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Game X.png
Game I
DatesJanuary 9, 2016 & January 23, 2016
No. of players14
No. of episodes11
Season chronology
Followed byGame X: The Portals of Hell

Game X: Wheel of Games, known formerly as Game I (pronounced "game one"), is the first installment of the game show Game X hosted by MinecraftYoshi26. It featured 14 contestants completing challenges from other game shows. The winner received a cash prize, in this case, godzilltrain won $5,500.

The season premiered on January 9, 2016 and ended on January 23, 2016.


The Game X Studio featured twelve screens with a roulette-like wheel.



Player Rank Finish
godzilltrain Mayor 1st place
mine_man_ Governor 2nd place - Wheel of Fortune
CortesiRaccoon Mod 3rd place - Big Brother
Baseball02 Senator 4th place - Trivial Wheel
RLcrafters Governor 5th place - The Mole
KittyCat11231 Senator 6th place - Survivor
Gopher Senator 7th place - The Amazing Race
autobus22 Governor 8th place - The Amazing Race
MindBender15 Mayor 9th place - Only Connect
jphgolf4321 Mod 10th place - Only Connect
Canadian_K9 Councillor 11th place - The Million Emerald Drop
willywilson123 Citizen 12th place - The Million Emerald Drop
jamess2912 Mayor 13th place - The Ultimate Renovation
BangtanSky Trustee 14th place - Fallout Floor


This table shows a summary of the outcomes of each episode.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
godzilltrain IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN WIN
CortesiRaccoon IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN OUT
KittyCat11231 IN IN IN IN IN OUT
autobus22 IN IN IN IN OUT
MindBender15 IN IN IN OUT
jphgolf4321 IN IN IN OUT
Canadian_K9 IN IN OUT
willywilson123 IN IN OUT
jamess2912 IN OUT
BangtanSky OUT
     The contestant was safe.
     The contestant won.
     The contestant was highlighted as doing the best.
     The contestant was immune.
     The contestant scored low, was at risk for elimination, or was simply close to being eliminated.
     The contestant was eliminated.

This table tells either the score, votes, place, status, or team in the specified episode.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
godzilltrain TEAM D 68 $375,000 17 2nd KittyCat11231 MOLE 2 Nominated 3 $5,500
mine_man_ TEAM A 73 $1,000,000 18 1st KittyCat11231 6 2 CortesiRaccoon 2 2nd place (Wheel of Fortune)
CortesiRaccoon TEAM B 77 $10,000 19 2nd godzilltrain 6 1 Nominated 3rd place (Big Brother)
Baseball02 TEAM D 73 $49,500 7 3rd KittyCat11231 9 0 4th place (Trivial Wheel)
RLcrafters TEAM G 78 $1,000,000 11 1st KittyCat11231 6 5th place (The Mole)
KittyCat11231 TEAM G 78 $400,000 18 3rd CortesiRaccoon 6th place (Survivor)
Gopher TEAM B 68 $1,000,000 9 4th 7th place (The Amazing Race)
autobus22 TEAM A 77 $285,714 9 4th 8th place (The Amazing Race)
MindBender15 TEAM C 68 $333,000 0 9th place (Only Connect)
jphgolf4321 TEAM E 73 $1,000,000 0 10th place (Only Connect)
Canadian_K9 TEAM F 78 $0 11th place (The Million Emerald Drop)
willywilson123 TEAM C 77 $0 12th place (The Million Emerald Drop)
jamess2912 TEAM E 68 13th place (The Ultimate Renovation)
BangtanSky TEAM F 14th place (Fallout Floor)

Game Board

Game Order & Color Unchosen Games & Colors
Fallout Floor Bare Essentials
The Ultimate Renovation Whodunnit?
The Million Emerald Drop
Only Connect
The Amazing Race
The Mole
Trivial Wheel
Big Brother
Wheel of Fortune


No. Title Original air date
"Game 1: Fallout Floor"
January 9, 2016
Fallout Floor's studio had an abyss below the contestants.

The wheel was spun for the first time and landed on red. It was revealed that it was Fallout Floor. Fallout Floor involved the 14 contestants being divided into seven teams of two, each standing on seven block planks of upside down slabs over a bottomless pit.

They then had to answer a question pertaining to the MRT and, if incorrect, the plank recede by one block. The first team to fall led to the two facing off in a head to head round to see who becomes eliminated.

Two teams fell on the same turn, resulting in a four-way head to head between MindBender15, willywilson123, Canadian_K9, and BangtanSky. The result was that BangtanSky was eliminated.

