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Location Scotland, United Kingdom
Time zone GMT (UTC)
Language(s) English, Scots, a bit of French
Gender Male
Birth date 27th September
MRT Information
Current rank [Councillor]
Notable projects Lochminehead, Roke
Labour Party, MRT International
Joined 29th April 2016
Accepted 1st June 2016
Citizen 15th June 2016
Trustee 16th September 2016
Councillor 11th December 2016
Social networks
YouTube DJMC2000
Discord DJMC2000#0762

Hello there! I'm DJMC2000, a [Councillor] on the server. I joined late-April of 2016, after searching for specific Minecraft rail servers. I have since founded my own town, which can be found at  V9 , called Lochminehead. I also, upon the advent of Epsilon, founded Roke.

About Me

I discovered Minecraft around March 2012, and I immediately downloaded the Lite Pocket Edition to my iPod. A week later, I purchased the Full Edition of Minecraft PE - in the bare bones of development - and really enjoyed playing it. On the 11th May 2012, I purchased a premium Minecraft account, and began playing regularly on a survival Minecraft server, which focused on building, where I reached the equivalent rank of a [Premier], until it closed later that year. After that, I could not find a server that suited my idea of a server (i.e. building). I joined Minecraft Middle Earth in late-2014, where I remain a member, but did not do much further than that. I, in my spare time, had built up multiple train systems on Pocket Edition, but did not realise there was a server like the MRT. It was not until late-April 2016, when I performed a Google search for a train server, that I found the MRT. I joined immediately, and was made to feel at home, and a part of the community of the server.
I submitted my member application late-May, and was accepted by _frozen on the 1st June 2016. I founded my town, Lochminehead on the 10th June. I was promoted to [Citizen] on the 15th June with an endorsement by Just_robinho and promoted by MinecraftYoshi26. Due to an administration error, I was not promoted to [Trustee] until the 16th September 2016, by thomasfyfe, with wiki privileges coming later via Tom_Pairs. [Councillor] came later, on the 11th December 2016, via Narnia17 and BaronThamesBank. Upon the opening of Epsilon, I claimed one of the northeast islands, where, in the south, I established the harbour town of Roke. During the early days of February, I served as Deputy Mayor of Sweet Sand Dunes, my first role in another town's government. Also, I am currently serving as caretaker to Helix Bay, from the 3rd of April, to, likely, December.