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Sealane (Зеленя)
SEALANE flag.png
Flag of the United Republic of Sealane.
Deputy Mayormine_man_
City recognition
Date foundedOctober 4th, 2014 (New Sealane)
May 2014 (Old Sealane)
Date recognized as CouncillorNovember 18, 2014
Date recognized as MayorDecember 1, 2014
Date recognized as SenatorJanuary 11, 2015
Date recognized as GovernorOctober 7, 2015
Town hall coordinates-910, 64, 676
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 5
Ward 7
MRT XW2 - D2 - M2 
 G22  O18  Whelburn (formerly)
Road connectionsA 0
A 5
B 9 / CW-5
B 51 / CW-1
B 52 / CW-4
Air facilitiesCWI
Bus facilitiesNew Forest Lane Transit Centre
Rail facilities(Sealane) Central,
New Forest Lane Transit Centre,
Local transitMetro, Zelebus
Political affiliations

Sealane [/sˌileɪn/] (Also spelt Зеленя [/zɪlˌɪnjɑ/]) is a city-state located in the middle of the Gamma region of the New World on the border between Ward 5 and Ward 7. It sits directly to the south west of Central City next to the A0 and is surrounded on all sides by other towns and cities.

Sealane was founded on October 4 2014 by DergenTheDragon (formerly RLcrafters), the date that the new gamma server opened to the public. It is considered to be one of the first Gamma region towns to be founded due to its close proximity to Central City. Through the years it has grown into a bustling metropolis and is now a major railway junction for tourists heading into or out of Central City.

The State has acquired various inactive settlements over the years. Those that were already close to the capital have been absorbed into the metropolis while others continue as fledgling settlements outside official state borders. All towns acquired through an asset transfer have been virtually untouched by the central government and have been allowed to continue as they were for historical preservation reasons.

Sealane is a heavily militarised city with a big presence throughout the city from the A.F.S. In the past, Sealane was considered to have one of the most powerful military forces on the entire MRT, though this claim has never been officially verified and is likely false.

History and Chronology

Early History (pre-Gamma)

Sealane as an idea formed sometime in mid 2014 as a launchpad for an Old World rail company (This would later become RegionalConnect). A small settlement was constructed to the north west of Whelburn with a few 'shells' of buildings but nothing of any significant note. There was a brief period of construction but this was halted with the announcement of the opening of the Gamma world. The town was left abandoned following the opening and though the town is still there, no one is able to verify who owns it anymore and so nothing more can be done with it.

New Beginnings (Gamma era)

On October 4 2014, the New World opened to the public for the first time. Sealane was founded within the first hour of the servers existence at a three-way interchange station between the Expo, Mesa and Desert lines approximately 1000 blocks from Central Park and immediately outside the boundary of Central City. Originally, RLcrafters had been planning to build the town in the desert south of what is now Utopia. However this plan, for whatever reason, was binned and the current location chosen. The first structures were built that night, and have been preserved in there original form on Capital Row, directly south of Sealane MRT station.

Similar to the original Sealane plan, RL intended to use the town as the launchpad for his rail transport company RegionalConnect. A large terminus station was constructed below the MRT station (now platforms 6-11 in Central station) and several lines connecting numerous other cities were constructed. A plan was put forward to extend into the heart of Central City. However these plans were vetoed on the grounds that at the time, Central City had a strict 'No third party rail lines' rule. It is believed that this is why Sealane is such a major rail junction today, as it was the gateway to Central City, the closest any company could get until the rule was changed.

The town (and later city) climbed the ranks at a fairly steady rate. Buildings were of a 'brick and concrete' style, and though detailed on the outside were rarely more then shells. This was either not noticed, or overlooked when town reviews occurred as Sealane kept being promoted. It took a few attempts, but Sealane just about got to Governor rank where it put forward plans to construct CWI on land to the south of the city. These were approved and the project was handed over to camelfantasy, mayor of Formosa.

Around this time due to real life problems, any and all progress on the city and in fact any of RL's projects on the MRT, were halted until further notice. This period of stagnation would last several years.

