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Nymphalia /nim-fəl-ja/ is a town along the Eastern Line built by SoaPuffball. It takes inspiration from various cities such as San Dzobiak and Arisa. It is planned to be a major transit hub for the northeast Zeta and Epsilon region, as well as a hub for franchises, businesses, and artisans.

Town officials
Mayor SoaPuffball
Deputy Mayor Kel5
MRT  EN21  Foobar
 EN22  Nymphalia - Windus
 EN23  Nymphalia - Stellia
 EN24  -  NEX  Nymphalia - Cetisy
Water Northern Ocean
Other transit Nymphic Skyrail
Facts and figures
Founded November
Recognized as town March 11, 2018
Renamed March 3, 2018
World New
Post codes NM2 1xx
Ward(s) 2


Note that not all of the districts and builds mentioned here are actually fully built in-game. These are currently written out here as what I envision the finished version of Nymphalia would be.


The Stellia district is a heavily urbanized district, housing many offices and residential skyscrapers. The city hall of the town is located here, and it is also served by the MRT in  EN23  Nymphalia - Stellia. It was the first district to be made, however most of the original buildings in former Stellia have been demolished, the oldest still standing being a house kept for heritage purposes. It borders Syricia to the east, Serene Lake to the north, and Windus to the west.


Windus, while not as heavily urbanized and dense as Cetisy, is still large and urban. The Nymphic University is built here, as well as the Nymphic Science Labs and the Windus Iceflake Library. The region is linked via  EN22  Nymphalia - Windus. The district is made similar to Syricia, however a few office buildings and tall constructions are scattered around.

Blackheart Village

Blackheart Village is a suburban town located at  EN21  Foobar. It borders Windus and Vishaus to the north.

Serene Lake

Serene Lake is a peaceful rural district that heavily contrasts Stellia's dense urban metropolis. Its houses are mostly made out of birch and spruce, which centers around a small lake. In the lore, it is the newest district, being made on 2003 by the Lakeside Organization. It borders Stellia to the south and Syricia to the east.


Vishaus is a district which surrounds a large lake. The Vishaus Port is located here. It is the only major sea connection to the town, and is dubbed "The Seaside Gate to Nymphalia". It borders Windus and Blackheart to the south.


Syricia is a suburban district with many houses, named after Xim Syricia, a general who served in the War of Nymphalia. Half of Syricia are farms and rural houses built during when it was part of Cetisy, and the other half is a modern suburban area. Mini Sanderston is one of the landmarks of Syricia. It borders Cetisy to the east and Stellia and Serene Lake to the west.


Cetisy is a district which has an older build style. It is historically the oldest district in Nymphalia. It was formerly connected by the Cetisian Tramway before being replaced by the Nymphic Skyrail. It is connected to the MRT via  EN24  -  NEX  Nymphalia - Cetisy, which also doubles as Cetisy Maresse Station. The town borders Syricia to the west.


Era of Counts

The town of Cetisy was founded on 1554 by an unknown group of settlers, theorized to be the same group as those who founded Nansei-Gunto or Bahia. This group was led by William Aura, who became the Count of Cetisy. The town never grew that big, however some traders occasionally passed through. The second town in Nymphalia to be founded was Vishaus on 1568, which was formed as a port town. A road, known as the Nymphic Path, was quickly built between the two towns to link them, which also served as Cetisy's primary link to the outside world.

Under the rule of Aura, Cetisy expanded westward towards current Syricia, which became a farming-oriented district of it. Vishaus and Cetisy prospered during this time, the two towns being allies. Unfortunately, Aura and his wife, Rivend Mynel Aura, died on 1589 in an assassination. The town fell into the hands of their only child, Lumina Aura, in the young age of 26. Her rule wasn't as great as William Aura's, but she continued the projects of her late father and saw it completed. Meanwhile on 1597, the Count of Vishaus, Adou Ferros, had attempted to restrict trade. While some of his restrictions were good in the long run, like prohibiting slave trade, some others were unpopular, like his later restriction on those not a part of his list of trading partners. Fearing a monopoly, this sparked an outrage on the citizens, and after an army was requested from Cetisy, the First Battle of Vishaus Port took place on 1602. In the end, Adou Ferros was exiled on an island in the Northern Ocean which would later be named Thegame, while Maxim Rays took his place as Count of Vishaus.

