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Alert.png Hathnes Downtown is going through city-wide renovation. In addition, C39 station is currently closed due to the paste in of Hathnes Central Terminal. As a result, C38 and C40, which are both under Hathnes, do not connect. This is only temporary and will be fixed in the near future.

Hathnes is a town located at  C39  Foobar.

Lead Administration
Mayor VernCow
Deputy Mayor DuncanDoesMC
Town Info
Founded 22nd February 2016
World New (Gamma)
Town Rank Mayor
Recognised as Town 29-6-16
National Flower Blue Orchid


Early development

Back in 2015, VernCow was actually accepted membership back then. However, instead of starting his town back then, he went inactive and became a tryhard on Mineplex and changed his name to "ReportIfIHax" as a message to all the people who hackusate him." In February 2016, he was motivated to start his own town after seeing AP Red's town, Whiteley. After being assisted by AP Red and Yellowitcher for picking a town location, VernCow finally settled at  C39  to began his town, Hathnes.

March 2016

After being banned for a week for griefing another player's town in retaliation, VernCow continued on his town, and several good builds like the Merlion and the Golden Gate Bridge appeared. VernCow began construction on a local highway.

April 2016

VernCow took a break on Hathnes to construct the MRT State Library.

May 2016

VernCow began construction of the Duncannon Governement Building District.

June 2016

VernCow continues construction of Duncannon Government Building District.

July 2016

Beverly Residential District is under construction. B road as local highway proposed and awaits approval.

Hathnes-Shadowpoint War

Hathnes-Shadowpoint War was a military conflict between Shadowpoint and Hathnes.

July 4th 2016

EliteNeon, mayor of Shadowpoint, successfully overthrew VernCow, mayor of Hathnes, to be the Deputy Mayor of Benion. VernCow responded by telling EliteNeon that he will discuss the incident with Ben6331, mayor of Benion. Elite responded by officially declaring war on Hathnes and VernCow.

July 5th 2016

VernCow was actively promoting peace negotiations instead of military conflict, but was rejected. VernCow responded by asking Ben6331 about the incident, whom agreed to rethink about it.

July 6th 2016

Ben6331 has proposed that the selection of Benion's deputy mayor, would be through a pvp battle at spawn. VernCow won 2 rounds out of 3 despite EliteNeon using a enchanted diamond sword while VernCow used a regular diamond sword. VernCow was declared the official deputy mayor of Benion. EliteNeon responded by quitting, and gave Shadowpoint to Ben6331, and Rhinestone to MegaMC. This resulted in the collapse of the City State of Shadowpoint, or the CSOS.

July 7th 2016

EliteNeon announced that he will return to the MRT, and claimed back mayorship of both Shadowpoint and Rhinestone. The Treaty of Shadowpoint was also signed between the 2 mayors. It includes:

  • Military action from both parties will be ceased.
  • VernCow will remain deputy mayor of Benion, with EliteNeon as councillor. (EDIT: VernCow has stepped down from Deputy Mayor. Current Deputy Mayor is EliteNeon.)

The war has finally ended.

Overall, no citizens were killed.

August 2016

5 month hiatus begins.

September 2016

5 month hiatus continues

October 2016

5 month hiatus continues

November 2016

5 month hiatus continues

December 2016

  • MC_Dunc unbanned
  • Hiatus finally ends
  • Duncannon Government District nearing completion
  • Hathnes Lake terraformed
  • Gloucester Island completed
  • The Symphony of Lights completed.
  • B515 resuming construction
  • Promoted to Mayor
  • All non-hotel franchises relocated to lab world
  • TRONC Headquarters and TRONC Park completed. (Thanks Kastle)
  • Planning for Hathnes Central Terminal completed, awaits GSM approval, schematic emailed to staff to import.
  • B515 connection to Hathnes Downtown completed.
  • Algoma Franchise District started construction.

January 2017

  • Construction on Downtown District continues
  • Franchise District moved back to planning stage.

Name Origin

The name of Hathnes comes from the greek word Διεθνές, or Diethnes, which means the English word " International", thus, Hathnes is home of many of the world's greatest landmarks.

National Flower

The national flower of Hathnes is the blue orchid. The blue orchid is chosen to be the symbol of Hathnes because of its elegant looks. VernCow hopes that Hathnes would be as elegant as it.

Official Language

The official language for Hathnes is Singlish as VernCow comes from Singapore. If you would like to learn how to speak Singlish, there will be a page about it in the near future.


  • Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco
  • The Merlion of Singapore
  • PATH Station of World Trade Centre, New York City (Incoming)
  • The Symphony of Lights of Hong Kong


Duncannon Government Building District

This district is named after MC_Dunc, who got banned after the incident between VernCow and himself. After the argument, the 2 made up and since have been on really good conditions and thus, named the most important district in the city in honour of him.

More info to come on the official Hathnes Government page.

The district is home to a few official buildings, like these below:

  • Hathnes Town Hall
  • Hathnes Legislative Council Building
  • Hathnes Councillor Building (former, relocated to Lab world for renovation)
  • Hathnes Supreme Law Court
  • Hathnes Stone Dragon

The Town Hall, Legislative Council Building and the Supreme Law Court together are called "The Big 3". They are not the only goverment buildings in Hathnes.

Hathnes Downtown

This district is currently going through renovation. It is mostly made out of Embassies, Hotels and headquarters of franchises.

Algoma Franchise District ( 1st Franchise District)

This district is planned. It will be one of the few franchise districts in the town of Hathnes. It will have a lot of standalones.

Beverly Residential District

This is a residental district for residents to live in Government owned buildings. Tall buildings are common in this district.

Dulyn Residential District

This is a residential district for upper-class residents of Hathnes. Private houses are common in this district.

Gloucester Island

Gloucester Island is a man-made island that is home to The Symphony of Lights. It is also home to the Hathnes LGBT Equality Rights Pride Wall.

Public Relations


Embassies are a sign of virtual agreement and cooporation. Hathnes has 3 embassies.

International Cooporations


Once a person enters Hathnes territory, it is required that he follows Hathnes' laws.

Please refer to Hathnes Penal Code


Hathnes is connected to the rest of the MRT gamma world by the Circle Line. The Hathnes Central Terminal is located in Hathnes, and will be open to public soon. It plans to have more than 5 connections to other cities, and is the main transportation hub of the Hathnes Metro Please visit the Hathnes Transit Authority page for more detailed information. We are currently working in the B515 and its exits.

Franchises and Businesses


(more to come)


Hathnes Town hall, which is where the mayor and deputy mayor's offices are.
Hathnes Legislative Council building, where laws are passed.
Councillor Building, where all of Hathnes' councillors' offices are.
The Golden Gate Bridge of San Fransisco, which is the only Golden Gate Bridge on the MRT server that runs across the Hathnes River and the Hathnes Lake, which is a man made lake to connect 2 parts of the river together.
The Merlion of Singapore, which according to MegaMC, looks much rather like a chimpmunk, which I have to admit is true...

This city is a proud member ofTronc.png