Modern Sealane (Epsilon and Zeta eras)

Little progress was made on the city during these eras until 2023, when Sealane set it's sights on the greatest prize a city could be bestowed, the Premier rank. A plan was put in place to completely revitalise the entire city: gone would be the shells, every road would be widened to a more realistic size, every building would be stripped down and rebuilt using modern materials and techniques. Over the years bits of information and feedback had been trickling back to RL (whom by this time had changed his name to DergenTheDragon, Derg for short) relating to various aspects of Sealane, such as navigability, ease of access for various services in the city. These were taken on board with the redesign and several radical changes to the structure of the city were put in place: the centralisation of all player-built businesses to a new and improved World Trade Center complex in the heart of the city, as well as the construction of a new rail and road transit hub to the north of the city utilising existing infrastructure.

Significant Events

=This section is changing in the future=

(New) Sealane is founded

On the day that the gamma opened (4th October 2014) there was a mad rush to claim stations RL originally planned Sealane to be located on the current site of Kolpino or somewhere in the surrounding desert, however on the way to this location, he found a large interchange station and the land around it was fairly flat, so RL claimed it for the city of Sealane, he began construction that same night the the first few structures in Sealane being the houses on Capital Road, and so Sealane was born.

Official 'City' title given

On January 11th, 2015, Sealane was officially recognized as a city for the first time. Previously it had been considered a town but as it was awarded the [Senator] rank it became officially regarded as a city. This brought Sealane up in the world and visitor numbers increased greatly. It was at around this time that RegionalConnect's first intercity rail line from Sealane-Vermilion had been completed, so tourists were now coming in from the northwest regions as well as the central regions.

Declaration of independence

October 13th, 2015, saw Sealane declare itself an independent state. It was around this time that the AFS was formed to protect the newly formed nation, they quickly went on to ally with MATO it was proved that this extra help would be needed at a later date. As a direct result of the declaration of independence, the current national anthem was written, and border control points constructed.

The Waterville attacks

November 21st, 2015, saw the first real test of Sealane's homeland security as the town of Waterville attacked Sealane, with several bombs being detonated in both the World Trade Centre and Central Station. It was on this day that for the very first time, Sealane was completely evacuated as several other attacks were feared. They were not wrong, the very next day there was another attack from Waterville and again the attack was eventually driven off before too much damage could be done. After this the mayor put Sealane under full Martial Law for the very first time in its history. The town, still completely empty apart from military personnel, was left in this state for a few days until the mayor declared it safe to return.


Sealane is governed as a socialist dictatorship (as bad as that sounds, that is the truth) ruled over by it's mayor and founder DergenTheDragon. The deputy mayor mine_man_ has been called up to take over in times of stagnation, however he has run the city purely as caretaker and has not grown the city in any noticeable way.

The city is considered the capital of the SMP Union of Central Western Territories being the largest and highest ranked. The SMP is managed from its offices just north of the World Trade Center complex and can at times assist with governing of the city in an emergency, though this has never had to happen.

The State

Further reading: United Republic of Sealane

The is governed from the capital, and is responsible for managing the territories outside of city limits that while technically owned by Sealane, are still treated as there own autonomous regions. The capital is split up into several local districts with the state being divided into individual towns.

Wallowyn Autonomous Region

Wallowyn is a town to the west of Sealane built on mountainous terrain. It was acquired by the state originally for general caretaking purposes from its founder nopro_ some time in 2015. However, by 2016 it was becoming apparent that nopro would not be coming back and as such Sealane acquired full ownership of the town. Due to its natural build style with lots of wood and stone, an immediate ban on motor vehicles was put in place for the entire region, and stables constructed to allow residents to commute on horseback or walk to the MRT station in Wallowyn. As well as the above items, Sealane constructed a metro line to the city to improve connectivity with the rest of the city. The town is self-governed from within the capital by a separate group as part of the state. It is bordered with Little Italy to the west.

Forgotten Isle
Deputy Mayorcamelfantasy
Other transitN/A
Facts and figures
FoundedNovember 26th, 2016
Official language(s)English
Post codesN/A
Other information
Deputy Mayormine_man_
MRT XW3 - D3 - M3 
Roadways CW-3 
Other transitSealane Metro
Facts and figures
FoundedOctober 16th, 2014
Official language(s)English, Русский
WorldGamma / New
Post codesSL5 7WL
Ward(s)5, 7
Other information
MPOsLeague of Cities, S.W.A.T
Little Italy
LI flag.png
Deputy Mayorcamelfantasy
MRT XW4 - D4 - M4 
Roadways CW-3 
Other transitN/A
Facts and figures
FoundedNovember 6th, 2014
Official language(s)English, Italianо, Русский
Post codesSL5 8LI
Other information
MPOsLeague of Cities, S.W.A.T

The City

Central District

Sealane is split into 5 districts (and 1 autonomous region: see above). The largest and most important being the central district. Within it the government offices of the state can be found, as well as the World Trade Center complex and a number of other buildings of cultural significance like the Red Rock Theatre. The area is focussed mainly to offices and commercial buildings. It has good transport links to the other districts by state-owned company ZeleBus or by Metro, as well as outside links by MRT or RegionalConnect from Central Station.

