room for brewing equipment and/or a soda fountain at each desired location, as well as having extra room on the menu for the new products before requesting installation. If you decide to build/install equipment or make alterations to your restaurant's menu by yourself, please be sure to update this section of the wiki for each location currently serving beverages.

World of CreeperCola Atlanta

The World of CreeperCola Atlanta is a museum based off the World of Coca-Cola Museum in real-life Atlanta, Georgia. The museum contains many exhibits and attractions, such as a wall of memorabilia, movie theater, restaurant with free beverages, soda fountain, store, and more. Come visit it by traveling to the  G4  Hillville MRT station and going west along Peachtree Street.

Customer Service

CreeperCola strives to provide the best customer service possible. If restaurants require major maintenance, relocation, and/or removal, please contact Diemundz rather than attempting to resolve the problem yourself, as all buildings are private property and it may result in a warning. If you encounter a problem with one of our restaurants, please contact us with the location of the incident and we will attempt to resolve the issue as quickly as we can. We apologize beforehand for any inconveniences you may have while dining at CreeperCola.

Thank You For Visiting!