Creeperville Station

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Creeperville Station
Location 1 Chuo-Minami, Chuo, Creeperville
Operated by FrostyRail
Four Seasons Railways
Fred Rail
Veolia Railways
Connections 2 bus terminals
Other information
Station code N/A
Opened as MRT Station October 2016
Opened as warp station Not yet :P

Creeperville Station (クレプルビール駅 Creeperville-eki) is a railway station located in the Chuo-Minami district of Chuo, Creeperville.

Served by multiple intercity lines, Creeperville Station is the main intercity railway station in Creeperville. It's the busiest in the North Coast region by number of trains per day and one of the busiest in terms of passenger throughput.


Creeperville Station is planned to be served by the following lines:

We are no longer accepting track requests though requests for buses are still open. If you'd like to request a space for your bus route, please place it on the talk page and it will be accommodated as best as possible.

The station is also linked to 2 bus terminals, forming the largest integrated transport hub in the North Coast Metropolitan Area.

Station Layout

The station façade is a glass and concrete structure meant to symbolize nature co-existing with urban development. Platforms 1-6 are the original MRT platforms that are north-south. Platforms 7-28 are north-south third-party platforms located on the 3rd basement level. Platforms 29-32 are east-west third-party platforms located on the 2nd basement level but are accessed by going through the 1st basement level.

1 Northern Line MRT services for Nippia, Quiris and Foobar
2 Northern Line Terminating MRT services
3 Northern Line Terminating MRT services
4 Northern Line MRT services for St. Anna, Ravenna and Foobar
5 Northern Line Terminating MRT services
6 Northern Line Terminating MRT services
7 Winterside Line FrostyRail services for Winterside Downtown

Adjacent Stations

The stations adjacent to Creeperville have not been determined yet as none of the lines have been built.


Creeperville Station started as a station built by CortesiRaccoon on the original section of the MRT Northern Line between NE3 and NE18.

In March 2017, Frosty_Creeper10 found the station while he was on his journey to find an unclaimed MRT station. At the time, the area around the station was a hilly swamp that seemed a terrible place to start a city in.

As the town developed, rebuilding the tiny, out-of-place station was coming closer and closer. Eventually, when Creeperville finally got Mayor in August 2017, reworking of the station started.

At first, the station was meant to be based on Owari-Ichinomiya Station on the Tokaido Main Line in Ichinomiya, Aichi, Japan but _AngelKevin_ pointed out that it would look very bland and grey and said that he had an idea that Frosty_Creeper10 would like much better. He laid out the outlines and the station's walls were built. _AngelKevin_ had to leave soon after though so the station stayed in that half-built state until September 2017 when Aliksong took the task of building the station roof. The roof was built with copious amounts of beacons that couldn't have been placed without Alik's help.

After the roof was completed, the station stayed like that for a few more months with small adjustments here and there until January 2018 when Frosty_Creeper10 realised that Creeperville's transport was in terrible shaped and needed to be overhauled. This included finishing unfinished projects like Creeperville Station. He recruited the help of SoSo123 to build the basement levels which contained the lower concourse and platforms. In the span of a few weeks, they managed to complete the ticket hall.

Currently, the platforms are under construction and soon, the station will be complete. It'll always be worked on though so this section will continually expand :D