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Aerial view of Union at sunset
Flag of Parkland.png
Flag of Parkland
Deputy Mayor_Cylian
City recognition
Date foundedJuly 25, 2021
Date recognized as CouncillorNovember 23, 2021
Date recognized as MayorDecember 8, 2021
Date recognized as SenatorJuly 1, 2022
Town hall coordinates18070 80 7108
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 3
RegionGreater East Plains
MRT P57  Parkland - Union Station
Road connectionsB333
Air facilitiesParkland Frampton Airfield
Bus facilitiesParkland Union Station
Rail facilitiesParkland Union Station
Local transitCapitol Transit
Landmark(s)Galaxy Needy
Political affiliations
Greater East Plains
Population180,368 (2022 census)

Parkland is the capital city of Sequoia, located at P57 on the MRT Plains Line, east of Hannibal and north-west of Berkeley. With a 2022 population of 180,368, it is the fourth-largest city in the Greater East Plains and most populous city in Sequoia. The city was founded on July 25, 2021 by STthecat. The city is Senator as of July 1, 2022.


On July 14, 2021, Dogwood mayor STthecat applied for a bid for P57 station of the newly completed MRT Plains Line Extension 4. This caused speculations that Dogwood would have slowed down development and a new second town would be formed.

Parkland was subsequently founded on the parcel of land on July 25, 2021, just hours after it was allocated to STthecat at the July 2021 ISM. The town indeed made significant development for the next few days with the construction of the new Mall of Plains, which was Magnolia's attempt to building a large outlet mall in the southeastern part of the New World. At this point, STthecat decided to pause development on Dogwood, which soon became the "Lilygrove" of the DP City Council.

On November 23, 2021, Parkland was promoted to Councillor, followed by a promotion to Mayor by Frumple on December 8th. Soon after achieving Mayor, Parkland gradually surged in development, and on June 17, 2022, STthecat submitted Parkland for Senator. Parkland was unanimously approved for promotion by a vote of 7-0 on July 1st and Parkland Frampton Airfield was pasted in the following day.

After Parkland's promotion to Senator, development became stagnated although there were attempts to expand the city. However, the Parkland city government announced the Capital 2024 project in September 2023 for the city's goal towards Governor and beyond and potentially become one of the largest cities in the Greater East Plains region in the long run. Since then, work towards the rank of Governor has been accelerating.

Districts and neighbourhoods


The Capital is the first district planned to be built in Parkland, which will house several high-rise buildings and embassies in the city, the headquarters of DP City Council and several international rail connections.

Topanga Square

Topanga Square is the first neighbourhood built in the Capital district, which are mostly entertainment buildings and shopping malls. The centerpiece of Topanga Square is one of the largest malls in the MRT, Mall of Plains. In its lore, the district used to be a hangout area for hippies before it was turned into a modern entertainment area.

Building Name Address Type Builder Date Completed
Mall of Plains 1 Embassy Boulevard Regional Shopping Mall Various 18th December 2021 (official)
LBC Parkland Plaza 3 Embassy Boulevard Office STthecat 19th October 2021
Topanga Square Transit Center TBA Transit Center STthecat 8th August 2021


Embassy is the second neighbourhood built in the Capital, home to the world headquarters of DP City Council and several embassies belonging to cities in the MRT.

Building Name Address Type Builder Date Completed
Embassy PAX Station 4 Embassy Boulevard Light Rail Station STthecat 18th October 2021
Parkland Town Hall 5 Embassy Boulevard Town Hall STthecat 22nd October 2021
Parkland Embassy of Dogwood 7 Embassy Boulevard Embassy STthecat 23rd October 2021
Parkland Embassy of Calgary 9 Embassy Boulevard Embassy PDPlays07 23rd December 2021
DP City Council World Headquarters 3 Dogwood Street Office STthecat 4th November 2021
Parkland Courthouse 4 Dogwood Street Courthouse STthecat 23rd October 2021
Velterro 2 Cornwall Street Gas Station STthecat 13th March 2022


Union is the third district in the Capital built, which serves as the core downtown and central business district area of the city. Union is centered upon Broadway, a major road which meets up with Main Street at the eponymous Union Square, which features the city’s landmark, the Galaxy Needy. Union also provides rail connections at Parkland Union Station, which serves as a hub for JiffyRail and an intermediate stop on the MRT Plains Line.

Building Name Address Type Builder Date Completed
Parkland Union Station N/A Railway Station STthecat 21st December 2021
1 Variety Avenue 1 Variety Avenue Office STthecat TBA
TBA 1 Spegit Avenue Office STthecat 16th June 2022
Jiffy Plaza 1 Aindrigo Street Office STthecat 11th June 2022
Union Medical Center 1 Medical Avenue Hospital STthecat 17th June 2022
Galaxy Needy N/A Landmark STthecat 7th May 2022

Little Miu Wan

Little Miu Wan serves as a near replica of Miu Wan in the Capital area, located next to the Union district. The builds will mostly consist of low-rise shophouses and commercial developments themed to Miu Wanian buildings.

Cedar Hill

Located next to both Topanga Square and Union districts, Cedar Hill is the only neighbourhood in the area to be mostly concentrated on residential developments. Local GEP Broadcasting stations NPAR-AM, NEWS-FM and NEWS-DT are also based in Cedar Hill. Cedar Hill's name is derived from Capitol Hill in Seattle and a street name in the Roblox game Brookhaven.

