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22:15, May 29, 2020 EDT
Director of Heast
Director of Public Broadcasting
2018-08-29 19.42.02.png
Location Michigan, USA
Time zone UTC-05:00(Eastern/Detroit)/UTC-04:00(Eastern Daylight/Detroit
Language(s) English, Mandarin, Japanese
Gender Male
Birth date 平成18年3月30日(木)
MRT Information
Current rank [Mayor]
Notable projects Kevtropolis
Sunshine Coast
Joined How would I remember
Accepted 2-20-18
Citizen 8-15-18
Trustee 8-27-18
Councillor 9-9-18 (Kevtropolis)
2-20-10 (Osaka)
Mayor 10-29-18
Senator Look below
Governor Once I clear out a bunch of trees
Premier when the dinosaurs re-roam the earth
Trial Moderator Read the Autobiography
Moderator Read the Autobiography
Administrator Read the Autobiography
Supporter I don't have a credit card.
Social networks
YouTube YouTube channel ( or
Twitter nope
Twitch nope
Facebook nope
Instagram Go away, you stalker
Skype I said, GO AWAY
Steam nope
Discord mi_aquamarine#0957
Personal website I do have a website but it's filled with crappy kodu games from late 2017.
Nickname(s) Kev, Kevaka(never call me that)
Previous Name(s) KevakaTheGr8, KevAKATheGr8

Heang hest chane, reang laeng sueang! Jaen keuan! ^_^ (i have no f***ing idea what that means)
Hello, I'm mi_aquamarine and I'm a [Mayor] on the server for my town Kevtropolis. My former Minecraft name was KevAKATheGr8, and my current name represents my state (Michigan) and my birthstone (Aquamarine). I'm also a PBS fan and have a TV archive. I helped work on CaptainObi's and Conric005's towns of Carnoustie and Birchwood, along with their transit systems. Also I forgot to mention that I am obsessed with public transit, hence why I joined. Also why does "PBS39" and "WFWA" keep coming up on my phone's keyboard (that is not my PBS station)? Also if you try to pronounce my name out loud, remember "mi" has a long I. also i use voice chat whenever i feel like it, and i have discord and mumble, but i like them both. According to Johngi I'm his fan apparently. I am a very active player, and I will come on almost every day, since I mostly finish all my work at school and I only switch to red for short periods of time.

Discord Logo.png This user prefers Discord for voice communications.
Mumble Logo.png This user prefers Mumble for voice communications.


How old are you?

Almost 13

Can I get a Kevmart?

(As of 1-3-19) Sorry, but franchises are currently on hold for now.

Why do I have no knowledge on sports, or US game/talk shows?

  • I don't play sports that much
  • public tv is better (also I can't reach commercial stations on my antenna)

Why is Michigan a flyover state?

Because it isnt, you 大笨蛋。

Why do I like public broadcasting

Long story

Answering common Michigan stereotypes

Do I live in Detroit? (not really a stereotype but people ask me that)


Have I worked in the auto industry/know someone who did?

Since when was child labour allowed here, and no.

Do I hate Ohio State?


Do I ever take soda cans down to Meijer to recycle them?

Yes, because who wouldn't want to, especially since they pay you 10 cents for ever can you return?

Do I ever play cards a lot?

no (translation: WHAT THE HECK IS "EUCHURE?")

MRT transit Pet Peeves

  • named maps... -_-
  • When airports have no transit in/out except roads (I mean no buses, no trains, just roads to drive with ucars)
  • Similar to above but when cities barely have public transit (ucars are overrated)
  • How to decorate a gate: Add a sign with the airline name and Done!

When I am available

mi_aquamarine's Current Time
22:15, May 29, 2020 EDT

Note that all times are in Eastern (EST/EDT)


  • 22:00-07:00: not active
  • 07:00-07:45: Discord only
  • 07:45-15:15: not active
  • 15:15-16:30: varies
  • 16:30-18:30: active
  • 18:30-19:15: not active
  • 19:15-20:10: active
  • 20:10-21:30: not active
  • 21:30-22:00: Discord only


04 Broadway, Kevtropolis
01 N1 Street, Carnoustie
An apartment number I forgot in Sunshine Coast
New Beginnings

Fun Facts, questions I have of the world, and other random stuff

  • Frumple has DMd me in-game, and also promotes me to Member and Citizen.
  • I got an ad aired on MBS.
  • I was gonna use Del (One of PBS' masotc which was my phone's wallpaper) as my icon for the wiki but I was too lazy to dig through my phone to find the picture and I didn't want to use a screenshot because there's icons all over it. PBS would probably sue me anyway.
  • I competed with a Mercury203 alt in a failed test run of The Amazing Glitch.
  • The majority of the edits I make are rerouting links to my actual user page.
  • i like cheese
  • i like fish
  • i like broccoli
  • i got 3rd place in the Geography Bee at school somehow
  • MRTvision Screenshot Contest 3 is on the same day as my birthday (March 30)
  • Also I'm in school on weekdays from 08:00 to 14:45 (13:00/12:00 to 19:45/18:45 UTC) so I won't be online either in discord or MC unless there is no school.

Weird Mistakes

  • KRT's But Route
  • After getting mumble I accidentally left discord voice chat open on my computer and about an hour later conric started saying "Hi" and I thought my computer was hacked
  • A rail line that uses... buses?
  • I was messing with Google Translate and I accidentally found out how to swear in Japanese.

Stuff I'm good at

  • Working with wiki templates (not designing then tho)
  • Designing basic logos (I use Photoshop Elements)
  • Text Cable TV interfaces (on the MRT of course)
  • cursive


Achievement get!
Who cares!?
yeah i’m with time on this one

Stuff I own


That I own

Deputy mayor of


If I become inactive, these will go to caretaker status unless otherwise noted. After 3 months, or if I'm permanently banned the person will assume full ownership, or it will go to auction at the next GSM. If I do come back, then these must be handed back.


I don't really think anyone would want this mess of a town, but here's the list anyways :P





I was born, then I fell down and I learned to walk. I was watching PBS KIDS GO! (us kid nostalgia) and the EAS came on and I was scared. I also went to school. I am a preteen but will be a teen. Then I will go to College and I will grow older. Then I might start a family. Then I will be old. Then I will go to heaven I think. I will also get staff around this time I think. The End.






  • Kev
  • Aqua

Banned Nicknames

  • Mi
  • Kevaka
  • Kevin (wink wink)