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Town officials
Mayor SonicTornado
Deputy Mayor CarbonM14
MRT  G25  Chargestone-Kipener
Bus  8  Spawn City to Chargestone-Kipener
Facts and figures
Founded March, 2013
Recognized as town April 27, 2013

Chargestone City Is the first City you(may)see when you exit  G25  Chargestone-Kipener. It is governed by SonicTornado and is nearby Kipener.


Chargestone Cave & Mountain

MRT Archery

A Metro System

Elevator School

MRT Access

Pig Parking

Music's Gems

Town Pool

Creepers Cookies & Cakes

Bus Service to Spawn City

Future Sonic HQ

E.E. Pleasure


MRT Archery

The Newly Founded MRT Archery test players at shooting and is availible for Tournaments, Shop Locations,ect.