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Flag of Walczaka.png
Flag of Walczaka
Deputy MayorHarborRandom852
Town recognition
Date foundedMay 8, 2022
Date recognized as CouncillorOctober 29, 2022
Town hall coordinates-28182 68 -4909
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 7
Rail facilitiesWalczaka Centralna
Local transitW-Net
Political affiliations
Population47,369 (2022 census)

Walczaka is a town owned by STthecat, located west of Cypress and Alvingdale. The town was founded on May 8, 2022 and is a part of Sequoia.


In early 2022, after Stone Bay joined the then-DP City Council, president STthecat realised that the government had towns in the northern, southern and eastern parts of the New World, but it did not have a presence in the west. STthecat had attempted to build a town next to Idk back in late 2021, but it never materialised. However, ST was once again interested in doing so, thus on May 8, 2022 he founded the town of Walczaka, named after a country that he made in a former Minecraft server, Aviaworld.

Walczaka was intended to be a major departure from ST's usual building style, as it has a larger emphasis on cycling routes modelled after Tung Wan and Bristol and that its tram system is cart-based unlike the warp systems used in Dogwood and Parkland.

Development of Walczaka was initially slow mainly due to ST focusing on getting Parkland to Senator and later Governor at the time and building the Greater East Plains International Airport, although it did get promoted to Councillor on October 29, 2022. However, in early 2024, Walczaka gradually began in surge in development and is currently ST’s main project towards Governor.



The first district built in Walczaka, Wilczak serves as the downtown commercial district of the town, consisting of mainly European-style shophouses and corner stores, inspired by Warsaw’s Old Town. It also houses Walczaka’s city hall and some Sequoian governmental buildings.


Kopernika is the central business district of Walczaka, housing the headquarters and local offices of numerous corporations. Kopernika also serves as a major transport hub in central Walczaka due to the location of Walczaka Centralna railway station, where commuter rail and West Zeta Rail services stop at.

Name/Tenant Address Type Notes
WN Tower 1 Centrum Blvd Office Based off the real-life Imperia Tower in Moscow, Russia
Second iteration of the original DPCC World HQ in Parkland
Zlotory Place 2 Centrum Blvd Office
Stop n' Slep Walczaka Centralna 5 Centrum Blvd Commercial
WIM Center 2 Copernicus St Mixed
Walczaka Spire 4 Copernicus St Office Based off the real-life Warsaw Spire in Warsaw, Poland
RUBY22 7 Copernicus St Mixed

Park Leśny




Walczaka has yet to have any air connections, however a heliport in the Aleja district is planned. The [Senator] airfield, Walczaka Olivia Wachowska International Airport (WOW), is also being planned.


The Walczaka Centralna railway station serves as the main railway station in Walczaka and is located in Kopernika, which will be served by JiffyRail, West Zeta Rail, Luna and W-Net commuter rail services.


All intracity public transport services (bus, metro and commuter rail) are operated under the W-Net brand, where its services are contracted to operators.