Savage City

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RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png This city is a proud member of the Epsilonian Republic RepublicOfEpsilonFlag.png
Savage City
Savage City
Town officials
Mayor Weier
Deputy Mayor willowars
Other transit SCTN
Facts and figures
Population ?
Town hall coordinates ?
Founded November 26 2018
Town rank [Mayor]
World New
Ward(s) 8

Savage City (or, officially, the Principality of Savage City) is a city north of Vegeta, and south of Charlemagne and Willow. It is located next to the T46 station on the Taiga Line. It was founded on the 26th of November 2018 by Weier, and attained Mayor on the 13th of April, 2020.


Savage City is an organizational mess, and buildings go wherever Weier thinks there’s enough space for them to exist.

East Savage City

Eastern Savage City is defined by anything east of the MRT station. There is currently little to no development here, due to the Mega Taiga, which can be blamed for most of the space problems Savage City Faces.

Old Town

This district was created to preserve the buildings of old Savage City. No new development is allowed here, and the Old Town is a popular tourist attraction. The SCTN LRT Old Town station is right next to this tiny district, giving residents a direct connection to the other parts of the city.

Jupiter Motors Campus

This is a part of west Savage City, largely owned by Jupiter Motors, with factories and industrial development within.

History (Obviously made up)


Long before the first members arrived in the New World, mysterious deities called moderators and administrators, who served the almighty god Frumple, created a system of minecart transportation networks called the MRT, or minecart rapid transit. Several thousand years later, around 7000 BCE, several tribes of primitive hunter gatherers who roamed the sides of the MRT Taiga Line came together, and decided to form a permanent settlement at the T46 MRT station. They named it Savagia, which in traditional Savage, means “land of wilderness”, probably referencing to the unending and unforgiving Mega Taiga biome they had settled in. At the same time, a rival band of tribes formed Willow, 2 MRT Stations north, at T48.

Nation Founding

The Principality of Savagia was officially recognized as an independent sovereign entity managing the land west of T46, to the Gamma/Epsilonian border on the 18th of December, 746 AD, when the various city states around the area held a meeting to decide wether to invite this state to the council of nations, a meeting held every 4 years reserved only for the heads of officially recognized states around the area. The government was given legitimacy when the leaders of Willow, Charlemagne, YellowSpork, Sansberg, as well as the newly inducted Principality of Savagia signed the Treaty of Midnight, in the 41st council of nations meeting in Midnight District, Willow, which officially recognized the Principality of a Savagia as a “legitimate and independent governmental entity with sovereignty over the lands west of T46 MRT station to the Epsilonian border”. Since then, the territory under the rule of Savagia has grown constantly, into the city it is now today. It had established a system in which the population would vote on 8 delegates from each district of Savagia to aid an individual with the hereditary title of Prince. During this time, the people of Charlemagne had introduced English and French into Savagia, and therefore the language of traditional Savage became extinct. Savagia was translated into Savage, and that is now the name of the city today. It had also adopted the suffix of “City” as the prince at the time thought that the town was worthy of this prestige. They regularly traded with the people of Charlemagne, and the economy grew.

17th Century

During the 17th Century, most houses in the area were made out of wood and stone, as the geography of Savagia allowed it, and that Savage City exported wood to its neighbours, such as Charlemagne. This was a fire hazard (foreshadowing?) .

Charlemagne-Savagian War

The town of Vegeta had arisen during this time, however, the Government of Savage City was more concerned with the civil unrest that was spreading across the town. Charlemagne had, for the first time in hundreds of years, closed its borders off from Savage City, due to a new anti-Savagian government there. Charlemagne was a vital source of food for Savage City, and this move resulted in the great famine of 1839. Tousands of people died as a result, and mass anti-Charlemagne riots started. As retaliation, Savage City stopped supplying Charlemagne with the abundant pools of water it had within its borders, and dammed all the sources of water that lead into Charlemagne. On the night of the 12th of January, 1840, Assassins believed to have been under the service of the Charlemagne Special Operations Division killed the prince of Savage City, and the child of the prince, who was still 12, became the new prince of more than 137 thousand people at the time. When the previous princes before him had a foreign policy of neutrality and not fighting, this prince was different, perhaps since he was 12? Who knows. Anyways, even if the previous princes had employed policies of neutrality and peace, that didn't mean they didn't have militarized forces. With tensions growing on both sides, the child prince decided to make use them. On the 27th of January, only 2 days after his rushed coronation. Savage City deployed 4 Fast Boi divisions armed with bows and arrows, into Charlemagne. You see, Charlemagne specialized in intelligence and assassination, and therefore could not handle a surprise attack very well. They thought they were going to use the stone brick path that tunnels into the mountain, but instead they used a more worn out gravel path now known as Sansberg St. The fast boi riders then charged into Charlemagne, and burned it to the ground. It is one of the war atrocities that Savage City still refuses to recognize. The town forces had to focus on putting out the fire, instead of fighting off the invading forces. The riders dismounted at the town hall of Charlemagne, and, while pointing bows and iron swords at the mayor, Ayylion, they forced him to sign a treaty which forced the following:

