Woodsdale Municipal Airport

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Woodsdale Municipal Airport
Airport type Public
Owner Woodsdale Transport Authority
Operator CWB Airport Group
Serves Woodsdale
Location Outside Emarty Village
Focus city for SkyTrans
Elevation AMSL 30 ft / 9 m
Coordinates -164, 72, -5349
Direction Length Surface
ft m
09 / 27 318 97 Concrete
Officially opened 11 July 2017
Airlines 13
Destinations 20

Woodsdale Municipal Airport (Charles Edward Berry Field) is a Class B airfield in Woodsdale. It is located next to Emarty Village in the Zephyr District of Woodsdale. Opened on 11 July 2017, this airfield connects flights from many different cities to Woodsdale for the first time.

CWB Airport Group

The CWB Airport Group consists of the people that helped in this airfield.

Airlines and Destinations

Gate Airline Flight Number Destination Aircraft Status
1 RegioLinQ Airlines.png RQ5028
Wazamawazi Zoeteman Regional Airport (Wazamawazi)
Espil Ecilidae Airport (Espil)
Chokster City Borderline Airport (Chokster City)
Cessna 208 Now Boarding
2 NationalLogo20.jpg NA004 Titsensaki Regional Airport (Titsensaki)
Epsilon International Airport (Airchester)
Njet 16X Now Boarding
3 FreeAir logo.png ST069 Ilirea Midcity Airport (Ilirea) FreeJet Petis-1 Now Boarding
4 WaypointLogo.png WP076 Epsilon International Airport (Airchester) EAM X-10 Now Boarding
5 South Weast Charter.jpg SC1740 Anthony Fokker Regional Airport (Utopia) Cessna Citation V Now Boarding
6 FlySubway Logo.png FS006 Segville International (Segville) SI-A 15 Now Boarding
7 FreeAir logo.png ST084 Freedon Silverwood International Airport (Freedon) FreeJet Petis-2 Now Boarding
8 FliHighLogo.png FH42 Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport (Venceslo) API RJA-20 modi Now Boarding
9 HeampsteadAirLogo.png HA010 Marblegate Heathrow (Marblegate)
Espil Ecilidae Airport (Espil)
Cessna Citation II 550 Now Boarding
10 FlyCreeperLogo.png FC003
Creeperville International Airport (Creeperville)
Leydon International Airport (BirchView)
API RJA-20 Now Boarding
H1 FreeAir logo.png Cancelled
H2 SkyTrans logo.png ST104 Elecna Bay International Airport (Elecna Bay) H-1224 Now Boarding
H3 SkyTrans logo.png ST035
Pine Mountain Airfield (Pine Mountain)
Moramoa Mixed Martial Arts Airfield (Moramoa)
N420 Now Boarding
H4 SkyTrans logo.png ST034
Fort Yaxier International Airport (Fort Yaxier)
Schiphol International Airport (New Acreadium)
Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport (Larkspur)
N420 Now Boarding
H5 HeampsteadCharterLogo.png HS11 Heampstead Heliport (Heampstead) FreeJet Helifly-A Now Boarding
H6 FreeAir logo.png ST151 Stoneedge Orcus Heliport (Stoneedge) FreeJet Helifly-A Landed
H7 FreeAir logo.png ST150 Chalxior Femtoprism Airfield (Chalxior) FreeJet Helifly-A Now Boarding
H8 Pearl Coast I.A.F PA001 Citadel of Pearl Coast --- Not For Public Use


Woodsdale Municipal Airport before the overhaul
Woodsdale Municipal Airport after the overhaul
Check-in counters with immigration in the background
Gates with the airline's lounge/waiting area