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Liberal Party (Epsilonian Republic party)

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Liberal Party (Epsilonian Republic party)
Leader of the Liberal Party i____7d
Presidential Candidate (Interim) ModernArt
Founder Vickiposa
Founded 3rd of January 2019
Membership 12
Headquarters TBD
Country Republic of Epsilon
Ideology Liberal Conservatism
House of Representatives

43 / 184

Lumeva State Assembly

8 / 9

The Liberal Party is an official functioning political party of the Republic of Epsilon. It is the oldest party of the Republic of Epsilon, and of the then Republic of Norwest. The Party has been in government for the majority of time the Republic of Epsilon and Norwest existed, negotiating with other parties to form an equal country in government. Its policies belong to the Liberal camp of politics and pertain to issues such as free healthcare, public services, equality before the law and rights. Bold text

Contributions to the Republic

  • Public services to towns across the Republic of Epsilon
  • The Epsilia, a news source
  • FLR-Fiork Regional
  • ForesneAir
  • FLR Commuter
  • (we have plans for a Bike-Sharing service)


To be done

Member cities
Region Mayor City
Northwestern Epsilon ModernArt Norwest
Northwestern Gamma ModernArt Pasadena
Northwestern Epsilon TechsMinecraft54 Lakeborough
Southernwestern Epsilon PeacemakerX5 Southbank
Western Epsilon ModernArt Yuledan Protectorate
Western Epsilon LegendPheonix26 PhoenixVille
Northwestern Epsilon TheSubway Sand Protectorate
Western Epsilon XtremeCoder Xterium
Central Gamma Missa_Solemnis Musique
Region of Lumeva ktkren777 Southoak Protectorate
Region of Lumeva PeacemakerX5 Peacopolis
Southwetern Epsilon ModernArt New Southport
Southeastern Gamma ModernArt Izumo
Region of Lumeva ModernArt New Izumo
Region of Lumeva BillionPenny483 Newbourne