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Alert.png Project New Nymphalia
Due to the current massive changes to Nymphalia, this page is going to be very outdated. Please pardon the dust!

Nymphalia is a town along the Eastern Line built by SoaPuffball. It takes inspiration from various cities such as Izumo and Arisa.

Flag of the People's Republic of Montego.svg This city is a proud member of the People's Republic of Montego Seal of the People's Republic of Montego.png
Town officials
Mayor SoaPuffball
Deputy Mayor Kel5
MRT  EN22  Nymphalia - Windus
 EN23  Nymphalia - Snowspark
 EN24  Foobar
Water Northern Ocean, via Nymphalian Canal
Other transit NyMetro
Facts and figures
Population 5
Town hall coordinates 12781 70 -8742
Founded November
Recognized as town March 11, 2018
Renamed March 3, 2018
World New
Post codes NM2 1SS, NM2 2NH, NM2 3SL, NM2 4WB, NM2 5WI, NM2 6AP
Ward(s) 2


The town has four major districts.


Snowspark is the central district of the town, where most of the first buildings were built. It is known for its unusually sharp temperature changes only in the area near Snowspark, snowing during late October and very hot starting late April. It has:

  • the Nymphalia Town Hall
  •  EN23  Nymphalia - Snowspark
  • Snowspark NyMetro station and terminal
  • NyMetro depot
  • Birch Timber Hut
  • One house, occupied by Kel5

Nightlight Hills

Nightlight Hills is a small district below Snowspark that is designed to act as a small suburban area connecting to the slightly more urban Azure Plains district. It is named for being the first district to have streetlights. It has:

  • Essence Park and the Beacon of Essence (landmark)
  • Alteffor Park
  • Nymphalia-Richville Observatory and Gliderport
  • Nightlight Hills Storage Building, a small warehouse building
  • A Tacurger Shack
  • Two houses, one occupied by unjinz and the other vacant

Serene Lake

Serene Lake is a rural, peaceful, residential area for fishers and countrypeople. It has:

  • Four houses, two owned by SoaPuffball, ConnConn2005 and two more vacant
  • the Sunrise Deck, a two-floor area where people can catch the sunrise.
  • the Serene Lakes Gliderport

West Birch

West Birch is a small urban district west of Snowspark and east of Riversplit. It is focused on small skyscrapers. It has:

  • the Nymphalia West Birch Spleef Arena
  • the West Birch Hotel
  • a former home by DeuxBleux moved from Serene Lake
  • a gas station

Azure Plains

Azure Plains is an urban district east of Snowspark designed for shopping. It has:

  • The House of Heads, a massive head warehouse
  • Azure Plains Mall, a mall full of wares and goods from the city
  • Crescent Apartment, an apartment currently fully vacant
  • an unnamed graveyard where major people's bodies go to. The people who are known to be nice are laid in the area, while the more notorious ones are said to be thrown into the nearby river.

Planned Districts

  • Windus Mountains is a planned district located west of Riversplit. It will be the place where Nymphalia Windus Airfield will be located.
  • Turquoise Fields is a district dedicated to farms.


Nymphalia is planned to be connected by NyMetro, a minecart rail line.

Serene Lake Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png SL-1 Snowspark Central (planned)  EN23  NH  AL 
Dynmap Green Flag.png SL-2 Serene Lake - Aquille
Dynmap Green Flag.png SL-3 Serene Lake - Sunrise Deck
Dynmap Pin.png SL-4 Serene Lake - Farillus (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png SL-5 West Birch - Xenia (planned)  AL 

Nightlight Hills Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Construction.png NH-1 Snowspark Central (under construction)  EN23  SL  AL 
Dynmap Green Flag.png NH-2 Nightlight Hills - Essence Park
Dynmap Green Flag.png NH-3 Nightlight Hills - Alteffor Park
Dynmap Pin.png NH-4 Azure Plains - Irinnia (planned)  TF 
Dynmap Pin.png NH-5 Azure Plains - Opannial (planned)

Alpine Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png AL-1 Snowspark Central (planned)  EN23  SL  NH 
Dynmap Pin.png AL-2 West Birch - Xenia (planned)  SL 
Dynmap Pin.png AL-3 West Birch - Blisswest (planned)
Dynmap Cross.png AL-4 Riversplit (closed)
Dynmap Cross.png AL-5 Windus - Iceflake (closed)
Dynmap Pin.png AL-6 Windus - Central (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png AL-7 Windus - Skyan (planned)  EN22 

Turquoise Fields Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png TF-1 Azure Plains Irinnia (planned)  NH 
Dynmap Pin.png TF-2 Turquoise Fields West (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png TF-3 Turquoise Fields (planned)  EN24 
Dynmap Pin.png TF-4 Padagonia (planned)  EN25 

Nymphalia Windus Airport

Nymphalia Windus Airport (NYM) will be a future airport in the town located in the Windus district.

Gate No. Air Company Air Company Operator Destination/s
PL1 BluAir hvt2011 TFA / Tranquil Forest
PL2 FlyCreeper Frosty_Creeper10 HND / Creeperville Haneda
PL3 FliHigh Airlines time2makemymove VFW / Venceslo - Fifth Ward
PL4 SkyTrans camelfantasy FYI / Fort Yaxier International
PL5 Infamous Airlines woorich999, InfamousColumbia, MaxStewartS TPA / Tom Paris Richville
OSI / Ocean Suburb International
ESP / East Spruce
PL6 Kaloro Air Needn_NL WTS / Winterside
PR1 Sandy Air ConnConn2005 OAS / Oasis Sands
PR2 South Weast Charter Narnia17 AFK / Anthony Fokker Regional
PR3 Empty
PR4 Empty
PR5 BenAir bensismith OIA / Omerah International
PR6 FlyArctic PtldKnight IXM / Ilirea Midcity Airport
HL1 SkyTrans camelfantasy
HL2 Empty
HL3 Empty
HL4 Empty
HR1 Empty
HR2 Empty
HR3 Empty
HR4 Empty

If your airline has a gate, you can edit the row with your airline. If not, then please ask me for a gate in here. Strictly one plane and one heli gate per airline.