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MRT Civil Aviation Organization
Former DirectorsCortesi, SubwayGamerMC
Facts and figures
HeadquartersCentral City
FoundedFebruary 2014

The MRT Civil Aviation Organization (MCAO), is a specialized agency of the MRT Server. It keeps track of every single airport and airline company, as well as regulating all aviation activities on the MRT.


The company was born on the 13th of November 2014 following a new airport rule on the MRT Old World. Created by Cortesi, the idea was to create a company to manage and regulate air transport on the MRT server. For a few months the company was in charge of updating airports and airlines list and to provide guidelines for airport construction. The company was been defunct from August 2016 to September 2017. It was later acquired by TheSubway, before being defunct again until January 2020, when Subway passed it over to Airplaneguy9, who introduced new rules and regulations for airlines.

After a long break, Airplaneguy9 returned to the MCAO, and opened up an airline rating branch (SkyBlox), as well as inviting members to the MCAO.

List of members

Airline List

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Active Airlines
Airline Logo IATA Callsign Hub(s) Founded CEO Notes
aero Aero.png AE AERO
2020 worrski
Air Kanata
AK AIRKANATA 2022 Spegit007
RegioLinQ Airlines.png
RQ STANLEY 2014 Autobus22 Originally called RegioLinQ Airlines
AirNet Logo.png
  • None
2022 _Ludus
BART Airlines
BA BART 2014 Kastle
Bayliner Logo.png
BenAir Logo.png
BN BENAIR 2014 Bensismith
BU BLUAIR 2017 hvt2011
Caelus Airlines
CaelusAirlines Logo.png
CL CAELUS 2012 mooseontherun, JohnNotTech, Soleurs Originally Inverted Airlines 2012, merged and rebranded as WorldJet 2013, rebranded as Caelus 2014, merged with Air Peach to form Notalis 2015, rebranded as Caelus 2018. Part of ICAG
Cascadia Airways
CA CASCADIA 2018 Cynra and PtldKnight Merger between Ilirea Airways and FlyArctic 2018
CentralJet logo.png
CJ CENTRAL 2017 _jamess and JustFarkie
Clipper Airlines
CP CLIPPER 2019 EliteNeon and SansNotLuigi Originally Velox 2019, merged with SansAir and rebranded as Clipper 2020. Part of Waypoint Group
Continental Airlines
CO CONTINENTAL 2022 Spegit007 Originally sunlight air
Elecna Airlines
Elecna Airlines.png
EL ELECNA 2018 mine_man Split from Eastern/Waypoint and bought by Cascadia 2018, returned to Waypoint Group 2020
Evella Skylines no logo available EV EVELLA 2017 LDShadowLord Cargo division uses aircraft
FliHigh Airlines
FH FLYHIGH 2018 time2makemymove Split from FlyCreeper 2018
FliHigh Premier Connect
FH FLYHIGH 2018 time2makemymove Only for flights to  [Premier]  cities
SA SUNAIR 2018 Echohue Originally SunAir 2018, rebranded as FlyBahia 2020
FlyBahia Express
SA SUNAIR 2018 Echohue Originally SunAir Connect 2018, rebranded as FlyBahia Express 2020
FC CREEPER 2017 Frosty_Creeper10 Originally owned by NewRail, split 2018 to form FlyCreeper and FliHigh Airlines
FJ JEOMTO 2019 fork_07 Originally Atlantic Airways 2019, rebranded as FlyJeomto 2020
LU LUMEVA 2020 Airplaneguy9, i____7d, PeacemakerX5 Originally Lunaria 2019, merged with ForesneAir and rebranded as FlyLumeva 2020
FlyMighty FC MIGHTY 2019 MgWn Originally FlyCycle 2019, rebranded FlyMighty 2020. Part of Infamous Group
FlySubway Logo.png
FS SUBWAY 2017 TheSubway
Fred Air no logo available FD FREDRAIL N/A FredTheTimeLord Originally Fred Rail Air. Part of Fred Brand
GEMS Airline
IA INTRA 2015 KittyCat11231 Originally owned by Music3_0 and part of Music Nation. Subsidiary of IntraAir
HB HARBOUR 2019 Vulpicula Merged with Pan Aqua 2019, partly owned by MRTHS
CaelusAirlines IkedaLogo.png
CL IKEDA 2016 mooseontherun, JohnNotTech, Soleurs Split from Notalis 2016, rebranded 2018. Part of ICAG
