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The MRT Games (MRT Winter Games and MRT Summer Games when events come around) is a bi-annual event planned by frogggggg. The naming of the event depends on the season of the host, but it is always winter or summer in the title. Founded in 2018, the MRT Winter Games had been running for 3 years in a row, and the first MRT Summer Games is to come this June/July in Cape Cambridge.

Host Cities

City Host Date
Creeperville Frosty_Creeper10 January 2019
Carnoustie CaptainObi February 2020
Dand Conric005 February 2021
Cape Cambridge PaintedBlue June/July 2021


Winter Games

- Spleef

- Soccer

- Rock Climbing

- Skiing

- Ice Sculpting

- Parkour

Summer Games

- Boat Racing

- Marathon

- Sumo wrestling

- Archery

- Cycling

- Parkour or Swimming

How to host

To apply for hosting, join the MRT Games Discord in #auxiliary-discords on the MRT Discord. When applications open, you can type in your city in #apply-to-host. If you make it past the first round, which is chosen based off of criteria, you will enter a voting stage where people can vote for who they want to host the event.

MRT Winter Spleef

The MRT Winter Spleef is a mini-event occasionally played between smaller cities so they can be given a chance to host something. The first and only Winter Spleef tournament was held in October of 2020 in Heaven City and Keriyowna. A grand total of 12 people participated in the tournament, and it was won by Wipeout111.


In all of the Games, MMS (Hightech_TR on Twitch) broadcasted the game on Twitch and later posted it to YouTube. In the 2021 MRT Winter Games in Dand, it was also broadcasted on YouTube by MBN.