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hvt's Arcade

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hvt's Arcade
First hvt's Arcade in Tranquil Forest exterior.png
The first hvt's Arcade in Tranquil Forest
Date foundedJanuary 2, 2018
Years active2018–2021
Corporate structure
Current owner(s)hvt2011
No. of locations86[a]

Hvt's Arcade (stylized as hvt's Arcade) is an arcade franchise founded by hvt2011 on January 2, 2018.

hvt2011 announced on June 15, 2021, that no new locations were going to be built; however, existing arcades would continued to be maintained and upgraded.


The interior of the first hvt's Arcade in Tranquil Forest

hvt2011 is a big fan of Dance Dance Revolution and arcades and wanted a method to generate income. On January 2, 2018, he gathered a few of his friends in Tranquil Forest to create some machines for the first hvt's Arcade. Armor stands were put inside the first location as a joke, but were not copied to other locations.

After 84 locations were sold, hvt2011 announced that no more new arcade locations would be built on June 15, 2021. To continue to generate income from the franchise, upgrade kits, which included the new Dance Dance Revolution 20th anniversary gold machine, and an upgrade to TFM Simulator to be the latest year's version, were created to be sold to existing arcade owners.

On July 10, 2021, hvt2011 constructed a joke "Oops" location in the Ilirea Transit Center.

On November 4, 2022, hvt2011 constructed an additional arcade at Los Angeles-Farwater Union Station and named it Location Extra, after the stage naming system in Dance Dance Revolution. The naming system of locations begins with a numeric sequence and continues to a "Final Stage" and an "Extra Stage". Despite there being an Encore Extra Stage in Dance Dance Revolution, hvt2011 has stated that he has no plans to create an "Encore Extra" location.


The arcade has four main types: Single, Double, Mall, and Custom. Singles are replicas of the original version in Tranquil Forest. Doubles are locations with two floors. Mall locations are located inside a mall. Custom locations are created to fit the specific locations. The pricing of each arcade location was based on the number of machines installed in the location. Doubles DDR A3 PLUS Machines costed $4 each, Singles DDR A3 Machines costed $2 each, while all other machines costed $1.

A standalone "Oops" version was created as a one-off in Ilirea. It has no arcade machines and only contains a pressure plate on a redstone lamp that patrons can step on.

Arcade machines

Arcade machines found at hvt's Arcade locations vary based on their type.

Custom locations

Custom locations do not have a consistent selection of machines at each location and vary. Every custom location does include at least one DanceDance Revolution machine.

Upgrade kits

Existing arcades can be upgraded with upgrade kits. An upgrade kit allows existing arcade owners to upgrade their smaller machines, like TFM Simulator to the latest version. It also replaces white DanceDance Revolution cabinets with the newer gold variant. The cabinets of DanceDance Revolution continue to receive free automatic updates to the latest version, if possible. Upgrade kits for existing arcades cost $7 for single locations, $11 for double locations, and varied prices for custom locations.


Double hvt's Arcade in Seoland
Custom hvt's Arcade in Itokani

hvt's Arcade has 86 locations. Store types are listed in parentheses. The following list of locations is in order of which they were created:

  1. Tranquil Forest (Single)
  2. Moramoa (Single)
  3. Vermilion (Single)
  4. Utopia (Single)
  5. Victoria (Custom)
  6. Tranquil Forest (Double)
  7. Richville (Single)
  8. Murrville (Single)
  9. New Bakersville City (Mall)
  10. Northgate (Single)
  11. New Acreadium (Mall)
  12. Zerez (Single)
  13. New Windsor (Single)
  14. Tenepi (Single)
  15. Wythern (Single)
  16. Sunrise Park (Single)
  17. Southport (Single)
  18. Eden (Custom)
  19. Northberg (Single)
  20. Mason City (Single)
  21. Bronte (Single)
  22. Eagleshore (Single)
  23. New Bakersville City (Custom)
  24. New Bakersville City (Single)
  25. Coruscant (Mall)
  26. Laclede (Single)
  27. Scarborough (Single)
  28. Paixton (Single)
  29. East Spruce (Single)
  30. Whiteley (Mall)
  31. Waterville (Single)
  32. Schillerton (Custom)
  33. Nymphalia (Mall)
  34. Deadbush (Single)
  35. Kyoto (Custom)
  36. Hummingbird Islands (Mall)
  37. Albany (Double)
  38. Cactus River (Single)
  39. Peripotamia (Single)
  40. Birchwood (Single)
  41. Seoland (Double)
  42. Antioch (Double)
  43. Sunshine Coast (Double)
  44. Kevtropolis (Double)
  45. Kyoto (Single)
  46. Dekuville (Double)
  47. Mojangsburg (Double)
  48. Weston (Mall)
  49. Larkspur (Double)
  50. Merchant City (Custom)
  51. Totem Beach (Single)
  52. Venceslo (Double)
  53. Carnoustie (Mall)
  54. New Gensokyo (Double)
  55. New Acreadium (Mall)
  56. Victoria (Mall)
  57. Sansberg (Single)
  58. Valence (Double)
  59. Espil (Custom)
  60. Taiga Hills (Double)
  61. Endor (Custom)
  62. Euphorial (Double)
  63. Seuland (Custom)
  64. Washingcube (Double)
  65. Creeperville (Single)
  66. Shadowpoint (Double)
  67. Presidio (Single)
  68. Northberg (Custom)
  69. Segav Sal (Custom)
  70. Hannibal (Custom)
  71. Gillmont (Double)
  72. Anthro Island (Double)
  73. Itokani (Custom)
  74. Verdstrand (Double)
  75. San Dzobiak (Mall)
  76. Thunderbird (Double)
  77. Keriyowna (Double)
  78. Bean City (Double)
  79. Redwood (Custom)
  80. Sansvikk (Single)
  81. Funnyland (Double)
  82. Cypress (Single)
  83. Boberton (Single)
  84. Hamblin (Single)[c]
  85. Ilirea (Oops)[d]
  86. Farwater[e] (Custom)[f]


  1. This count includes one location deemed "unofficial".
  2. a b At select locations
  3. Branded as location "Final"
  4. "Unofficial" location branded as location "Oops"
  5. Branded as being located in Los Angeles
  6. Branded as location "Extra"