North District

Sometimes just referred to as: New Forest

The north district is primarily focussed to providing housing for citizens. It is bordered by Westburg to the north and Westerly to the west. It is a fairly small district by comparison to some of the others within the city. However it plays an important role in tourism for the city, as within its borders lies the New Forest Lane Transit Centre. This is the primary bus and train interchange within Sealane and the only place where out-of-state buses are permitted to drop-off. The district is also home to Sealane City F.C. and the New Forest Lane Stadium located alongside the transit hub.

The district gets its name from the forest on the hill in the centre of the district.

Geography of Sealane

Sealane it built upon hilly plains, it is surrounded on two sides by mountainous terrain. It sits in a large plains biome directly west of Central City.

Business and Commerce

Sealane has many businesses trading within the city, most are owned by citizens of the state and can be found scattered about. Sealane allows foreigners to buy and sell with citizens however all foreign businesses are concentrated within the World Trade Center complex in the heart of the city for ease of access and ease of trade, just to the north of the MRT station.

World Trade Center in Sealane



Sealane is planning a single metro line running in a loop along the border of the city. It shall, when completed, service all districts of Sealane. Below is a complete list of currently planned stations:

  • When and IF the metro expands into a large system, the lines shall be labelled with letters, and the direction of services with numbers. On an intercity service an express metro shall be installed. These shall be labelled with an 'X'. As I HIGHLY doubt that the Sealane metro will build 26 lines.
A map of the Sealane metro plans.

Sealane  A  Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png SA1 Wallowyn  XW3 - D3 - M3 - MCR 
Dynmap Cross.png SA2 Mountain View (closed) No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png SA3 Riverside No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png SA4 Industrial No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png SA5 Central Station Service southbound only  XW2 - D2 - M2 - RegionalConnect - RegionalConnect - B - MCR 
Dynmap Green Flag.png SA6 Downtown  RaiLinQ - B 
Dynmap Cross.png SA7 New Forest Lane (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SA8 Northern Station (closed)  C 
Dynmap Pin.png SA9 Little Italy (planned)  XW4 - D4 - M4 

Sealane  B  Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png SB1 CWI (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png SB2 Southgate (planned)  PS&L - C 
Dynmap Construction.png SB3 Central Station (under construction)  XW2 - D2 - M2 - RegionalConnect - RegionalConnect - A - MCR 
Dynmap Construction.png SB4 Downtown (under construction)  RaiLinQ - A 
Dynmap Pin.png SB5 North Park (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png SB6 Northern Plains (planned) No connections


Sealane  C  Line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Cross.png SC1 World Trade Center (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SC2 North Station (closed)  RegionalConnect - CitiRail - MCR - A 
Dynmap Cross.png SC3A Doykea (closed) Closed indefinitely.
Dynmap Construction.png SC3B New Forest Lane (under construction) (Served on matchdays only.)  A - CentralLink 'C'  (50m walk)
Dynmap Cross.png SC4A East Yard (closed) Closed indefinitely.
Dynmap Construction.png SC4B Boundary Rd. (New Town) (under construction)
Dynmap Cross.png SC5A Southgate (closed) Closed indefinitely.
Dynmap Construction.png SC5B Boundary Rd. (Southgate) (under construction)  PS&L - B  (100m walk)
Dynmap Pin.png SC6 Southgate Village (planned)

The "C" Line operates in the north of the city and only runs a single tram on the route, but the route is short so waiting times are limited.

*On matchdays, the C Line is operated with 2 shuttles crossing at New Forest Lane


When getting around Sealane, there are a few rules that need to be followed under the road safety act of 2015. The first section refers to the road laws of Sealane.


