Dabecco Regional Airport

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Dabecco Regional Airport
Airport type Airfield
Owner/Operator City of Dabecco
Serves Dabecco
Location Northwest New World
Hub for SkyTrans
Focus city for FreeAir
Built June 18-19, 2017
In use June 20, 2017 - present
Direction Length Surface
ft m
09/27 325 99 Black stained clay

Dabecco Regional Airport is a controlled airport in Dabecco. It is owned and operated by the city.


At the June 2017 GSM, it was revealed that Sirots got Senator for Dabecco. Although EliteNeon was originally supposed to manage the construction of the airport, the city administration later decided to change management of the project to camelfantasy.

The airport was constructed between June 19 and June 20 of 2017, and it began operations on June 20, 2017. It is situated between stations  F9  and  F8  of the MRT Forest Line, and airlines operate out of the two terminals, located on opposite sides of the runway. Each terminal has 5 plane gates and 4 helipad gates.

In January 2019, an underground tunnel was built, connecting the two terminals. Also, an air traffic control tower was constructed at the traffic circle leading to the residential district.

Getting to the Airport

Roads surrounding DBC were constructed to work with terminal entrances. Regardless of what terminal a passenger is heading to, all drivers must use the Main Street road that connects with B Street (the other road that runs by the airport is a one way road that has barriers blocking people from driving down it). B Street will become Main Street and begin to slope down slightly. At the bottom of the slope is the entrance to Terminal 2. For passengers heading to Terminal 1, turn right, and when you reach the roundabout, turn on to the first road, which will also be Main Street. Just before you reach the second roundabout, there will be a walkway to the Terminal 1 entrance. Passengers may also park at either terminal and then choose to use the underground tunnel to connect to the other terminal.

Directional signs are also posted around roads, and they will help guide you to terminals. If you encounter any issues regarding directions of roads or how to get to a terminal, please contact the Director of Public Works for Dabecco.


Terminal 1 serves gates 1-5 and helipad gates H1-H4. Terminal 2 serves gates 6-10 and helipad gates H5-H8.

Gate Airline Destination
Terminal 1
1 IntraAir Western Ocean International Airport
2 LARLAT Airways Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
3 FlyArctic Vegeta
4 Vermilion Airways Atlanta Airport
5 Vermilion Airways North Haven
H1 FreeAir Stoneedge
H2 eccoAir Central City Heliport
H3 SkyTrans Union of Central Western Territories International Airport
H4 SkyTrans Fort Yaxier International Airport
Terminal 2
6 South Weast Charter Anthony Fokker Regional Airport
7 Segville Air Segville International
8 Eastern Airways Elecna Bay International Airport
9 FreeAir Titsensaki Regional Airport
10 Ventus d.b.a IntraAir Espil Ecilidae Airport
H5 Heampstead Charter Heampstead Heliport
H6 FreeAir Central City Heliport
H7 Infamous Airlines Bakersville Fairfield Airfield
H8 SkyTrans Kantō Airfield


Requests are no longer being accepted - all gates and helipads are occupied!