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HY Games Corp is a corporation co-founded and owned by hawksfan1010 & MinecraftYoshi26. HY Games Corp. manages a total of 14 games across the MRT server, which can be found below.

Numbered Studio Map


Our main game site is located at  G26  Ghasts Stadium station. We currently have 9 out of 10 studios built on the lot, and all games there can be found below. You can see a numbered map of our studios at the right (the sand structure is not a studio).

  • Studio 1 - Singing Bee & Trivia
  • Studio 2 - Wheel of Fortune
  • Studio 3 - Family Feud
  • Studio 4 - Identity
  • Studio 5 - Know or Go (under construction)
  • Studio 6 - Just Right and Supermarket Sweep
  • Studio 7 - The Million Emerald Drop
  • Studio 8 - You Don't Know Jack: MRT Edition (under construction)
  • Studio 9 - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (under construction)
  • Studio 10 - Unbuilt

Have a Game Idea?

If you think you have an idea for a good game, please contact hawksfan1010 or MinecraftYoshi26. Thanks!