  • In accordance with the MRT standard drivers drive on the RIGHT-HAND side of the road. This is unless on a dual carriageway in which drivers are expected to use the far-right lane as the standard, and overtake on the lane to the left of them. This is unless the road markings are a solid yellow line or a red and white dashed line, in this case, switching lanes is not allowed. Roads with a yellow dashed centre line have one road per direction, so movement into the opposing lane is allowed, but only if it is safe to do so (For fairly obvious reasons)
  • Areas of road marked in red tarmac are BUS LANES these areas are for buses only.
  • Signage in Sealane is very variable, however upon reading this article everything will make sense. Red signs are directed at BUSES ONLY drivers in Ucars should pay no attention to these signs. Signs in green however are relevant to Ucars. These signs generally are directional and are used for navigation purposes only. Orange signs are written in spanish these are for the Spanish residents of Sealane in accordance with Sealane's second language. Blue signs are directed at airport traffic and will generally have directional instructions like the green signs; however these signs will direct you to the airport in the quickest way possible. Yellow signs are warning signs, these have important information printed on them, information such as, distances to junctions or traffic merge warnings. White signs were introduced after the declaration of independence in October 2015, these signs mark border crossing points for road users. Below are examples of all the signs.
  • Areas of road marked with white and black DIAGONAL stripes are areas where stopping your Ucar is forbidden, these areas can be found on areas where buses or other large vehicles turn or on railroad crossings.


  • Pedestrians have only one thing they need to look out for, and that's YELLOW signs on NETHERBRICK posts, these are different to yellow road signs as these are on cobblestone wall posts.
  • J-Walking is allowed in city blocks and residential areas but NOT on main roads or dual carriageways.


A map of the Sealane bus network.
  • The internal bus network is currently being set up by RL and is being supplied with busses by an independent company called SeleBus.

SeleBus  1  route (The South Circular)

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB11 Central station (Upper Level) (closed)  2 - 2A - 50 
Dynmap Cross.png SB12 Plotlands (closed)  2 - 50 
Dynmap Cross.png SB13 Wallowyn Border (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB14 Museum Corner (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB15 Mountain View (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB16 Riverside (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB17 Old City Hall (closed)  50 
Dynmap Cross.png SB11 Central station (Upper Level) (closed)  2 - 2A - 50 

SeleBus  2  route

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB21 Central station (Upper Level) (closed)  1 - 2A 
Dynmap Cross.png SB22 Plotlands (closed)  1 - 50 
Dynmap Cross.png SB23 Canal St. (N-Bound only) (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB24 Buy N Large (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB25 Northgate (closed)  2A 

SeleBus  2A  route

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB2A1 Central station (Upper Level) (closed)  1 - 2 
Dynmap Cross.png SB2A2 Old Station (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB2A3 Downtown (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB2A4 City Theatre (Upper Level) (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB2A5 Northgate (closed)  2 

SeleBus  3  route

Note: For travel between Northern Station and Southgate Station, it is commonly quicker to take the tram on the  C  line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Pin.png SB31 Northern Plains (planned) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB32 RegionalConnect Depot (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB33 Northern Station (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB34 City Theatre (Lower Level) (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB35 Doykea (closed)  3A 
Dynmap Cross.png SB36 East Yard (closed)  3A 
Dynmap Cross.png SB37 Embassy Road (For Southgate Station) (closed)  3A 
Dynmap Cross.png SB38 CWI (closed) No connections

SeleBus  3A  route

Note: For travel between Doykea and Southgate Station, it is commonly quicker to take the tram on the  C  line

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB3A1 New Forest Bus Terminal (closed)  50 
Dynmap Cross.png SB3A2 Doykea (closed)  3 
Dynmap Cross.png SB3A3 East Yard (closed)  3 
Dynmap Cross.png SB3A4 Embassy Road (For Southgate Station) (closed)  3 - 50 
Dynmap Cross.png SB3A5 Central City (closed)  50 

SeleBus  50  route (International)

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB501 Central City (closed)  3A 
Dynmap Cross.png SB502 Embassy Road (For Southgate Station) (W-bound only) (closed)  3 - 3A 
Dynmap Cross.png SB503 Government District (W-Bound only) (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB504 Old City Hall (closed)  1 
Dynmap Cross.png SB505 Central Station (Upper Level) (closed)  1 - 2 - 2A 
Dynmap Cross.png SB506 Plotlands (closed)  1 - 2 
Dynmap Cross.png SB507 WTC Basin (closed) No connections
Dynmap Cross.png SB508 New Forest Bus Terminal (closed)  3A 

Note: "Connections" column only shows bus connections.

A map of Sealane.