Infamous Airlines
IN INFAMOUS 2018 woorich999 Part of Infamous Group
Infamous Eagle
IE EAGLE 2018 woorich999 and Underscore11 Merger between Yair and SkyRaven 2018, rebranded as Infamous Eagle. Part of Infamous Group
IntraAir Logo 2023.png
IA INTRA 2014 KittyCat11231 Part of Feline Holdings
JF JIFFY 2021 STthecat Originally Luz, rebranded as a subsidiary of Jiffy as JiffyAir in 2022
KaloroAir Logo.png
AK KALORO 2017 Needn_NL Originally Air Kirdé, rebranded as Kaloro Air 2018
Kangaroo Air no logo available KA KANGAROO 2018 TheGreenKangaroo
LA LARLAT 2019 Vickiposa
Lumeva Airlink
FT FLYTREE 2020 ktkren777 Originally ForesneAir 2019, renamed 2020
MI MICHIGANA 2018 mi_aquamarine
MRT Airlines no logo available MT MINECART N/A LightingMC Originally Virgin Genesis
HS HIGHSPEED 2018 CaptainObi Part of MRTHS Group
National Airlines
NA NATIONAL 2017 frogggggg and ModernArt Merger between GreyAir and FernAir in 2017
Nex Airlines no logo available NX NATEXPRESS 2016 frogggggg Only operates seaplanes; aircraft devision defunct
Nexus Airlines
NE NEXUS 2015 MindBender15
NX Connect Airlines NX NXC AIR SCAF 2023 Nexurian NXC Air vehicles fly themselves.
Oceanic Langus Airways
AL Logo.png
OL REDWOOD 2018 CodyHM and MaxStewartS Merge between Oceanic Airways and Aer Langus in 2018, rebranded as OLA. Part of SEAT
Ray Airlines
RA SUNRAY 2019 __OM3GA__ and Wipeout111
RedWave Airways RW REDWAVE 2015 Katla Originally RedJet Airways 2015, renamed 2016
Sandy Air no logo available SN SANDY 2018 Frosty_Creeper10 Subsidiary of FlyCreeper
SkyTrans logo.png
ST SKYTRANS 2016 camelfantasy Owned by Fantasia Inc.
Southeastern Airways
Southeastern Airways Logo.png
SE SOUTHEASTERN 2021 transitmatt
South Weast Airlines SW SOUTHWEAST 2015 jphgolf4321 Originally called UtopiAir 2015
South Weast Charter SC WEASTCHARTER 2016 Narnia17 Originally called UtopiAir Charter 2015
Spirit Airlines NK SPIRITWINGS 2018 _Kastle and woorich999
StevAir Image not available SV STEVAIR
  • New Mayton City International Airport
2022 __Steve_n__
Transoceanique Air Lines Transoceanique Air Lines.png TQ TRANSOCEAN 2022 _Lego_, Tonster__
AM AIRMESA N/A hvt2011
Union Airways
UA UNION 2020 ondist
UtopiAir UA UTOPIA N/A hvt2011
ViaFly logo.png
VF ROSE 2020 PaintedBlue Operates flights between major airports.
Equinox SeaLink
ViaFly Connector Logo.png
  • None at the moment
2020 PaintedBlue A subsidiary of ViaFly that operates seaplane flights between cities.
Equinox Rapid
VR ROSE 2020 PaintedBlue A subsidiary of ViaFly that operates feeder flights to main airports from smaller cities.
WP WAYPOINT 2013 RacCort Originally Infinity Airlines 2013, merged with Italiani Volanti to form Eastern Airways 2014, rebranded as Waypoint 2018. Part of Waypoint Group
Waypoint CitiLiner
WC WAYPOINT 2018 RacCort Part of Waypoint Group
Waypoint Hopper
WH WAYPOINT 2020 RacCort Originally SkyWest Airlines 2014. Part of Waypoint Group
Defunct Airlines
Airline Logo IATA Callsign Hub(s) Founded CEO Fate
Air Peach AP PEACH 2014 bestmate66 and kiwirainbow Merged with Notalis to form Caelus 2018
Air2There A2 AIRTOTHERE 2015 techladdie Absorbed into AirLinQ 2016
Birchwood Airways BW BIRCHWOOD 2014 sesese9 Absorbed into AirLinQ 2016
Deadbush Air Service DA DEADBUSH 2018 MojangChan Absorbed into Waypoint 2020
Eastern Airways EA EASTERN 2013 RacCort, mine_man, PtldKnight Filed for bankruptcy, absorbed into Waypoint 2018. Remaining flights became part of Waypoint Hopper 2020
JetMeridia Logo.png
  • None
2020 PaintedBlue Merged with Equinox, then ViaFly.
Siletz Central Airlines SC SILETZ 2016 Antiversace Absorbed into National Airlines 2020
Helicopter Airlines
Airline Logo Callsign Hub(s) Founded CEO Notes
AT 2018 crimsonf0x Helicopter airline
Air Kanata Helicopters
AK AKA 2022 Spegit007 Subsidiary of Air Kanata.

