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Nymphalia World Crossroads.png
The World's Crossroads in Stellia
Flag of Nymphalia.png
Flag of Nymphalia
Deputy MayorFrosty_Creeper10
Town recognition
Date foundedOctober 20, 2019
Date recognized as CouncillorMarch 11, 2018
Town hall coordinates12793, 70, -8741
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 2
Post code(s)NY2 xCS
MRT EN22 - NE22  Nymphalia - Windus
 EN23 - NE23  Nymphalia - Stellia
 EN24 - NE24  Nymphalia - Cetisy
Road connectionsB255
Air facilitiesWindus Aura Airfield
Syricia Heliport
Local transitSkyrail
Former name(s)(March 3, 2018)
Political affiliations
StateNymphic Union
MPO(s)Metropolitan North Association
Union of North Eastern Territories
Phone code(s)+719 (246)

Nymphalia is a Senator city and metropolitan area owned by Melecie along the MRT Eastern and Northern lines. Nymphalia serves as the capital of the Nymphic Union, as well as a member of the organizations Union of North Eastern Territories and the Metropolitan North Association. Its key location allows it to be accessible through trains passing through the cities of Titsensaki, New Bakersville, Verdantium, and Secunda.

Geography and location

Nymphalia is located within extreme hills, a birch forest, and a plains. The differing biomes require builders to adapt, with the buildings in the hillside being smaller and more separated than those in the plains. Despite this, a lot of the land is terraformed, most notably much of Little Fhaye Village which sits on top of terraformed land separated by a giant wall.



The Cetisy district is a district located east of the plains. It is the old town district of Nymphalia, as well as the capital of the Nymphic Union.

Notable builds and landmarks include:

  • Green Block, a block dedicated to buildings with green roofs

It is served by the Skyrail through the stations:

  •  E4  Maresse Warp Rail Terminal (planned)
  •  E3  Cetisy Midtown (planned)


The Stellia district acts as the central business district of the city. While it does not serve as the capital of the Nymphic Union, the city itself's administrative offices is located here. The center of the town is home to the World's Crossroads, a large square that acts as the heart of the city. The city's largest park, Essence Park, is also located here. The district also contains two villages: Little Fhaye Village, located right at the border between it and Windus, and Serene Lakes, one located north of the district.

Notable builds and landmarks include:

  • Nymphalia City Hall, the administrative offices of the city
  • The World Globe, a large clock near the World's Crossroads
  • Snow Stage, a spleef arena
  • Nymphalia Night Market, a marketplace located south of Stellia Station
  • The Hanging Tree, a large tree hanging in Little Fhaye Village
  • Fhaye Wall, a large wall that separates Little Fhaye Village from the outside

It is served by the Skyrail through the stations:

  •  C0  Essence Park
  •  W1  Stellia Downtown
  •  W2  Stellia Warp Rail Station


A walking path in Nymphalia named after ModernArt

The Syricia district is a less dense suburban region located west of Stellia. Much of Syricia is built in a simple modern style, with a focus on walkability. Green spaces are located around the district, and walks are used to encourage walking or cycling.

Notable builds and landmarks include:

  • Opliss Square, an open-air mall
  • Premier Plaza, a plaza dedicated to premier-ranked players.
  • Syricia Crescent Arena, a sumotori arena
  • Syricia Heliport, the city's heliport.

It is served by the Skyrail through the stations:

  •  E2  Premier Plaza (planned)
  •  E1  Opliss Square


Iceflake University

The Windus district is the westernmost district in the city. It is the home of the Iceflake University, as well as Windus Aura Airfield. It is planned to serve as a primarily-housing focused district.

Notable builds and landmarks include:

  • Copper Wall, a wall that holds up a road in Windus
  • Iceflake Library, a library of player books
  • Iriyane Loop, a roundabout with a beacon-powered art installation
  • Nymphalia-Isola Friendship Building, a building built to mark the friendship between Nymphalia and Monte Isola
  • Iceflake Auditorium, also known as the Empire Building, an auditorium in the Iceflake University. It was the venue of the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 10.
  • Nymphalia Underground Zoo, a cave system turned into a zoo
  • Potato Plaza, a plaza marked with a giant potato art installation

It is served by the Skyrail through the stations:

  •  W3  University
  •  W4  Ilthus-Iriyane (planned)
  •  W5  Underground Zoo (planned)



The Downtown & Winterlight Mall stop of the NBS, with the Downtown Stellia station of the NSR above

The Skyrail, formerly known as the Nymphic Skyrail (NSR), as the city's light monorail system, serving points of interest around the city. Additionally, the Nymphalia Bus System (NBS), will be used to supplement the Skyrail, with a network web that spans around the city.


Status Code Station name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png E4 Maresse Warp Rail Terminal (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png E3 Cetisy Midtown (planned)
Dynmap Pin.png E2 Syricia Heliport (planned)
Dynmap Green Flag.png E1 Opliss Square
Dynmap Green Flag.png C0 Essence Park
Dynmap Green Flag.png W1 Stellia Downtown
Dynmap Green Flag.png W2 Stellia Warp Rail Station
Dynmap Green Flag.png W3 University
Dynmap Pin.png W4 Windus Aura Airfield (planned)

Nymphalia Bus System


The city operates two warp rail stations as a hub for the city. Nymphalia Stellia Station and Nymphalia Cetisy Maresse Terminal will be major stations for warp rail, with IntraRail using the former as a minor hub for the Northeast Regional, Joeliner, and Racoonian lines.

Additionally, RaiLinQ services Nymphalia on the stoptrain 5800, with stations in Essence Park and near Syricia Heliport on Florum Road.

The city will be connected through road in the future with the  B255 , with exits in all four major districts of the city. This connects Nymphalia to its neighboring town Padagonia and the  A360 , which in turn links it to much of the MRT. A bus station is present in Nymphalia Stellia Station.