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Image Coming VERY Soon
Town officials
Mayor bensismith
Deputy Mayor DevyySky
MRT  ZN31  Foobar
Rail RaiLinQ to Chalxior/Utopia
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates 2056, -14739
Founded February 2017
Town rank Unranked
World New, Epsilon

Pilmont is a town in the Epsilon expansion of the New World, founded by bensismith. It is currently unranked.


The town was intended to be a fresh start away from Freshney, the mayor's previous town. This means that it was originally roughly planned, something Freshney lacked. However, the scale used was unrealistic, many of the plans fell apart and the town returned to being developed on a semi-ad-hoc basis.

Transit History

The town originally had plans for buses, a metro, warp trains and cart trains to criss-cross the entire city. While the metro and warp trains survived, the buses were axed due to their inconvenience compared to the metro or a tram. Therefore, the bus lanes were replaced by a tram system and cycle lanes, before even the trams were dropped in favour of only having the metro.


There is a lack of buildings currently in Pilmont but there are plans to "rapidly" increase the size.

Standalone Franchises

If you own a franchise, Pilmont is looking for franchises of all shapes and sizes. Both pre-built and custom stores are welcome, with some potentially incorporated into other buildings such as apartments or offices. Contact bensismith by mail (or just ask when online) for details.

The list below details current franchises in Pilmont. Italics denotes a franchise under construction.

Town Hall

Constructed in the middle ages of the town, shortly after the Pillbury and Montgomery Shipping Company set up their new Pill-Mont Docks to the east of the current town. Construction began in brick, but a successor of the company decided to use sandstone to save construction costs. This can be also seen down the road with the sandstone Pill-Mont House.

Pilmont Elizabeth Interchange

Loosely modelled after stations such as Manchester Piccadilly (arched viaduct stations), the station was originally built in the steam era of warp trains. It had 2 platforms and a central reversal siding. When the railways and all other transport was made to be controlled by the town, the station was redeveloped to how it is today, with 3 platforms. There are also plans to create an extra 2 platforms, 10/11, underground to connect to New Acreadium Central Station and Chalxior Thondes.

The viaduct was planned to continue over the river but due to laws around construction of bridges at the time and the expensive and untested bridge type needed, it was abandoned. It took until other railway interests from the Mainland wanted to transit the Isthmus for the bridge to finally be finished.

Other Buildings

  • Cane Tower (under construction)
  • New Main St Complex (apartments/offices)
  • Pilmont Market (open air market)
  • Town Docks Ferry Terminal
  • Ice Block House (under construction)
  • Unnamed Dock Company building (under construction and planning)

Transport in/around Pilmont

Since this is a transit-based server, a lot of transport is available around Pilmont.


The town does have its own MRT station,  ZN31 , which acts as a local service connecting with the wider world on official (and free) transport. Due to Pilmont being under Mayor the station is not yet named.


Pilmont plans to eventually have a metro system to give access to most of the town.

PMet Red Line - Docks

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png 1 East Docks (planned) No connections
Dynmap Construction.png 2 Pilmont Elizabeth Interchange (under construction) Warp Trains to New World
Dynmap Construction.png 3 Town Hall (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png 4 Cliffs (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png 5 Island Docks (planned) No connections

Pilmont Elizabeth Interchange (Warp Trains)

RaiLinQ calls at PME with the Stoptrain from Utopia (via Laclede) and up to Chalxior. PTrains also hopes to run some local services, although there are no firm plans.


Within Pilmont, the P-1 is the main road that stretches from the Borderland to the East Docks, eventually linking to the P-2. This is planned to bridge over the river and connect the suburbs in the Hills.

Leaving Pilmont by road is currently impossible. It is likely that the road network will reach Pilmont soon since the A1 extension project has received approval. (although no construction has started)


The use of bikes is (fictitiously) encouraged with cycle lanes along many of the major streets.