People's Republic of Montego

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People's Republic of Montego
Flag of the People's Republic of Montego.svg Seal of the People's Republic of Montego.png
Capital Deadbush
Official Languages English, Spanish, Russian
Demonym Montegan
Government Republic (De Jure) Authoritarian Military Dictatorship (De Facto)
Founding 2018
Total Area h
Cities 52
Overseas Territories Desertside, Eep, Johnston, Highveld, Montego in Birchwood, Iqaluit
President Echohue
Prime Minister megascatterbomb
Chair of the Supreme Council MojangChan
Supreme Commander of the Millitary Conric005
Population Over 9000
Currency Montegan Dollar
Date Format MM/DD/YYYY
Driving side Right

Montego, officially The People's Republic of Montego, is a federal state with many towns spread across the New World of the MRT. It is a major power, with nearly 40 cities, and by far the largest nation to ever exist on the MRT. The state functions as an MPO, with various member cities united under a strong central government. The government meets in the largest city and capital Deadbush, where all major government agencies are headquartered.

Founded in 2018 as the People's Republic of Sunshine Coast, the republic soon expanded to encompass other towns, and was incorporated as the Kaktus Republic in early 2019. In May 2019, the Kaktus Republic and Mojang Union, the two largest superpowers at the time, effectively became one megaempire of vast proportions.

The nation is a pioneer in many fields of industry and technology, with a massive economy centered in Deadbush. Tourists from around the MRT visit the southern city of Sunshine Coast for tropical vacations, and as such the nation has a high amount of revenue from tourism. Montego pioneered the field of climate science, and runs a worldwide MRT Climate Data Service which gathers climate data for foreign cities and towns.

Any cities who wish to join may apply on the talk page.



Many years ago, colonists from the overpopulated Old World migrated out to find the beautiful lands of the New World. Many cities were established in the center of the fertile lands, and population soon spread out into the more empty Epsilon Lands. In 2018, the city of Deadbush was founded, which grew into a world powerhouse.

Sunshine Coast

Meanwhile, the city of Sunshine Coast was founded, and this city also grew into a large and important city. Soon, president Echohue of Sunshine Coast declared it an independent republic. At the same time, Deadbush grew to massive scale, and former leader MojangChan declared the establishment of the Mojang Union.

Kaktus Republic

In early 2019, the Kaktus Republic was founded, and grew to a massive scale. It engaged in multiple foreign wars and gained territory across the MRT. Meanwhile, the Mojang Union slowly grew to become a major superpower alongside the Kaktus Republic.

Contemporary Era

In mid 2019, the Mojang Union and Kaktus Republic became one in the form of the People's Republic of Montego, the largest state to ever exist on the MRT. President Echohue hopes to make massive progress and advance the PRM to its glorious future as the leading nation of the world. Many projects have been proposed, including a massive freeway to the new capital, Deadbush, and many other infrastructure projects and other things.


The People's Republic of Montego is made up of over 30 cities, each with its own distinct climate and geography. The capital and largest city, Deadbush, is located in the Grand Mesa, but the nation is fairly evenly spread out across the MRT.


The climate of Montego varies wildly based on where you are. Generally, the southern parts of the country are fairly tropical, and the northern territories are far colder and (generally) wetter. Below are some examples of climates in Montego.

Climate data for Antioch
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 79
Average high °F (°C) 54.0
Daily mean °F (°C) 45.6
Average low °F (°C) 37.1
Record low °F (°C) 20
Average precipitation inches (mm) 2.78
Average precipitation days (≥ 0.01 in) 10 9 9 5 2 1 0 0 1 2 6 9 55
Source: Montego Department of Weather and Climate
Climate data for Frostbite
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 2.1
Average high °F (°C) −44.5
Daily mean °F (°C) −51.5
Average low °F (°C) −58
Record low °F (°C) −85.7
Average precipitation inches (mm) 0.2
Source #1: Frostbite Meteorological Archives and Research Center
Source #2: Montego Department of Weather and Climate

Government and Politics

System of Government

The system of government in Montego is that of a federal state, with a powerful central government but fairly independent states. Cities in Montego generally have freedom to do whatever, and can opt out of following any montego law. Cities controlled directly by the central government are Deadbush, also known as the Montegan Capital District, and the Special District of Sunshine Coast.