Wallowyn was a small town located on the western border with Sealane, it was originally built and maintained by nopro_ however he wasn't on the server often. RLcrafters offered to take care of Wallowyn while nopro_ was on temporary leave. However, after RL went inactive the town of wasn't "technically" owned by anyone, and nopro_ didn't return to the server for a good few months after RL left. And so the town fell into inactivity and could well have been auctioned off, however nobody wanted the claim, and it was never put up for sale. Upon RL's return, RL offered to take Wallowyn off nopro_'s hands on a permanent basis. Some terms of handover were agreed and as of November 15th, 2016, the town of Wallowyn became part of Sealane.


Currently in the town as well as the MRT people can use Sealane's metro  A  line to get to Wallowyn from Sealane, there's also SeleBus route  1  that'll get you to the old border crossing, but from there you need to walk up the hill to the town itself. Approaching from the north you also have the  CW-3  highway and the UCWTbus stop which both come into the town from Little Italy. In the near future a connection to the nearby  A 5-U  is planned. Also, in the center of the town near to the MRT station, a small bus station is being constructed for Intercity travel currently one bus is pasted in at the terminal, however it is not currently operating any routes.


The build style in Wallowyn is "Log-Cabin" lots of natural materials gathered from the surrounding mountains and nearby mine are used to construct the town, giving it a very natural feeling. Keeping with the natural feeling and the fact that the town is quite small, the roads weren't paved for Ucars and so they have been banned from the town, only horses, pigs and walking are permissible forms of transport here. Perhaps in the near future a second metro line under Wallowyn will provide transit, without tearing up and rebuilding the roads. However, this is a very long way from happening so for the time being, Ucars remain banned.

Malen'kiy Italii)

Sealane Attractions

World Trade Center

The World Trade Center is the centre of trade and commerce within Sealane. It is a 1/3 scale replica of the entire World Trade Center complex as it would've been in Summer 2001. All the 7 buildings and the mall have been replicated, and furnished with various player businesses. Below you can find a directory of companies with offices at the WTC.

Company Name Address Level/Floor(s)
Starbucks THE MALL -1
Creeperface's Cafe THE MALL -1
Nihon Diner THE MALL -1
Toaros Korean Restaurant THE MALL -1
NK's Trains THE MALL -1
42 Drugs THE MALL -1
Callumjk's Bakery THE MALL -1
TBC 1 World Trade Center Skylobby 1/18th Floor
TBC 1 World Trade Center Skylobby 2/32nd Floor
Regional Holdings 1 World Trade Center 41st/42nd Floor
Top of the world bar and lounge 1 World Trade Center 43rd Floor
Sierra's Grill 1 World Trade Center 43rd/44th Floor
TBC 2 World Trade Center Skylobby 1/18th Floor
TBC 2 World Trade Center Skylobby 2/32nd Floor
Top of the world observatory 2 World Trade Center 44th Floor
Marriot Hotel 3 World Trade Center N/A
Gemelli Restaurant 4 World Trade Center -1
Moose Holdings 4 World Trade Center Plaza
YELO 4 World Trade Center 1
Nordic 4 World Trade Center 2
Vanadium Systems 4 World Trade Center 2
H Holdings 5 World Trade Center TBC
REDTIE Holdings 5 World Trade Center TBC

-=below here is changing, expect errors=-

Company Name Floor Building
Lobby Floor 1 WTC 4
VACANT Floor 2 WTC 4
Yelo Floor 3 WTC 4
H Holdings Floor 4 WTC 4
REDTIE Holdings Floor 5 WTC 4
Company Name Floor Building
Lobby Floor 1 WTC 5
VACANT Floor 2 WTC 5
VACANT Floor 3 WTC 5
Nordic Floor 4 WTC 5
Vanadium Systems Floor 5 WTC 5
Company Name Floor Building
MRT Locos Showroom Floor 1 WTC 6
Lobby Floor 2 WTC 6
MRT Locos Floor 3 WTC 6
MRT Locos Floor 4 WTC 6
MRT Locos Floor 5 WTC 6
MRT Locos Floor 6 WTC 6
MRT Locos Floor 7 WTC 6
MRT Locos Floor 8 WTC 6
VACANT Floor 9 WTC 6
VACANT Floor 10 WTC 6
Company Name Floor Building
Lobby Floor 1 WTC 7
VACANT Floor 2 WTC 7
VACANT Floor 3 WTC 7
VACANT Floor 4 WTC 7
Company Name Floor Building
Lobby Floor 1 WTC 8
Jones Corp Floor 2 WTC 8
Jones Corp Floor 3 WTC 8
Jones Corp Floor 4 WTC 8
Jones Corp Floor 5 WTC 8
Jones Corp Floor 6 WTC 8
Jones Corp Floor 7 WTC 8
Jones Corp Floor 8 WTC 8

