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"From Wardrobes To War"
Founder & CEO Ryumitch
Board Directors ThaneFein
Number of Stores 19
Facts and figures
Headquarters District Of Vekta
Founded Officially October 4th, 2014

DOYKEA is a franchise on the MRT Server founded by Ryumitch. Main competitors of G-Tech, DOYKEA are most famously known for their flat packed furniture and buildings, as well as their current venture into arsenal equipment and meatballs.


DOYKEA was officially founded during the opening night of Gamma, when Ryumitch founded the headquarters after purchasing the legal rights to the company. Although the company was officially founded during the Gamma opening, DOYKEA has been a constant threat and competitor to G-Tech, often being referenced as enemies by both Thanefein and Ryumitch.

Doykea Stores

Xandar Doykea, An example of a MegaStore
Find Your Nearest Store!

These are the current available stores around the world:

Store Type City Mayor City
UltraStore Mikefishr Ilirea
MegaStore Chiefbozx Vermilion
MegaStore jphgolf4321 Laclede
MegaStore RLcrafters Sealane
MegaStore Frozen Whitechapel
MegaStore Autobus Wazamawazi
MegaStore hntredtie Appleton
MegaStore ThaneFein Xandar
MegaStore Jamess2912 Easest
MegaStore JakD2000 Lakeview
MegaStore samyankeesfan20 North Haven
MegaStore Just_robinho Marblegate
MegaStore CortesiRaccoon Airchester
MiniStore Aliksong Kenthurst
MiniStore ThaneFein Xandar
MiniStore Ryumitch Vekta
Normal Store littlegopher1 Liten
Normal Store JamesGaming Seaview
Normal Store DuncanDoesMC Dandenong


The G-Tech HQ is a flat packed tower created by Doykea, which was ready to construct in 127,506 simple steps.

Best selling furniture ever created was the Chaise longue, "Moomar" from the "Skan-Cö Range".

"Generisk Logi", including the "Deluxe" variation, is currently available for purchase in the town of Vekta. Designed, produced, and manufactured by DOYKEA, the accommodation is quick, easy and cheap to build, making it extremely competitive when comparing to competing accommodation. The design is kept to a modern style, and is available in a variety of colours.