The Montegan Military is one of the most powerful forces on the MRT. It is subdivided into the Montegan Grand Army, the Montegan Grand Navy, and the Montegan Grand Airforce. The Army has over 150,000 combat ready troops, and if the country goes to war another 1.5 million people are ready to be drafted. The Grand Navy is fairly small currently, with a small base in Sunshine Coast and another in Southport, but the government has planned to invest more in the navy in the future. The Montegan Air Force has a number of advanced jet fighters, and is developing other secret projects at the ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇. Some have accused the Montegan security state of spying on not only other countries but attempting to rig elections and sabotage interstate relations.

Foreign Policy

Montego's foreign policy is complex and diverse, with some cities having a more lax foreign policy than others. The nation has previously participated in an invasion of ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇


City Rank Mayor
Deadbush  [Premier]  Echohue
Sunshine Coast  [Premier]  Echohue
Elecna Bay  [Premier]  mine_man_
New Acreadium [Governor] DevyySky
Carnoustie [Governor] CaptainObi
Chan Bay [Governor] Kangaroo567
Richville [Governor] Woorich999
Scarborough [Governor] Sesese9
Mojangsburg [Senator] Frosty_Creeper10
Antioch [Senator] Woorich999
Woodsdale [Senator] Hightech_TR
West Calbar [Senator] Sesese9
Vegeta [Senator] mine_man_
Moramoa [Senator] megascatterbomb
Dekuville [Senator] Kangaroo567
Creeperville [Senator] Frosty_Creeper10
Monte Isola [Senator] Vulpicula
Izumo [Mayor] ModernArt
Delta City [Mayor] AyyLion
Peripotamia [Mayor] Cookie46910
Birchwood [Mayor] Conric005
Nymphalia [Mayor] SoaPuffball
Kevtropolis [Mayor] mi_aquamarine
Gemstride [Mayor] SoaPuffball
Savacaci [Mayor] SoaPuffball
Frosty Rivers [Mayor] SoaPuffball
Johnston [Mayor] Echohue
New Stone City [Mayor] megascatterbomb
Skogheim [Mayor] Starcubed
Winterside [Mayor] Needn_NL
The City of Seoland [Mayor] CodyHM
East Spruce [Mayor] MaxStewartS
Sansmore [Mayor] _Sans05
Spruce Valley [Mayor] Johngi
Euphorial [Councillor] Kangaroo567
Endor [Councillor] Itz Lego
Frostbite [Councillor] SirNatureWriter
Jeb [Councillor] sesese9
Masonsdorp [Councillor] woorich999
Nauvis [Councillor] Minecrafter_11
Osaka [Councillor] mi_aquamarine
Aquamarine Bay [Councillor] Johngi
Bay Point [Unranked] Woorich999
Kota Lembah [Unranked] Frosty_Creeper10
Merced [Unranked] Cookie46910
Morihama [Unranked] Cookie46910
Moleville [Unranked] Sesese9
Woresterfield [Unranked] MgWn
Northgate [Unranked] Woorich999
Savage City [Unranked] Weier
Neue Savanne [Unranked] SirPenguinMay
Miningstone Valley [Unranked] Johngi
Andros [Unranked] Kangaroo567