On 1614, the town of Stellia was formed by Countess Sapphire Myna. Its main purpose was to create a rest stop for travellers and merchants in the Nymphic Path. Her rule was a disaster, as she spent virtually no time helping the town, instead collecting taxes and using them to buy products that she sold back to the town. Upon her marriage to Luxel Astran on 1624, the town changed drastically. Luxel cast an iron fist into the town to restore order, and his rule, while initially more unpopular, proved great enough to propel the town into being a major partner of Vishaus and Cetisy.

On 1667, tensions broke out once again in Vishaus. An infamous pirate crew at the time, led by Daron Seawave, had secretly docked at Vishaus Port disguised as a regular shipping boat. While the residents had their concerns as none of the crew opted to identify themselves, the twin Count and Countess at the time, Lukas and Lara Patricine, had let the pirates stay regardless. Only after the pirates left did they reveal their true identities. Lukas sent a small fleet of ships against them, but they lost against Seawave.

This enraged the people, as they suspected the pirates since the beginning and suspected that the Patricines were an ally of the pirates. They sent couriers to the neighboring towns again, however they were shot down by  remaining forces. Around the same time, Lara disappeared from the town. The conflict grew as residents started rebelling against Lukas and eventually against Cetisy as well.

To participate in the rebellion against her brother, Lara eventually returned, along with Gallan Ferros, the grandson of Adou. However, due to their anger towards the Iron Count of the past, they hunted down both of them, eventually hanging Lara. Ferros managed to seek refuge in Stellia in the meanwhile earning the permission of Lukas, who thought he was on his side. In secret, he managed to turn the armies of Stellia and Cetisy against Vishaus. On his rearrival on 1668, his rousing speech convinced the people to join him against Lukas, and won the Second Battle of Vishaus Port with the execution of the count.

Era of Exploration

Back in Cetisy on 1704, Countess Reniara Maresse had sent explorers to find a possible mining colony. The next year, explorers had returned with a spot in the middle of the Central Mesa where lots of gold was found. This area was close to Deadbush, back then a small hamlet, and thus Countess Maresse had to settle diplomatic relations with Mojang Chan of Deadbush. Chan let the Nymphians settle there, and thus the town of Gemstride was born. Maresse also sent another explorers' group to settle in unexplored lands along with lots of other people. This lead to the creation of the overseas territory Melecie Bay, which was close to the biggest town in the so-called "Survival Lands", Bernie Sanderston. Unfortunately, Melecie Bay fell quickly and merged with Bernie Sanderston.

After this, the interest for exploration of Maresse had expanded, and she sent even more teams to create new colonies. Frost Valley was the first to be created, now located in present-day Winterside. Next were the towns of Faelie in Thanos Bay, Florelle in the Autumnal Sea, Savacaci in the western prairie on the remains of an unknown Fort Savanna, and Frosty Rivers in the middle of a few mountains in the northeast, among many others. Unfortunately, like Melecie Bay, lack of focus caused the new colonies to fall into disarray and ruin, except Savacaci and Frosty Rivers, both of whom still stand today.

Her exploration also managed to discover a few tribes of magicians who had been wandering the world. In exchange for protection, they had offered to spread their knowledge of the mystic arts to the Cetisians on 1716. This sparked the start of the Magical Revolution, a short but impactful time in Nymphic history where mages started to settle in with humans and magical inventions started appearing.

