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Flag of New England.svg This city is a proud member of New England Seal of New England.png

City of Boston
The skyline of Boston
The skyline of Boston
Flag of Boston
The Southern Gateway
Country Flag of Central City.png New World
Ward Ward 5
State New England
Founded 2019
Rank [Unranked]
Founded by FredTheTimeLord
 • Type Executive mayoralty
 • Mayor FredTheTimeLord
 • Deputy Mayor mine_man_
Nearest Airport Zaquar Ménage et Trois Regional Airport
Public Transit MBTA.svg Boston Underground Boston Overground Docklands Light Railway Croydon Tram
Commuter Rail MBTA Commuter Rail Boston National Rail Fred Rail
MRT  ZS32  Foobar
 ZS33  Foobar
 ZS34  Foobar

Boston is the capitol and largest city of New England. It covers the snowy tundra south of Zaquar between Elecna Bay and Loch Lyman and the Estival Sea in the south of the New World. The city sits around the Zephyr Line south extension, starting at  ZS32  Foobar and stretching south.



Boston was founded on the abandoned South Bakersville base south of Zaquar. It’s styled after Boston, Massachusetts, and London, England. It sits between Elecna Bay and Loch Lyman and the Estival Sea.


Boston has several districts and distinct styles.

Geographic Location