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Icicle Holdings

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Icicle Holdings
CEO CyAmethyst
Additional Information
Subsidiaries 5 (4 active, 0 defunct, 1 inactive)
Locations 25 (25 active, 0 under construction)
Headquarters Built in Chillington
Founded May 2017 (exact date unknown)
First Franchise Founded February 4th 2017
Info notice.png Shares on sale!
Icicle Holdings is now selling 49% (39% Left) of it's shares to encourage growth in the corporation. CyAmethyst will retain 51% of shares and will remain the owner of Icicle Holdings. If interested in shares, contact CyAmethyst.
Info notice.png

Icicle Holdings is a corporation owned and founded by CyAmethyst to manage his Arctic-based companies.

Other subsidiaries may not be related to the "arctic theme", but they will be listed here as official subsidiaries of Icicle Holdings.

The company has plans to expand into more cities and more industries as time goes on.

On August 22nd 2017, a new company record was set for the biggest store in the company's records with a 31x29 sized Arctic Bakery in Chalxior.

On October 5th 2017, Icicle Holdings paid $390 to sponsor a stadium in Venceslo, with the stadium being called - you guessed it - Icicle Holdings Stadium.

On October 11th 2017, Icicle Holdings stopped funding Chillington United and has folded the team due to unknown reasons.

At the current time, no other stores have been built at this time for any subsidiaries.

Logo made by MikeRoma and his graphic company CartoGraphics.


To put in your request for a franchise of Icicle Holdings, go to the link enclosed here: [1] and fill the form out in it's entirety. Requests will be processed within 48 hours.

The regulations are in the form. By filling out the form, you agree to follow the regulations.


Icicle Holdings has the legal right to deny your request for the following reasons:

- The plot is too small. The Recommended Size for an franchise of Icicle Holdings' is 10x10 or bigger.

- The plot is too weirdly shaped. Recommended shapes are usually squares, so try to have the length and the width be nearly the same.

- The player has too ridiculous requests. We want to be reasonable with our stores, not to turn it into an art world.

- The player lashes out at the CEO. If this happens, the store will be demolished and you will not be refunded due to clauses.

- Any other blatant or ridiculous reason. If unsure about interpretation, contact CyAmethyst. However in most cases, it will either lead to an denial to deconstruction without refund.


51% CyAmethyst

10% woorich Inc. (woorich999)

39% Available

(Bold denotes owner)

Current Branches

- Wythern (IE and Arctic Bakery Locations)

- Savacaci (Ice Emporium Location)

- Spruce Valley (Ice Emporium Location)

- Chillington (HQ)

- Venceslo (Arctic Bakery Location)

- Norwest (IE and Arctic Bakery Locations)

- Frosty Rivers (Arctic Bakery Location)

- Chalxior (Arctic Bakery Location)

- Alexandria Bay (IE and Arctic Bakery Locations)

- Icicle Holdings Stadium (Arctic Bakery Location)

(Other locations not listed here are from RedEat.)

Current Subsidiaries

- Ice Emporium (Retail)

- Arctic Bakery (Food)

- RedEat (Food, purchased from sheimoria's company)

- Icicle Pancake Place (Food, acquired from November GSM)

- The Birch Hut (Retail)