"Game 2: The Ultimate Renovation"
January 9, 2016
The original house (left) was remodeled to the red team's (top center), yellow team's (top right), green team's (bottom center), and blue team's (bottom right).

After BangtanSky's elimination, the wheel was spun again and landed on yellow. It was revealed that it was The Ultimate Renovation. The Ultimate Renovation is a game show where contestants must renovate a run-down, ugly, not visually pleasing, and/or unfinished build, while incorporating random blocks chosen by a generator. Then, a special guest judge will critique the build. In this case, the judge was Just_robinho.

The 13 remaining contestants were split into four teams, three teams of three and one team of four. Teams were forced to use 10 cauldrons, dispensers, hay bales, and item frames. The team with the lowest score would be at risk, allowing the other teams to cast votes to who they think contributed the least to the group. The blue team, comprising godzilltrain, MindBender15, jamess2912, and Gopher, scored the lowest and was thus put up for elimination. The one with the most votes was jamess2912 and was thus eliminated.

The breakdown of scores were:

Category Team Red Team Yellow Team Green Team Blue
House Exterior 20 18 16 18
Landscaping 10 9 14 9
Furnishing 15 13 13 12
Layout 12 13 15 10
Use of provided blocks 10 10 10 10
Rules (keeping shape, using all provided blocks) 10 10 10 9
Total Points 77 73 78 68
"Game 3: The Million Emerald Drop"
January 9, 2016
The Million Emerald Drop was held at its original studio.

After jamess2912's elimination, the wheel was spun again and landed on white. It was revealed that it was The Million Emerald Drop. The Million Emerald Drop is a game where contestants must then answer eight questions in an effort to keep as much of their money as possible. The questions were focused on the MRT.

Each question is multiple-choice, with the first four questions having four choices, the next three questions having three, and the final question having just two choices. Unlike a traditional quiz where the contestants pick one answer, however, it is possible for the contestants to hedge by placing money on multiple answers in proportion to how confident they are on the answer. However, one answer must always be left with no money on it, which ensures that on the final question, only one answer can be chosen.

Each contestant started with their own individual one million emeralds. To answer the questions, they had to message MinecraftYoshi26 the answers and their split. On question four, willywilson123 and Canadian_K9 had lost all their money and were eliminated from Game X.

The questions asked were:

1. On the new world, what line is colored brown?

  • A. Artic
  • B. Plains
  • C. Circle
  • D. Taiga

2. Who has never been a mod?

  • A. LDShadowLord
  • B. ariwcharles
  • C. hellfirew44
  • D. kekkomatic

3. Which of these MRT lines has the most stations?

  • A. Blue
  • B. Yellow
  • C. Orange
  • D. Green

4. Which of these New World cities is most furthest North?

  • A. Xandar
  • B. Kenthurst
  • C. Evella
  • D. Xilia
"Game 4: Only Connect"
January 9, 2016
Only Connect tested contestants' knowledge of the server vigorously.

After willywilson123 and Canadian_K9's elimination, the wheel was spun again and landed on light blue. It was revealed that it was Only Connect. Only Connect is a game show where contestants must either find the connection between four seemingly random clues or find the fourth clue in the sequence. Based on the timing of the guess (on which clue), the more or less points a contestant may get.

In the Game X version, everyone had one guess and was playing separately and there were seven to find the connection and seven to find the fourth clue in the sequence. jphgolf4321 and MindBender15 were eliminated due to them having the lowest scores.

The questions asked were:

First Clue (5) Second Clue (3) Third Clue (2) Fourth Clue (1) Connection
Find The Connection
Cross City Bus DesignZ Auto_____
Saint Roux - Gare Liberté Spawn City (Music's Gems) MRT Yellow Line stations Opening presents at tree day 25
Oakley Kessler Nippia Arisa Towns and their colored ranks
Français (Plainscity) 日本語 (Hamanei) Nederlands (Wazamawazi) American English (Soiled Solitude) Cities and their official languages translated
Crystal Cyan Labs Segville Audenville MRT stations names colored their lines
CarbonM14 (North Haven) Baseball02 (Sealane) MinecraftYoshi26 (Airchester South) cal76 (Falloway) MRT Station codes of new worlds town match numbers in username
Transit Authority Airport Connect Council of the North East Regional _____
Find The Fourth Clue In The Sequence
Yuki Mountain Harbourfront Beach Yawkey Park Gare d'Orsay Amazing Race starting lines
Laclede West Line Weast Airlines Calbar North, East, South, West before each phrase
_frozen Tom_Pairs CortesiRacccoon kekkomatic Premier promotions
East Port Station Beach Resort Station Station Space Port Station Achowalogen Takachsin _______, MRT Stations (13-10)
Gare d'Orsay Calbar kekkomatic Space Port Station Past answers
lalaboy (Kessler) cal76 (Riverend) & MinecraftYoshi26 (Cytus) Ryumitch (Vekta) _Kastle (Central City) Screenshot locations and their winner, 4th - 1st
helkama (Original composition) autobus22 (Rolling In The Deep) CortesiRaccoon (Domani) MonsieurKeks (Hey There Delilah) MRTvision places and songs, 4th - 1st
"Game 5: The Amazing Race"
January 23, 2016
The race started in Whitechapel BART Stadium.