List of aircraft crashes

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  • Sometime in late 2014, an IntraJet NG Mini 2.0 operating Intra flight 2 flew into stormy weather and crashed west of Esitasi. Both pilots on board survived with minor injuries. The cause of the crash was determined to be a loss of control resulting from the storm. Thunderstorms on the MRT have a tendency to cause severe damage to aircraft, and until very recently, it was common practice to fly around a storm or cancel a flight until the storm has passed.


  • Sometime in 2015, RedWave flight 1, a BTBplane, got caught in a storm and attempted to make a detour to Whitechapel. Air traffic lost contact, and the aircraft stalled into the ground in massive rain and winds, disintegrating into a fireball and killing all 15 on board. Once again, a loss of control plus heavy winds from a storm were to blame.
  • On February 2, IntraAir Boutique flight 12, an IntraJet NG Mini 2.0, crashed while on approach to Zaquar Ménage et Trois Regional Airport, killing 8 people on board and injuring many more. The cause of the crash was determined to be pilot error, as the aircraft was almost 500 feet below the glideslope. It is still not known how the pilots missed the glideslope.


  • On September 18, IntraAir flight 42, an IntraJet NG Mini 2.0, was impacted by a drone on approach to Whitechapel Sky Harbour, causing severe damage to the gear and parts of the gear to be ingested by the right engine, causing it to flame out. The aircraft made a safe landing at Whitechapel with minor injuries. Notable people on that flight included chiefbozx, future head admin of the server. Footage of the crash can be found here.
  • On October 12, IntraAir flight 41, an IntraJet NG Oak, suffered a navigational failure, and spiralled into a highway mear Wampanoag, causing it to burst into flames and kill everyone on board. The crash was determined to be an instrumental error, and Intra grounded all aircraft for a week to update software in the instruments.


  • On September 29, FernAir flight 7, a Boeing 747-8, impacted a mountain 300 meters south of Fort Yaxier's runway 36R. The cause has been determined to be a contaminated refueling pipe leading to a mid-air explosion shortly after takeoff and a loss of all aircraft control. There were 74 fatalities and 128 injuries.
  • On October 6, IntraAir flight 46, an IntraJet NG Mini 2.0, was hijacked by members of the Free State of Kitania, and all passengers were taken hostage, one of them being famous gameshow host MinecraftYoshi26. The passengers were rescued later in December by the KIA. According to IntraAir, IntraAir flight 46 is sitting in the BART carrier next to Zaquar.
  • On December 1, GreyAir flight 106, an ADZ II550 Citationjet, stalled into the ocean after the no. 2 engine seperated from the aircraft on approach to Wazamawazi. All 11 passengers were killed, but the pilot later died in hospital. A book on the crash was made called "Pull Up, Terrain: GrayAir 106".
  • On December 20, Eastern Airways flight 3, an EAM X-500, returned to Epsilon International after the left engine shut down mid-flight. The problem lay in the engines, one of the many problems plaguing the SubJet engines used on the aircraft, where a faulty part failed after a certain amount of time, causing the engine to shut down. The problem was rectified on all EAM X-500s.


  • (info on IA2)
  • (info on IA66 and BA43)


  • (info on NA8)


  • Throughout 2020, there have been many onsets of SI-A-100 and SI-A-300 engine failures, after, once again, an issue with the SubJet engines that had plagued Eastern flight 3 three years before.
    • On 8 January, FlyCreeper flight 21, an SI-A-100 operating between Freedon and St Roux suffered a failure of the right hand engine shortly after departure. The aircraft turned back and landed safely after successfully restarting the engine.
    • On 29 January, Lunaria flight 750, an SI-A-300 operating between Sunshine Coast and Kanto suffered a left engine failure on approach to Kanto. The aircraft continued and landed safely at Kanto, where it was stored for two days. This flight was the one that started the investigation against the SubJet engines
    • On 13 July, Waypoint flight 148, an SI-A-300 operating between Kanto and Airchester, suffered a catastrophic right hand engine failure on approach. Parts of the engine blew off and began spilling fuel and liquid into the air. As the aircraft touched down, the engine caught alight, and the fire warning ran in the cockpit. The crew decided to declare a Mayday, and told everyone to prepare for evacuation. There were only two minor injuries during evacuation, as well as a fireman who was burnt. The aircraft was written off.
    • On 13 November, ViaFly flight 2 operating an SI-A 300 on a routine flight from Murrville to Deadbush suffered an engine failure. The right engine of the aircraft shut down unexpectedly mid flight. The pilot managed to safely divert the flight to Fort Yaxier International and landed the plane successfully with no casualties reported. The issue is currently being looked into.
    • Similar failures were reported on airlines such as Michigana and LARLAT.
  • (info on NA16)
  • (info on SA57)
  • On August 5, a FlyJeomto plane, while making an approach in Marisol, couldn't avoid a tree near the runway.