Act 1:
National Anthem of the PRM must be played before the start of school and at Independence Days.
Act 2:
Require all future resolutions to have a valid description.
Act 3:
The passage of this resolution shall establish the Immigration Crocodile Enforcers (ICE) agency to prevent illegal immigration to the City of Sunshine Coast. Crocodiles will be placed in waters of Lake Thanos to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the city. The crocodiles shall be trained to not attack any legal citizen or visitor to the city.
Act 4:
Build a mote along the borders and stick the ICE crocks in it.
Act 5:
Add Cacti along the edges of the mote.
Act 6:
Establish a wing of the Department of Transportation to construct roads and other transportation facilities to link KR towns to the rest of the world.
Act 7:
Have specific Montego government buildings saved as templates in a specifically Montego exclusive lab space for cities in the PRM to use whenever and wherever they want, for free.
Act 8:
Should this resolution pass, all trusted citizens and above will be given permission to change their nickname on the Discord server without restriction. All citizens and below will be confined to the existing restrictions, with nickname changes eligible to be approved by staff.
Act 9:
Have all resolutions in #union-congress-proposals that get more than 5 stars automatically qualify for voting.
Act 10:
Make The Backyardigans Theme Song the Montego National Anthem.
Act 11:
Require Montego- wide weather forecasts to adhere to MRT Weather Service standards, while local forecasts can have optional units.
Act 12:
Kick Dyno from the KR discord.
Act 13:
Remove the "Head Bot Guy" role.
Act 14:
14a: Keep @Meme Bot because it is popular.
14b: Make @Auttaja a logging (and possibly gatekeeper, but that could be done with roles) only bot.
14c: End nickname policing for all.
Act 15:
This act will initiate a review of all laws and a period of public comment on any laws that we should reverse or change before I add all montego laws to the public wiki.
Act 16:
This law will adopt all laws of the mojang union, with a period of public comment, with changes to the text to reflect their status as a Montego law.
Act 17:
This act will initiate a rewrite of the code of admission to the PRM, and generally make it easier to join.
Act 18:
Mojanger Culture Preservation Initiative: 1) Preservation of all Mojanger monuments be it plazas, statues, meme-displays, stickmen, fidget doors, etc. 2) Construction of a museum/exhibition on the topic of anything Mojanger Culture-related such as the evolution of city-building elements in Mojanger towns, //stack'd buildings, meme exhibitions, stickmen statues, etc.
Act 19:
MDOT Airport Gate Purchasing Guidelines(AGPG): This resolution sets the gate purchasing guidelines for all MDOT-operated airfields and airports: A SMALL gate Costs 10$, A MEDIUM gate costs 20$, A LARGE gate costs 30$. The purchaser is given a maximum of 2 WEEKS to put its plane with the warp onto its purchased gates, if the purchaser doesn't do so, it will be reminded on the day the time allotted has expired. If the purchaser doesn't comply, the plane will be dismantled and/or the gate will be reassigned. A plane will be dismantled/gate will be reassigned if: 1)No plane in gate 2)No warp on plane 3)Purchaser has not payed purchasing fee If the above has happened, the purchaser WILL NOT be refunded to ensure that the airline owner is responsible for its shortcomings, unless there is valid appeal. Maximum of 2 PLANES serving one destination (airfield), Maximum of 5 PLANES serving one destination (airport).
To be posted in the wiki pages of every MontegoDOT- operated airfield and airport.


The purpose of this organization is to foster better relations between cities without a bureaucratic central government, and to consolidate power to one semi-democratic organization.

Article I

Section 1

The People's Republic of Montego is a Nation-State/ MPO with global reach. The Administrative Capital shall be the City of Deadbush. The Republic shall be eternally led by president Echohue as established by multiple past plebiscites.

Section 2

This section outlines the procedure to join. Any town on the MRT may join the PRM. A member must represent all of their towns as one body, so as such each member has ONE (1) vote. In order to join the Republic, a prospective member must first agree to the terms listed in Section 3. A prospective member must then add their city or town to the application table on the PRM talk page, and applications will be reviewed for a period of 12 hours and if said town's entry is not veto'd within that period of time the aforementioned town will be allowed into the People's Republic of Montego.