After jphgolf4321's and MindBender15's elimination, the wheel was spun again and landed on black. It was revealed that it was The Amazing Race. The wheel was spun during the first session but the game was not played until the second session on January 23, 2016. The Amazing Race is an American reality game show in which typically players race around the world. The race is split into legs interspersed with physical and mental challenges, and require players to deduce clues, navigate themselves in foreign areas, interact with locals, perform physical and mental challenges, and travel using minecart, bus, plane, horse, and by foot.

The teams were randomized and it was announced the last team to arrive would be eliminated from Game X.

At the start of the leg, teams were informed they were to make their way to Vermilion and find the building that kekkomatic was standing on at the beginning of episode 44 of The Snapshot, the Lakeview Holdings Vermilion Offices.

Once there, they encountered a Roadblock, asking "Who wants to jump across?". One team member made their way to the top of the tower and complete a set of parkour to an adjacent building to receive the next clue. The clue then instructed teams to travel by plane on a pre-booked flight to Fairfax by Vermilion Gateway Airport and find the BART Stations on the outskirts of Fairfax to receive their next clue.

At Fairfax, teams were instructed to go by bullet train to Alturas and find the Alturas Olympic Stadium to receive their next clue. The clue teams found was another Roadblock, which asked “Who wants to be counted on?”. The team member who did not do the first Roadblock had to do this one. One team member had to search through the stadium’s empty seats for one of three hopper carts to receive their next clue.

The next clue directed teams to Bloomington to find the MRT station. The clue they found there was the Detour: Inside or Outside. In Inside, teams made their way to the Ernest Hiram Lindley Hall and searched the rooms for their next clue. In Outside, teams made their way to Herman B Wells Library and complete the ladder parkour to receive their next clue. Once teams completed the Detour, they were directed to take a helicopter from Bloomington to the Pit Stop, Centennial Park. The last team to arrive was Gopher and autobus22, substituted by Narnia17. They were thus eliminated.

"Game 6: Survivor"
January 23, 2016
The tribes had to complete colored parkour to win the second part of the immunity challenge.

After Gopher's and autobus22's elimination, the wheel was spun again and landed on gray. It was revealed that it was Survivor. Survivor is a game show where castaways are split into tribes and must live together as a tribe. The contestants must endure challenges, and must gain the trust of fellow contestants to avoid being eliminated at Tribal Council.

The tribes were the Red Tribe and the Blue Tribe selected by random draw. The teams only had to face a three-part immunity challenge. The losing team faced Tribal Council.

  • Immunity Challenge Part 1: Contestants had to search under the nearby large lake (they had to get their own shovels) and dig up three Frumple heads under clay blocks (three people on team must wear the head) to win. Blue Tribe won.
  • Immunity Challenge Part 2: Every person had to complete parkour one by one. Blue Tribe won.

At Tribal Council, the Red Tribe had a tie in voting, and thus Blue Tribe was given the power to eliminate and chose to eliminate KittyCat11231.

No. Title Original air date
"Game 7: The Mole"
January 23, 2016
Episode Recap
Challenge Money earned Possible earnings
Jump On It $120 $120
The Fall Of Your Life $90 $250
Total Pot $210 $370
The contestants jumped off of the same plane as in season one of The Mole.

After KittyCat11231's elimination, the wheel was spun again and landed on pink. It was revealed that it was The Mole. The Mole is a reality competition in which the contestants work as a group to add money to a pot that only one of them will eventually win. Among the contestants is one person who has been designated "the Mole" by the producers and is tasked with sabotaging the group's money-making efforts. At the end of each episode, the contestant who knows the least about the mole, as decided by the results of a quiz, is eliminated from the game. The Mole is exempt from each episode from getting eliminated. The Mole was randomly chosen which was godzilltrain. The person who scored the highest, Baseball02, won the pot. RLcrafters scored the lowest on the quiz and was thus eliminated.

