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Featured article: Mall of Plains
Mall of Plains
The Mall of Plains is a mixed-use entertainment complex and shopping mall located in the Topanga Square district of Parkland, Sequoia. The Mall of Plains is the flagship shopping mall of Multi Retail Services, a subsidiary of Multi Corporation. The mall is currently anchored by a two-screen Dream Cinemas multiplex and Revaty.

Construction began on the Mall of Plains, the first build in Parkland. Venceslo Village and the MRT Fashion Square served as inspirations for the Mall of Plains. The mall was intended to fill the gap of the lack of regional shopping malls on the server. The first phase of construction, consisting of 20 spaces, was completed in November 2021, with almost all franchises being filled in. The mall was officially opened on December 18, 2021, by STthecat and LabCylian. Construction of the second phase, which included a new South Wing with seven more spaces, a Stop n' Slep hotel, a convention center, and a new parking garage, began later that month. However, work was halted in the first months of 2022 until construction resumed in March 2022.

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The MRT Eastern Line has a drawbridge over the strait connecting the Equinox Ocean and Coral Sea between ES42 and ES43 station. The drawbridge is a part of the Eastern South Extension 3, which spans from ES41 to ES47.