Section 3

This section outlines the terms of joining.

a) A member agrees to comply with the laws and statutes passed by the Union Congress to the best of their ability, and to comply with this constitution to the best of their ability.

b) A member agrees to join the PRM Discord, where all voting will take place, at this link here. >> <<

c) A member agrees to vote on resolutions to the best of their ability, and agrees to vote for only ONE option.

d) A member agrees to only propose serious resolutions, as resolutions passed affect every city in the Union.

e) A member has the right to opt out of legislation passed, by contacting Echohue on discord and explaining why they would wish to opt out.

f) A member has the right to leave the PRM at any time, for any reason, and will not be restricted from doing so.

g) A member must not infringe any MRT rule. If any MRT rule is infringed, the Council will expel a member with or without notice and report the infringement to MRT staff.

h) A member agrees to be a mature and respectful member of the community.

i) The Council has the right to remove any PRM member for serious violations of the above code.

Article II

Section 1

a) The Union Congress refers to the main lawmaking body of the People's Republic of Montego.
b) The Council refers to the staff members of the People's Republic of Montego. The Council is composed of Governmental Staff, and Government Administrators.
c) The High Council refers to the group second-in-command. The High Council is composed of the Supreme Leader, the Deputy Mayor of Deadbush, the Deputy Mayor of Sunshine Coast, and the Head of the Military.

Section 2

Resolutions may be proposed by any member of the People's Republic of Montego, in the #union-congress-proposals channel of the discord. A resolution must be proposed as follows:
Resolution 000 Resolution Name
Text of resolution.
If the resolution gets 5 or more stars from members of the community, it will be put up for voting within 5 hours, and voting will then last 24 hours, and will take place in the #union-congress channel of the PRM discord. If a tie occurs, the resolution will be rejected. If the resolution passes, it will be enacted as an act and added to the PRM wiki page.

Article III

Section 1

Delegation of government positions. Government Staff and Administration of the People's Republic of Montego are selected by the current Staff and Administration based on their ability to regulate the community and enforce laws of the PRM. There is to be no public vote on the appointment of Government Staff and Administration. The rights of Goverment Staff and Administration are listed below.
a) Government Staff may kick remove disruptive members from the PRM Discord.

b) Government Staff are obligated to enforce laws and regulations of the PRM.

c) Government Staff are obligated to report serious infringement of MRT rules to the MRT staff.

d) Government Administrators may remove any member of the PRM without approval of the Supreme Leader if there is a unanimous consensus.

e) Members of the High Council are appointed by the Supreme Leader and are responsible for running the PRM while the Supreme Leader is absent.

f) A member of the staff or administration may be removed with sufficient and legitimate reason by the following methods:
A vote of no confidence, requiring a 3/4ths majority of the public to vote yes on removing the member.
A consensus among staff and administration that the member is not fit for the position.
Executive Order of the Supreme Leader.

The Supreme Leader has the right to issue executive action to overturn any law, decision or resolution that may be detrimental to the PRM.

Section 2

The position of Speaker of the Union Congress will be elected every 4 months. This position will preside over the Union Congress and will be able to veto resolutions and propose resolutions for instant voting, and may also propose amendments to the constitution.

Section 3

If any member of the staff or administration goes inactive, they will be removed from their position as staff/administrator when it is deemed they have been inactive. Inactivity is defined by the member not joining the MRT for more than 3 months. If any member is banned from the MRT server, they will be removed from the discord. If the Supreme Leader is banned or cannot be contacted for more than a month, his position will be transferred to the second-in-command, in this case megascatterbomb. If the Speaker of the Union Congress goes inactive, an election will be held to determine a new speaker.

Article IV

Section 1

Departments of the PRM can be formed by executive action or by resolution. Departments are responsible for managing specific projects and duties, such as roads. Departments can be dissolved by the administration or by plebiscite if they have been deemed to not be effective.

Article V

Section 1

The MRT Rules shall be superior to any laws passed by the People's Republic of Montego, and any parts of this Constitution or other PRM laws that are in conflict with the MRT Rules are invalid.

This Constitution shall be the supreme law of the People's Republic of Montego after the MRT Rules and override all other Laws.

Section 2

If this constitution is adopted by popular resolution, it shall take effect immediately after voting has ended.

Article VI

Section 1

This Republic may be dissolved by any of these methods:
a) A resolution that requires 3/4ths of voters to vote Yes.
b) The agreement of all Government Administrators and the High Council on its dissolution.