Challenge 1 - Jump On It

In this challenge, each player had to choose a set of colored parkour, and starting with white, the person had to complete their set of parkour before the next person can start their own. If they completed, the challenge, each completed area is $10 toward the pot. All parkour was completed so all the money went to the pot.

Challenge 2 - The Fall Of Your Life

Originally from Season 1, Challenge 1, the contestants were told that the plane had exploded and they had a few minutes to escape. Their challenge began immediately, players had to jump from a plane and land in the correct colored rings to earn diamonds. The group was split into 3 groups, easy, medium, hard, and extreme. The Easy group’s jumps were worth $5, the Medium group’s jumps were worth $10, the Hard group’s jumps were worth $20, the Extreme group’s jumps were worth $50. The team ended up earning $90.


The mole purposely failed a jumps in Challenge 1 to lose time and the mole failed the jump in Challenge 2.

Quiz Questions and Correct Answers

  • In Challenge 1, Jump On It, what color did the mole jump out of? White/Pink
  • In Challenge 1, did the mole get to finish their portion of the challenge? Yes
  • What was the final platform made out of in Challenge 1? Emerald Blocks
  • What was the style of the walls of the parkour used in Challenge 1? Carnival Tent
  • In Challenge 2, The Fall of Your Life, which door did the mole jump out of? Extreme
  • Who owned the plane that was jumped out of in Challenge 2? Ender Wing Airlines
  • Did the door successfully make their jump? No
  • In Challenge 2, what type of chair did the mole sit in? Spruce
  • Who is the mole? godzilltrain
"Game 8: Trivial Wheel"
January 23, 2016
Trivial Wheel was a quick trivia game the contestants played.

After RLcrafters's elimination, the wheel was spun again and landed on purple. It was revealed that it was Trivial Wheel. Trivial Wheel involved players spinning a wheel and using power-ups, such as passing a question. Every time someone landed on a spot, the question got harder on that spot.

They must then answer a question pertaining to the MRT, and if incorrect, they would lose a life. The first person to lose both lives would be eliminated. Baseball02 lost all of his lives first and was eliminated.

No. Title Original air date
"Game 9: Big Brother"
January 23, 2016
Otev Park was the HoH Competition.

After Baseball02's elimination, the wheel was spun again and landed on brown. It was revealed that it was Big Brother. Big Brother is a television reality game show based on an originally Dutch TV series of the same name created by producer John de Mol in 1997. The game follows a group of contestants, known as houseguests, who are living together in a custom-built home under constant surveillance. The houseguests are completely isolated from the outside world, and can have no communication with those not in the house. The contestants are competing for a grand prize, with competitions and evictions determining who will win the show.

The contestants, referred to as "houseguests," are sequestered in the Big Brother House with no contact to or from the outside world. Each episode, the houseguests take part in several compulsory challenges that determine who will win luxuries and power in the house.

At the start of each episode, the houseguests compete in the Head of Household (HoH) competition. The winner of the HoH competition will select two houseguests to be nominated for eviction. The winner of the HoH competition is guaranteed an episode of safety and nominates two fellow houseGuests for eviction. There was no veto competition since it was only three contestants left.

In Otev Park, MinecraftYoshi26 had described a player in this season and the contestants had to identify who it was and bring it back to the top of the waterfall. If correct, they were awarded a point, however, there were only two stools to stand on instead of three, like Musical Chairs. The person who gained three points first won Head of Household and thus chose who got to be eliminated. mine_man won Head of Household and chose to eliminate CortesiRaccoon.

"Game 10: Wheel of Fortune"
January 23, 2016
Wheel of Fortune's final puzzle was solved by the winner, godzilltrain.

After CortesiRaccoon's elimination, the wheel was spun for the last time and landed on light green. It was revealed that it was Wheel of Fortune. Wheel of Fortune is a hangman like game show where contestants spin a wheel to gain money and solve word puzzles.

The two renaming players faced off in a final round style game. The first to solve three puzzles would win the season. The puzzles were:

Since godzilltrain solved the last puzzle, he was declared the winner and mine_man_ became the last person eliminated.

"Game 11: Deal or No Deal"
January 23, 2016
The dollar amounts and their corresponding boxes were shown at the studio.

After mine_man_'s elimination, godzilltrain was told he had a chance to win up to $6,000. Each of the prior game screens had a chest with a money value in side of it, ranging from $3,000 to $6,000. He would play a round of Deal or No Deal, which entails opening chests to eliminate which was not in the one he chose, which was pink, The Mole. He refused all offers and won $5,500 from the screen.