Omerah International Airport

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Omerah International Airport
Airport typeAirport
Ownerbensismith, with assistance from hnt
OperatorBenSi Inc.
ServesIsles of Omerah
LocationWest of Omerah
Hub forBenAir
Direction Length Surface
ft m
09/18 ? ? Black Clay
GatesMain: 13
Remote: 8
Heli: 4
Total: 25

Omerah International Airport is an airport located to the west of Omerah City Centre and Marina, which, unlike everything else in Omerah, included a lot of WorldEdit for the construction. The airport was constructed with a lot of help from hnt (exterior) and _Kastle (interior). The airport acts as a hub for BenAir (owned by bensismith).

Gates & Destinations

Please note that flights listed italics are not active; all others with destinations are currently active.

Gate Airline Destination
Terminal 1
1 BenAir Fort Yaxier International Airport
2 BenAir Leydon International Airport
3 BenAir ?
4a BenAir Horizon National Airport, Freedon Quartzwood Regional Airfield
4b BenAir Wazamawazi Zoeteman Regional Airport, Rockaway Airport
5a BenAir Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
5b BenAir Paixton Regional Airport
5c BenAir Radiance Square International Airport
6a BenAir ?
6b South Weast Charter Laclede Municipal Airport, Segville International
7 South Weast Airlines Mason City International Airport, UCWTIA
8 South Weast Airlines Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport, Cyra Underwood Municipal Airport
9 BluAir Murrville-Arcadia International
Terminal 1H (Heli)
1H BenAir Omerah Isles Civil Airport
2H BenAir Central City Heliport
3H SkyTrans Schiphol International Airport
4H AirLinQ ?
Terminal 2
10A Cascadia Airways Ilirea Midcity Airport
10B Waypoint MineCity Regional Airport
11 Elecna Airlines Elecna Bay International Airport
12 Caelus Airlines dba Ikeda MRT International Airport
Takes you to MineCity Regional Airport
13 IntraAir Western Ocean International Airport
14 SkyTrans Union of Central Western Territories International Airport
15 Oceanic Langus Airways Seoland Trimunicipalities Airport
Whitechapel Sky Harbor
16 Ray Airlines Mojangsburg-Pretoria Capital Airport


The airport was originally intended to be a small airport, called Omerah City Airport, serving BenAir and few others. However, it was later decided that more gates would be needed, and so hnt created a much larger, but more ugly and less functional terminal. After almost a year after construction of one terminal had been finished, and inactivity over another, it was decided that it would be torn down and rebuilt. The decision to do so by hnt came just before his vacation holiday, and so the ocean previously known as Omerah City Airport became dormant.

Eventually, on September 10th 2016 construction began, and externally finished. Gates were assigned and mostly filled the following day. This has meant that Omerah International Airport, as it was renamed to, is finally the airport it was destined to be! That's what we hope here, anyway. Of course, the airport has been improving things like its signage and is currently in the process of being polished (e.g. fixing the fact that some gates couldn't access arrivals). It also has gained a helicopter terminal on its roof to allow for a) greater connectivity; and b) more realism for flights to Omerah Isles.

The secret gate 10A was claimed by Itz_Lego in June 2017, after he found it. It had been there for several months and acted as a test to see if anyone actually visited Omerah. He later sold his airline to FlyArctic, which then later was changed to Cascadia Regional and since the original sale the flight has been inactive.

When rebuilt as OIA Viaggio was given joint-hub status to the airport with BenAir. The departure of hnt from the server in the first half of 2018 meant Viaggio assets were transferred back to Vermilion Airways and then into South Weast Airlines. This meant the airport went through reshuffling and the airport has seen more New World airlines join. This also only emphasised one problem of the airport which was the lack of Check-In space, a problem averted only because of the mass merging of airlines around mid-2018.

Another gate was squeezed in at the end of 2020, and these used the final amount of space left at the airport. No new airlines will be permitted to purchase gates, unless they have taken over an airline that exists already, or bensismith specifically asks you.