Base 9

Base 9 is a large military complex located in the northwest of Sealane. It is owned by the AFS (Armed Forces of Sealane) not much is known about the facility, but it is heavily guarded and its boundaries are closely monitored from guard towers and CCTV cameras. From what is understood by the base, it has one entrance located just south of junction 2 on the  B 51  and another entrance on the north side of the  B 51 , however from aerial photographs, people have not found a link between the two sites, although many suspect the link is underground. From aerial photographs people have been able to spot six heli-pads in the complex and a airfield as well as a few rail served sidings on the very far western edge of the restricted area. No-one can see into the base(s) as it's surrounded by 4-meter-high perimeter fences and areas overlooking the base have been either claimed by the AFS or walled-off. Several high-rise buildings around the complex have had windows either removed or boarded up at the request of the AFS and several buildings have even been demolished because the owners have refused to comply.

Sealane Central Transport Hub


S.C.T.H is what is commonly referred to as "Central station" the main rail station for Sealane, late in 2016 the station complex got a major overhaul involving the adding of 10 new platforms, improved border security checkpoints and the like. The main complex itself has 6 distinguishable levels and a maze of corridors linking them all. Level 1 contains platforms 1 - 6 and a local bus terminal, for the local services operated by SeleBus the rail platforms are used only by MRT trains in and out of C.C and beyond, level 2 contains the upper concourse and no platforms, level 3 contains a ticket hall and platforms 7 - 14 used by RegionalConnect trains and the MCR green line, level 4 contains the lower concourse, a bus terminal as well as several old corridors from the old complex, level 5 contains platforms 15 - 19 and these are for local Sealane metro trains on the A and B lines. And finally, level 6 contains platforms 20 - 30 which are used by WarpTrain companies like IntraRail and RaiLinQ.

Level Platform Direction Service Primary Destination Secondary Destination Category
1 Platform 1 East-West MRT Desert Line Central City SW Minecart
1 Platform 2 East-West MRT Desert Line C65 Minecart
1 Platform 3 East-West MRT Mesa Line Central City SE Minecart
1 Platform 4 East-West MRT Mesa Line M30 Minecart
1 Platform 5 East-West MRT Expo Line XE26 Minecart
1 Platform 6 East-West MRT Expo Line XW29 Minecart
3 Platform 7 North Minecart
3 Platform 8 South Minecart
3 Platform 9 South Minecart
3 Platform 10 West MCR CrossLink Formosa Western Minecart
3 Platform 11 South RegionalConnect Marblegate Centraal via San Reinoldi Minecart
3 Platform 12 North RegionalConnect Wazamawazi Zoeteman Whitechapel Minecart
3 Platform 13 North RegionalConnect Merchant City Minecart
3 Platform 14 South RegionalConnect Daneburg Main Minecart
5 Platform 15 North-South Sealane Metro A Line Anti-Clockwise Minecart
5 Platform 16 North-South Sealane Metro B Line North-Bound (Northern Plains) Minecart
5 Platform 17 North-South Sealane Metro A Line Clockwise Minecart
5 Platform 18 North-South Sealane Metro B Line South-Bound (CWI) Minecart
6 Platform 19 North-South IntraRail Segville WarpTrain
6 Platform 20 North-South IntraRail Segville WarpTrain
6 Platform 21 North-South IntraRail Amestris via Local WarpTrain
6 Platform 22 North-South IntraRail Ravenna via Express WarpTrain
6 Platform 23 North-South RaiLinQ WarpTrain
6 Platform 24 North-South RaiLinQ WarpTrain
6 Platform 25 North-South RaiLinQ WarpTrain
6 Platform 26 North-South RaiLinQ WarpTrain
6 Platform 27 North-South WarpTrain
6 Platform 28 North-South WarpTrain
6 Platform 29 North-South WarpTrain
6 Platform 30 North-South WarpTrain