Maresse also had gathered allies and trading partners for Nymphalia. Aside from Deadbush, Nymphalia gained the towns of Monte Isola, Storalisburg, Verdantium, and Titsensaki as trading partners. On 1722, she had created the Nymphic Union, a union of towns with Nymphic origins, whose capital was unanimously voted as Cetisy. Despite her colony ideas failing as time went on, her influence to modern-day Nymphalia is clearly noticeable, and puts her in a spot as one of the most influential people in Nymphalia, along with William Aura.

War of Nymphalia

On 1744, Gemstride's count, Zanit Aura, had ordered non-patrician residents to work in the mines after age 16. Anna Iriyane, a scholar of Iceflake University in Nymphalia, had went to Gemstride intending to create her own school, Flarian Academy, but instead she had discovered this, and decided to notify the mainland about the events. Through her friend, Laxes Essence, who had run the Stellian Paper, she had spread the news of the events taking place in the town.

Aura, who had known that despite him intending to do this for the good of Nymphalia, this would be very controversial and unethical, had told Arlan Lux to ban all mention of this to prevent further problems. However, Lux had requested to bring the two to Vishaus, and Aura complied due to the knowledge of the power Lux had over him and considering the debt he owed to him over that. When Iriyane and Essence were brought to the town, they were swiftly executed due to rebellion.

Back in Cetisy, Countess Maresse had denounced the actions of the count and blocked all passage through the Nymphic Path to Cetisy. As it was the only road that leads to the town, it suffered a lack of contact from the outside world and a short famine went. The other towns in the Path had also suffered as well, as Lux had eventually usurped the other towns.

Later that year, general, Xim Syricia, had defected to the rebels, and with his military strength and experience had managed to keep a foothold in Vishaus Port. Lux fled to Stellia to keep himself safe, and started to raise another army. This whole battle had been known as the Third Battle of Vishaus Port, and had been the crux of this whole war.

As the new year came and the tides now turning to the rebellion, Syricia kept his momentum going and took over Windus and Stellia. Without much support and lack of war experience compared to the general, the count had been defeated easily. Zanit Aura had also completely disappeared, and it was considered a victory for the rebellion.

With the sudden war now over, the general sent messengers to Cetisy, declaring that Count Lux had been killed in battle and offering a merger of the towns. The count, Thomas Maresse, son of Reinara, had approved it, to the dismay of some Cetisians who feared this change would lead to much worse leadership. However, this change also paved the way to creating a more unified goverment...

Era of Unity

With the creation of the city of Nymphalia, named after the Nymphic Path, the town began to start reconstructing itself under the leadership of Maresse. Vishaus Airstrip was built on 1749 to service the city. Gemstride was officially declared as a full-fledged member of the Nymphic Union the next year.

Years come and went and the city saw relative peace compared to the previous years. Verdantium, Deadbush, and Monte Isola became the town's most important trading partners. Gemstride was slowly transformed from a mining town of its colonial past to the peaceful suburban town it is recognizable for. Thegame had shed most of its former reputation as a prison island. The Windus University was built in place on 1807 of the former Iceflake University to act as the city's center for education, and eight years later the Windus Iceflake Library, the largest library at that time, was also built.

However, the city still had its fair share of problems. 1823 saw the Nymphic economy fall due to the dwindling interest in grain and crops. While Hazel Reverine, the governor at the time, did her best to keep the economy afloat, she failed to do so. Only by 1847 did it start to recover, due to the work of artisans who lived in the city. One of the most known during that time was Xavier Flia, a sculptor who was commissioned by the government to build parts of Essence Park in honor of Laxes Essence on 1849, and Lucia Opliss, an architect who had assisted with the construction of Cetisy Maresse Station.

With the economy once again stabilizing by 1860, Governor Brius Lystaryl declared plans for town expansion, filling in the gaps between the towns to physically unify each part of the town. While due to the rocky terrain most of the mountains between Windus and Vishaus haven't been touched, the parts between Cetisy, Stellia, and Windus have started construction. The region of Syricia, named after the general who turned the tides of war, was built too in this year. The Nymphic Path was also turned into the Nymphic Highway that year to be able to serve cars.

