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Participants waiting to start a game of Get to X in San Reinoldi

Get to X, formerly known as Get to the New World and Get to Central City, is a racing game created by MinecraftYoshi26 in 2016. The game involves participants racing against each other from one point to another. Games of Get to X are held spontaneously and are not formally organized.

Games were originally organized by MinecraftYoshi26, but have since been organized by others.


In 2016, a game called 'Get to the New World' was created, where participants would be teleported to a starting location and have to get anywhere in the New World the fastest, as the New World was yet to have major transit connections for the game to be viable. After the world became more connected, the game evolved into 'Get to Central City,' where participants would start anywhere and have to get to Central Park in Central City in the fastest time against other participants. For a period of time, starting locations were chosen randomly by the pointless stupidity button in the MRT Welcome Center, with each participants' location being different. Central City was selected as the finishing destination its location was well-known and it was a hub of transit. Once more connections were established, the finish destination was changed for each round, changing the game to 'Get to X.'

The current Get to X kit, given when the command '/kit race' is run

At the beginning of the inception of Get to X, starting locations were selected to be in the middle of nowhere, where participants would have to trek through the wilderness for a few minutes before getting to a nearby city. This became less popularized as walking through no cities became stale, resulting in starting locations being in more developed areas.

The items in which participants have been given have changed over time. Original games began with participants only having food or having no food at all. The starting kit later evolved to have minecarts, diamonds (for uCars), and wooden boats. The diamonds were later removed as the uCars plugin was removed.


0x10 running through Siletz Salvador Station in a game of Get to X

Participants are teleported to a location and are either told to keep looking in one direction or roam in a constrained area. They would then be told the destination and where they would either find a mat, a player, or an armor stand to mark the finish. Participants would then be released to figure out where they are and may be told the city they were starting shortly after the game begins. Participants then use any legal public forms of transit to get around the server to get to the finish destination in order to beat other participants.

Get to X often follows the rules of The Amazing Race, with the most notable exceptions not allowing any commands whatsoever nor the usage of the debug screen for coordinates. The usage of the MRT Wiki and Dynmap are restricted. The movement of the sun and the moon are used in place of the debug screen for cardinal directions.

Games are typically informal, resulting in participants near the back of the pack possibly not finishing and opting for a new round to begin.

Twists may be employed, such as running in teams, blockage of certain transport, limited transport usage, or giving access to the MRT Wiki.


Originally, the destination city was the New World in general or Central Park in Central City. For a portion of time, games began in an IKEA, DOYKEA, or a faux version of those franchises as a running gag.

Locations are often chosen by the organizer and can vary in specificity from a named building to a specific gate in an airport. Originally, destinations were chosen through random draw. Destinations have been more modernly chosen to ensure no direct connections, often by the transport type found in the destination city not being available in the starting city. Organizers generally choose starting and ending locations outside of their own towns.

Get to X often repeats destinations, including ones that are notably difficult due to lack of transit connections. Notable locations have included Skogheim, Gray Cloud, and Seolho.

Popularity and impact

A marker in Seuland to clarify quick connections

The game has been played frequently for the years it has existed. Rounds are often played back to back and are played to pass time, explore the server, or practice for larger, related game shows such as The Amazing Race. It became popularized as other games such as Hunters & Runners, The Runner, and Bounty Hunters became less popular.

As a result of its creation, its simple format has been incorporated into other games and events, including The Amazing Glitch, HighSpeedRuns, and TR4VEL.

Get to X has led to the creation of transit connections and companies. Seabeast Buses was created by ArizTrad to be better at Get to X. It has grown to become one of the most active bus companies in 2020. Modes of transport have been created or changed to purposefully make traveling in Get to X easier, named "Get to X architecture" by MinecraftYoshi26. Examples include the Hummingbird Boat Lines boats being moved closer to the BluRail station in Seuland and 0x10 creating a bus from the Central City Heliport that connected to the United Cities Bus Terminal in Central City under the company name GetToXBus.

A kit, accessible by running the command '/kit race', was added with the basic Get to X kit.

The game was nominated for a Glowlight Award under the Outstanding Minigame category.