Red-Rock Theatre and Auditorium

The Red-Rock theatre complex is a large underground complex of shops and a massive theatre, entrances can be found on two levels near the mall and New Forest bus terminal. At present it is serviced by all bus routes in Sealane minus SeleBus  1  route. Once inside the complex the audience is treated to extreme luxury, even in the cheaper seats, as each seat has its own table, as well as a large diner and lounge for intervals where the audience can enjoy a nice walk around or enjoy a drink or two. For those who wish to reserve a box they treated to a large sofa with table, lights which can be turned on and off at the box owners will as well as a minibar. Performers are also treated to the extreme luxury as they also have private lounge, and upon request can either go out and mingle with family/friends in the audiences' lounge or have family/friends come see them in the performers lounge. The theatre has fully working lights as well as programmable stage lights and spotlights, it also has full pyrotechnic capabilities. And a large central stage area where large props/background pieces can be used during performances also center-stage there is a trapdoor which a performer be enter the stage in a very spectacular form. From the floor! The theatre also has a television broadcasting area, where cameras can be set up to film an event, and a booth for commentators or announcers.

The seating area at the theatre.
Backstage at the theatre.

Sealane Underground Research Labs

The Sealane Research Labs are a rumored underground complex which contains several very exotic and experimental pieces of equipment, which most be believe to be involved in nuclear research. Several citizens have tried using basic equipment like Geiger counters to trace radioactive particles to the source. Many guess that the entrance to the complex is located in the Base 9 complex in the North-West of the city, many suspect this because Base 9 is so heavily guarded, and the air around the complex contain many more radioactive particles. However, there is suspicion that these are from the nuclear capable weapons that are quite well known from various pieces of propaganda published by the state.

Getting to Sealane

Border Control

Crossing the border into Sealane is to be done at a designated border crossing point, if a person tries to cross the border in any other way or bypass checks they will be arrested if they resist, they will be shot. Sealane is fine to let immigrants into the city if they have correct documentation. If a person arriving at a crossing point is found not to have correct documentation then they shall be turned back, if they have a permit to travel but NOT a passport, then they are to be escorted by border security to acquire a visa at the nearest convenience.

In order to enter Sealane or use the  B 51  you are required to have a passport as their are multiple checkpoints on that road regularly. To actually enter the city itself, not only are you required to have a passport but you are also required to have a Visa, permit to travel or Ally permit. Visa's and Travel permits can be acquired via your nearest embassy, or online. Allied permits can only be acquired in your local embassy. Native citizens of Sealane are only required to show their citizens card when in the city, when leaving the city and passing through border control, a passport is sufficient to leave and enter Sealane. Adding onto that, citizens of the U.C.W.T are required to only have passports and Ally permits to enter and leave.


Sealane Central (Зэлэня Центральная Вокзал)

Sealane has three rail stations served by 4 companies, the main station (Central Station) was the first station to be constructed, built primarily to serve RegionalConnect's line to Vermilion It has a variety of RegionalConnect services departing from it platforms (listed below) It is served by the metro A and B lines from Central station.
Full list of departures can be attained on the Sealane Central Transport Hub section of this wiki page.

Sealane Northern (Зэлэня Северный Вокзал)

Sealane Northern station was constructed primarily to serve a CitiRail line. The line shares tracks with RegionalConnect's WCML route running an express service to Whitechapel. In the near future underground platforms are due to be constructed to serve Sealanes metro 'A' line. RegionalConnect WCML and GCR services sometimes use Northern station as a terminus when Central station is closed. It is served by the metro A line from Central Park station.

Sealane Downtown *Closed*

Sealane Downtown station was constructed by RaiLinQ to service there lines to Daneburg, Wazamawazi and Segville. It is was completed in late May 2015. It is served by the metro A and B lines from Downtown station. In late 2016 it was closed indefinitely after a new set of platforms were constructed at central station.

Sealane Southgate (Зэлэня Станция Саутгейт)

Southgate station was constructed to serve the PS&L WarpTrain route from Pearl Coast to Laclede. It is currently served by the BluRail BluRailWS-01.png, which provides service to Sealane Central. More info TBA. It is served by the metro B line from Southgate station.

Sealane New Forest (Зэлэня Новая лесная Вокзал)

New Forest station is constructed on the site of the international bus terminal, it is a large station with 8 platforms designed for 5-wide WarpTrains. It is served by the metro B line, however it is only a short walk from the station of New Forest Lane on the A line. Its also right next to the New Forest Lane stadium, meaning the station is incredibly busy on match days.



