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Deputy Mayortime2makemymove
City recognition
Date foundedAugust 2015
Date recognized as CouncillorNovember 2015
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 5
Post code(s)DN5
 D8  (future)
Road connectionsB50/CW2
B55 Mountain Corridor
Political affiliations
Political partiesIndependent/Libertarian-Conservative/Federalist
MottoTranquil, Thriving, Ambitious

Danielston is a Mayor-ranked suburb of Central City within the UCWT. Currently, it is the southernmost district of the mega-SMP, as well as the closest to the future Central City UCWT Airport.

Danielston is home to several corporate headquarters and conglomerates, including PueffNelson and Waffle House. Another of the town's largest employers is Esterhaus University, a small classically-based liberal arts college known for its rigorous academic standards and unique architectural design.

The League of Cities Formosa campus is located on the Danielston/Formosa city limits, and thus Danielston is a hotbed for politics. Among residents' brainchildren include the Anti-Federalist Party, known for its Anglo-Saxon capitalism and libertarian policies.

Residential Directory

mjpwwf - 113 Beloit St W, Apt N31
QueenSmae - 113 Beloit St W, Apt N33
CaptLincoln - 113 Beloit St W, Apt N41
Narnia17 - 148 Cambria Circle

Business Directory

Danielston's commercial district is growing constantly, and we always welcome new business into our community. If you'd like to see your franchise or business in Danielston (and, so I heard, get paid,) get in touch with mjpwwf in-game or through /mail.

Waffle House
Mickey & Donald's (Smith-Beloit North)
69fry (Smith-Beloit North)
Punny's Grilled Cheese (Smith-Beloit South)
Danish and Donut
Coffee Stoppee (Transnational Building)
Goblin Market (Transnational Building)
Woobin Travel Agency
Hardware Hero
Movie Bank
Kevin Jewelers (Smith-Beloit South)
The Redstone Consultancy
Martyn's Money Bank
Intariss Microbrewery Tasting Emporium (Archway Galleria)
Utopia Bakery (Archway Galleria)
iMorgan (Archway Galleria)
Gameverse (Archway Galleria)

Rail Services
Previous station Next station
 D6  Formosa
towards Central City—Southwest Station
 D7  Danielston  D8  Foobar
towards D60 via Utopia
towards Formosa
IntraRail Waffle Express
Danielston Station
Segville International
towards Segville