On the year 1923, Nymphalia had begun re-establishing trade relations with various towns, such as the towns of New Bakersville and Oparia under the rule of Governor Saryne Clyse. Her leadership once again pushed Nymphalia into being a major trading town after the War of Nymphalia heavily damaged its relationships with other towns. Nymphalia also joined the Union of North East Territories on 1936, two years after its founding.

Fast forward to 1937. As news of the War of Nansei-Gunto was reaching Nymphalia, fear spread to the Nymphians due to the possibility of a war that affects the whole world, which is intensified with the strength of newly-invented weapons. While Nymphalia remained as one of the most experienced towns in the field of magic, modern weapons had the possibility of bypassing magic and getting a clean shot, and modern bombs were becoming larger and more effective compared to magical explosions. Due to this, the Nymphic Union temporarily adopted a strict neutrality policy that lasted for fifty years to avoid losing battles. Despite the neutrality, Nymphalia was still in the Union of North Eastern Territories.

Much later in 1961, the town had linked to the A230 and thus had gotten a road connection to the outside world for the first time. This road, while it only connected it with Verdantium and New Bakersville, had been pivotal in shaping the town's future. Nymphalia began to turn itself into a cultural capital, with its culture being spread once more to attract tourists. Also this year, the Vishaus Airstrip was turned into the Vishaus Aura Airfield, in order to support more passenger flights.

Era of Modernization

Modernization of the town started on 1965, with the wide-scale reconstruction of the Stellia and Windus districts. Most of the buildings were replaced with tall skyscrapers and urban houses. Owners of older buildings have been compensated and were allowed to rebuild their buildings. 1968 in particular was known as Nymphalia's First Golden Year due to the mass influx of tourists to the town as well as massive improvements and modernization.

As the neutrality policy expired, Nymphalia decided to set its sights on cooperation with other towns. Notably, It joined the Metropolitan North Association that year.

As the years passed, 2003 came and went, and with it brought the beginning of the construction of the Serene Lake district, which was planned as a peaceful region in stark contrast to the urban side of Stellia in the south, built by Lakeside Organization. Around the same time, the village of Blackheart to the south had merged itself with Nymphalia, and the Nymphic Corridor, a long-planned project bringing more rail connections to the town, had been finished with Cetisy Maresse Central being connected to more rail lines via two new stations in Stellia and Vishaus.

The construction of the Minecart Rapid Transit to this town on 2017 had caused a massive population and tourism growth to this town. At the start, the town hadn't coped up to this influx of new people, however growth soon surged through the city once again. Under the governor Sonnet Phebe, the Nymphic Skyrail, a more advanced monorail system, was built to replace the defunct tram system in Cetisy, and also had served the whole town. This year had been known as Nymphalia's Second Golden Year.

Sporting had also recently gotten a surge of popularity in the town with spleef being a major sport. The Nymphic Reverie, while not good enough to make it to Major League Spleef, had been participating in international exhibition matches and honing their skills.


Nymphalia is connected by Nymphic Skyrail, a warp monorail. It is planned to connect the whole town, including all three stations connected by the Nymphic Corridor, however only a small section is currently open.

Nymphic Skyrail
Syrician Fields
Opliss Square
RaiLinQEssence Park
Windus University
MRT NewRailIriyane Loop
Vishaus Aura Airfield
MRT RaiLinQ Blackheart Village


  • SoaPuffball destroyed more than half of the buildings in Stellia (formerly Snowspark, Nightlight Hills, and West Birch) during Project New Nymphalia.
  • The area where Windus is now was formerly owned by megascatterbomb, the area where Cetisy is now by Xayah_Main, and the town of Blackheart by SubmergedScience.
  •  NEX  Nymphalia - Cetisy is one of the two -X MRT stations which has been unconnected for a long time, the other being  M38  Heampstead.
  • The only rail line passing through Nymphalia that doesn't pass through Fort Chipewyan is the MRT Eastern Line.
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