Tenant Address Type Date Completed
Cedar Hill Square 1 Cedar Crescent Residential 29th May 2022
TBA 2 Cedar Crescent Residential 29th May 2022
TBA 3 Cedar Crescent Residential 29th May 2022
TBA 2 Primrose Way Residential 31st May 2022
TBA 3 Primrose Way Residential 31st May 2022
TBA 4 Primrose Way Residential 31st May 2022
TBA 5 Primrose Way Residential 31st May 2022
TBA 1 Woodcrest Lane Residential 29th May 2022
TBA 2 Woodcrest Lane Residential 29th May 2022
TBA 3 Woodcrest Lane Residential 29th May 2022
TBA 4 Woodcrest Lane Residential 29th May 2022
Matilda Strip Mall 1-2 Matilda Street Shopping Mall 4th July 2022
TBA 3 Matilda Street Residential 29th November 2022
TBA 4 Matilda Street Residential 29th November 2022
Cedar Hill Middle School 1 Oswald Lane School TBA
transitmatt 2 Oswald Lane Residential 26th March 2023
TBA 3 Oswald Lane Residential 26th March 2023


Developed on land originally intended for the northern part of the Union neighbourhood and Parkland’s cancelled Governor airport, Mallard will consist of a mix of medium to high-rise residential and commercial developments. The name is a pun on the real-life Ballard district in Seattle and also refers to the species of duck. It is planned to be the sixth and final neighbourhood to be built in the Capital district.

Building Name Address Type Builder Date Completed
Mallard Square 1 Cylian Street Mixed-Use STthecat 9th November 2022


Frampton is a mostly suburban district, home to American suburbia and low-rise public housing. The district is centered around Frampton Valley, which dried up prior to the land being used for housing. The southern portion of the district is the eponymous neighbourhood, while the northern portion is Magville, a housing and lifestyle development by Magnolia. All builds in this district are built by STthecat unless otherwise stated.


The neighbourhood of Frampton is the centerpiece of the district of the same name, home to cul-de-sacs, American tract housing and Parkland's upcoming airfield. It takes some traits from the Crown Pointe district in STthecat's previous city, Dogwood, as well as inspiration from Mercer Island in the real life Puget Sound.

Tenant Address Type Date Completed
Parkland Frampton Airfield (PFR) 1 Airfield Way Airport 24th November 2021 (heliport)
2nd July 2022 (airfield)
TBA 1 Aspen Drive Residential 21st November 2021
TBA 2 Aspen Drive Residential 21st November 2021
TBA 3 Aspen Drive Residential 24th November 2021
transitmatt 4 Aspen Drive Residential 25th November 2021
TBA 5 Aspen Drive Residential 27th November 2021
TBA 6 Aspen Drive Residential 28th November 2021
TBA 7 Aspen Drive Residential 27th November 2021
TBA 8 Aspen Drive Residential 29th November 2021
TBA 9 Aspen Drive Residential 17th September 2023
TBA 1 Stapleton Court Residential 26th November 2021
Spegit007* 2 Stapleton Court Residential 27th November 2021
St. Blossoms Church of Ruffism* 1 Conroy Street Church 28th November 2021
(relocated on 16th September 2023)

(*) Fully or partially built by PDPlays07. See in-game for details.


A planned community development by Magnolia Estate which in lore was developed in the early 1960s, Magville is the northern and older district of the Frampton neighbourhood, featuring some low-rise housing but populated by high-rise apartments and commercial buildings. The district is both inspired by STthecat's cousin's hometown in the United States and the original EPCOT concept envisioned in the 1960s.

Tenant Address Type Date Completed
McRae Elementary School* 1 McRae Hill School 4th December 2021
TBA 2 McRae Hill Residential 7th December 2021
TBA 3 McRae Hill Residential 8th December 2021
TBA 4 McRae Hill Residential 9th December 2021
TBA 5 McRae Hill Residential 10th December 2021
TBA 6 McRae Hill Residential 11th December 2021
TBA 7 McRae Hill Residential 11th December 2021
TBA 8 McRae Hill Residential 12th December 2021

(*) Fully or partially built by PDPlays07. See in-game for details.


Southgate is a commercial suburban district, home to the largest power center in Parkland, Southgate Center.


Primrose is a neighbourhood that features a unique road planning design, with most commercial developments located along Primrose Way and residential developments clustered around the area. The district consists of mainly low to medium-rise buildings.


Southgate is the centerpiece of the namesake district, as its name implies, the Southgate Center occupies majority of the neighbourhood.




Parkland is currently served by the Parkland Frampton Airfield (PFR), which is a destination for Sandstone Airr helicopters and was built in November 2021 as a heliport. The heliport was integrated after the airfield opened in July 2022. A larger airport, the Greater East Plains International Airport which will serve the Greater East Plains, is currently planned by the Airports of the GEP (AOG) for [Governor].


Parkland Union Station, located at Union district, provides rail connections to and from the city. The station is a hub for JiffyRail and served by Iwakanai Express.


Parkland is served by the B333 which connects the city with Berkeley, and was built as part of the Parkland Bypass project in June 2022.

Intercity bus services are currently served by various bus companies out of the Union Station Bus Terminal.



Parkland's Capitol Transit serves the city with a comprehensive bus network under the name CTMetro. Current services, in addition to conventional bus routes, include Vanpool minibus services.

Light rail


Capitol Transit also operates light rail, branded as the Parkland Area Express (PAX). The current PAX system consists of two light rail lines, which branch off at Topanga Square. PAX uses CylianTransport-designed Reimagined EvoCity vehicles, the same light rail model used in Dogwood.