New Forest Bus Depot

Sealane constructed a bus station in June of 2015, it has 14 bus bays which within 2 hours of its opening, half were occupied. Below is a list of the companies using New Forest.

Bay No. Bay Type Company Destination Status
Bay 1 Just-a-bit-too-big-for-a-small-bus-bay-but-not-quite-large-enough-for-a-coach-bay-bay EBTC Elecna Bay Planned
Bay 2 Small Bus Bay KTA Bus  X7  Nippia Operational
Bay 3 Small Bus Bay KTA Bus  X7  Kenthurst Operational
Bay 4 Small Bus Bay  Arrivé Bus Lines  151   Central City Planned
Bay 5 Small Bus Bay  Arrivé Bus Lines  151   Formosa Planned
Bay 6 Coach Bay TTC Thunderbird Operational
Bay 7 Coach Bay TTC
Bay 8 Coach Bay TfA
Bay 9 Coach Bay TfA
Bay 10 Coach Bay WheelBUS Siletz Operational
Bay 11 Coach Bay
Bay 12 Coach Bay STA
Bay 13 Articulated Bus Bay
Bay 14 Articulated Bus Bay RegioLinQ
Sealane International Bus Terminal

Construction cancelled.



Road connections between major MRT roads and state owned (CW) roads within Sealane boundaries are listed below:

Road Intersection(s) Other connections
 A 0  Junction 9  B 9  /  CW-5 
 A 5  Junction 2  B 52  /  CW-4 
 B 9  /  CW-5  Junctions 1 - 2A and B  A 0 ,  B 51  /  CW-1 
 B 51  /  CW-1  Junctions 1 - 2  B 9  /  CW-5 
 B 52  /  CW-4  Junctions 1 - 7  A 5 

Sealane has many road connections in which players can travel to the city, the first to be established was the connection with the  A 0  To get to Sealane from the  A 0  Take the exit just on the west-side just south of the junction for the  A 8 . The second road connection to be established was the  B 52  which comes into Sealane from the south-side, it runs from Segville and has connections with the  B 57  and  A 5 . Shortly after the  B 52  was completed, the  B 51  was built, this is a large freeway running from Formosa which has road connections with the  B 50  it also will have connections with the proposed airport, which will be built after governor status is achieved.


Looking up in Sealane in 1990 was very different to what it's like now. The twin towers stand tall and the entire downtown area was completely different.

Overview of New World Trade Centre construction.
Overview of Semi-completed World Trade Centre rebuild 10 months later.

Panning shot of Sealane taken looking north.
Sealane bus station (New Forest Bus Depot).

The old flags of our nations Right to Left: MRT, UK, US and Spain. In the very back you can see Sealanes flag flying over the town hall.
The rail yard during its construction on the east-side.

The centre of Sealane, with the recently completed SMP embassy in the centre.
The light memorial to 9/11 seen from the base of the former south tower.

The main gate to the notorious Base 9.
A glimpse into a darker time, one of the overgrown pillboxes built after the Waterville attacks.
Rail Services
Previous station Next station
 XW3  Wallowyn
towards Cypress via Vermilion
 XW2  Sealane  XW1  Central City—SW Station towards Farwater via Central City
 D1  Central City—SW Station
towards Central City—Southwest Station
 D2  Sealane  D3  Wallowyn towards D60 via Utopia
 M1  Central City—SW Station
towards Central City—Southeast Station
 M2  Sealane  M3  Wallowyn towards Tembok via Evella
Segville International
towards Segville via Local
IntraRail Spruce Regional
Sealane Central
Spruce Neck
towards Amestris via Local
Segville International
towards Segville via Express
IntraRail Republic Express
Sealane Central
towards Ravenna via Express
UCWT International Airport
towards Tranquil Forest
BluRail BluRail2-01.png Line
Sealane Central
towards Rank Resort
UCWT International Airport
towards Tranquil Forest
BluRail BluRail2X-01.png Line
Sealane Central
Laclede Central
towards Rank Resort
Terminus RegionalConnect/CitiRail Riviera Express
Sealane Central
Sealane Northern
towards Whitechapel via Radiance Square
Terminus RegionalConnect West Coast MainLine
Sealane Central
Sealane Northern
towards Vermilion via Kenthurst
Terminus RegionalConnect Cross-Map Express
Sealane Central
Sealane Northern
towards Merchant City via Grayzen
Terminus RegionalConnect Great Western Railway
Sealane Central
towards Daneburg via Kolpino