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Ventus logo under IntraAir
Ventus logo in 2017
Corporate structure
Parent companyAcacia Enterprises (2016-2017)
IntraAir (2017-2021)
Facts and figures
FoundedApril 3, 2016
CeasedAugust 30, 2021
Airline information
AllianceSkyTransit Alliance (former affiliate)
Slogan(s)Come Fly With Us (2016-2017)
The Trevail Is Out Of Travel (2017)
We Are The MRT’s Airline (2017-2021)

Ventus, formerly known as Pan Puno Skies, Pan Puno Shuttles, Ventus Airways International, and Ventus Airlines and doing business as IntraAir in its final years, was a small airline company originally founded by EliteNeon, owned by Acacia Enterprises. Pan Puno Skies was founded on April 3, 2016, and was later rebranded as Ventus on June 18, 2017. In its early years, the company had gone through two failed mergers, multiple rebranding, and complete restructuring.

On October 22, 2017, Ventus was acquired by IntraAir. In August 2021, Ventus ceased operations due to the redesign of IntraAir's entire flight network and fleet.


Original logo of Pan Puno Skies

Ventus was originally founded on April 3, 2016, as Pan Puno Skies, branding itself as a Shadowpoint-based airline. In its early months, it was a minor airline that operated few flights. It was loosely based on Pan American World Airways, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic. _Alli joined the airline in 2016; however, when Pan Puno Skies's first route became active, Pan Puno Skies split into Pan Puno Airlines, AlliSkies, and Air Northern following disputes.

On June 18, 2017, Pan Puno Skies rebranded to Ventus, with its name coming from the Latin word for 'wind'. Originally intended as a vacation airline, Ventus rebranded itself as a premium service airline under the ownership of Acacia Enterprises. During this period, Ventus began to operate a few more flights.

IntraAir advertisement announcing its acquisition of Ventus

On October 22, 2017, CEO EliteNeon announced he was leaving the server and sold Ventus to IntraAir. IntraAir integrated Ventus' flights into its own flight network, but kept Ventus as the legal operating carrier of its flights, despite carrying the IntraAir branding, flying IntraAir-manufactured planes, and generally doing business as IntraAir.

On August 29, 2021, IntraAir announced it was replacing its aircraft fleet with the Fourth Generation of IntraJets, as well as a full network redesign of all its mainline flights. As part of the redesign, Ventus was dissolved into mainline IntraAir and its gates were used for new IntraAir flights on new routes. Ventus officially ceased operations on September 28, 2021.


Originally, Ventus used the Boeing 737-800, BTBPlane, and Cessna 337 plane types. After its acquisition by IntraAir, its medium-sized planes were replaced by the IntraJet 3G Tini 3.0 and its small planes by the AutoDesignZ RQ-P13.13, both painted in IntraAir's livery and branded as "IntraAir operated by Ventus". In 2019, in coordination with IntraAir's mainline fleet upgrades, the AutoDesignZ RQ-P13.13 aircraft used by Ventus was replaced by the IntraJet 3G Expi-16. Ventus operated seven flights prior to ceasing operations.

Some routes formerly operated by Ventus remain served by IntraAir.

Flight no. Destinations Plane type Notes
Leydon International Airport (BVL) IntraJet 3G Tini 3.0
Vermilion Gateway Airport (VER)
Union of Central Western Territories International Airport (CWI) IntraJet 3G Expi-16 Route operated by IntraAir Flight 410
Western Ocean International Airport (WOI)
Grayzen National Airport (GZA) IntraJet 3G Expi-16 Route operated by IntraAir Flight 601
Whitechapel Sky Harbor (WHT)
Anthony Fokker Regional Airport (AFK) IntraJet 3G Expi-16 Route operated by IntraAir Flight 600
Grayzen National Airport (GZA)
Espil Ecilidae Airport (EEA) IntraJet 3G Expi-16 Flight was redundant with Waypoint Flight 58, which was later replaced by IntraAir Flight 645
Epsilon International Airport (EIA)
Dabecco Regional Airport (DBC) IntraJet 3G Expi-16
Espil Ecilidae Airport (EEA)
Espil Ecilidae Airport (EEA) IntraJet 3G Expi-16
Wythern Airfield (WYA)