Treaty of 1840
  1. Charlemagne will not have the authority to decide on whether they shall stop imports of essentials to Savage City.
  2. A new border is drawn further north, essentially cutting available space in Charlemagne in half.
  3. Charlemagne cannot launch an attack on Savage City for the next 50 years.

The treaty was then validated by a neutral party in the war, Willow, and thus came an end to the Charlemagne-Savagian War. with around ~1200 deaths directly inflicted and ~2200 more indirect victims.

Railroad Development Era


20th Century

20th century Savage City can be referred to as the most chaotic time period in the history of Savage City. In 1901, the already weak government in Charlemagne had collapsed. This had many implications on the surrounding area, as the delicate balance between states had been shattered. Starting in the night of the 12th of December, 1901, following the death of the long reigning mayor of Charlemagne, Ayylion, large amounts of French speaking Charlemagne citizens game rushing into Savage City, as French was recognized as an official language along side English. This was because, since Ayylion had no successor or heir to be mayor. 2 days after his death was announced to the public, cavalry forces from Willow closed in from the north, east, as well as west sides of Charlemagne from its puppet kingdom YellowSpork, as well as allied city Sansberg. Since it was clear that the citizens had no way of resisting, they fled south of the border and into Savage City. Long queues formed behind immigration desks, with the unlucky dying from starvation while waiting in line. On the 2nd of January, 1902, the Savage City Armed Forces crossed into Charlemagne, and occupied land all the way to Promenade du Station. On the 21st of March, 1921, the mayor of Willow, then the Union of Willow Districts, willowars, suddenly went missing. The regent at the time, deputy mayor CodyHM, wanted to merge Charlemagne with Willow, and so he reached a deal with the prince of Savage City, in which he promised to keep the status quo, which was to keep Charlemagne divided. This was the first time Savage City had its borders touch Willow, and so, after several rounds of negotiations, the representatives from both sides agreed to have the border drawn at roughly z=-8340. This deal was highly favourable to Savage City, increasing its total developable land area by nearly 30%.


Savage City is located in northwest Epsilon (Gamma maybe?)

Public Transport

The Savage City Transportation Network (SCTN) operates all public transport in the city. Various SCTN Buses and LRTs are provided by Jupiter Motors.


CTransit operates the Elevated rail from Charlemagne into Savage City. There is currently 1 line in operation, Line 1 from Charlemagne / Willow. Line 2 is currently being built and will be partially operated by SC authorities. Line 1 stops at Border Station and Old Town Station.


Main article: Savage City Metro

The Savage City Metropolitan Railway, or simply Savage City Metro, is a mass rapid transit system within the metropolitan areas of upper and lower Savage City. Known for its unique architecture and station design that reflects the district above it, it has grown into something that most Savagians cannot live without. It is mostly underground with 12 stations across 3 lines as well as additional ones being planned. Lines are identified on maps by number and colour, with the direction of travel indicated by the terminus.



W3 Ice Lake Street of the Willow numbered highway system takes a right turn and merges with regional road SC1, later turning into Highway SC101 of the Savage City numbered highway system.


This is a planned expressway that will access MRTHS Vegeta. It is built between an un-designated freeway to just west of MRTHS Vegeta with exits at First St and Sansberg St.

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Savage City
Savage City
Town officials
Mayor Weier
Deputy Mayor willowars
Town Councillors CodyHM as third in line to the city
MRT  T46  Foobar
Roadways Road connections, use Well, that didn't work!
Nearest airport Vegeta City Airfield, Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
Rail SEAT Savagebite Line
Other transit SCTN
Facts and figures
Population 267 872 (Fictional) Like, 3? (Real)
Town hall coordinates Coordinates of the town hall
Founded November 26 2018
Recognized as town Date town owner was recognized as a Councillor
Town rank [Mayor]
World New
Post codes ?
Political Party Epsilon Development Party
MPO Savage City is part of the following MPOs: Montego, Republic of Epsilon, Mojangstaat, The Commonwealth
Ward(s) 8
City Phone Code Specifies what area code of the Creeperville Telecommunications System is used by the city. ?

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