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Waffle House

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Clockwise from top right: Laclede - Bandaraya Tower, Royalston, Kenthurst - Mississa, Danielston - Flagship.
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Clockwise from top right: Kenthurst - Mississa, Utopia, Espil, Kolpino City
VICE CHAIR CaptLincoln
MISSION For a more wafflicious server.
FOUNDED August 3, 2015
PARENT Waffle House on the MRT, Inc.

Welcome to the homepage for Waffle House on the MRT.

Waffles are more than just a success story. They're a symbol of today's culture. Waffle House is determined to be a tribute to that rich, golden brown breakfast dish you know you love. We serve gourmet waffles of all varieties 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Pick your favorite mixins and create your own, personal waffle to order using our variety of combinations. Or, if you're really hungry, try one of our Waffle Sandwiches, perfect for any time of day. Each order is handmade using the trademark Sweet Cream dough which made us famous, with the right amounts of sweetness and satisfaction in every bite.


Waffliciousness isn't about prosperity - it's about happiness. You'll get a taste of that happiness in the waffles we make fresh right in front of your eyes by an even happier cook. We partner with local farmers living the wafflicious way to give you the best ingredients: organic produce, grass-fed meat, and dairy without added hormones. Waffliciousness is about presentability, which is why we strive for cleanliness and aesthetic harmony in all of our stores.

Waffliciousness doesn't stop with us, though. Waffliciousness starts with you. To be wafflicious is to live for the spontaneity of the moment, to take the leap of faith, to walk the steps of courage with which we all face our trials. Waffliciousness isn't about planning - it's about acting.

Join us in the wafflicious way.


It all started on Roblox in 2013, with one single interview.

Our founder, M. J. Pueff, was working his way up the ranks at Frappe (then Cyrogenix's Starbucks,) from lowly Barista to a spot on the Management Team. It was during this time Pueff conducted a routine Trainee interview with the man that changed his outlook - one ShowbizComb578. The two became fast friends, and quickly learned the ins and outs of the industry - yet Showbiz was unsatisfied, wanting to start his own cafe which he envisioned would rival the largest Roblox foodservice groups. Being from the southern United States, Waffle House was a natural fit, and he started Waffle House Cafe with Pueff serving as Executive Vice President.

WHC, as it was abbreviated, started as a simple diner. Nothing more, nothing less than coffee, ice cream, and, of course, our waffles. Pueff, with no prior knowledge of Roblox building, designed a facility authentic to Showbiz's vision. Immediately, the cafe took off. We earned the support of a few hundred members, as well as the recognition of various other groups such as NUSA, where we used to grace the chambers of Congress and serve as an essential break stop in between floor votes and filibusters. And we found promise in a budding member who politely applied to become our Chief Operations Officer. (You may know that person as CaptLincoln.)

Yet we soon reached our downfall. Some of Pueff's building models were leaked, and a rogue Chief Staff Officer exiled almost all of WHC's loyal members from the group in a fit of rage. Showbiz knew that something needed to change, and decided to step down to pursue other goals, leaving Pueff in charge. But by that time, Waffle House Cafe had virtually no members, save for its high ranks. Even of those, perhaps the only active remaining high rank was CaptLincoln. Pueff began to give up hope, and drew his investments away from the foodservice industry and into transportation and automation groups such as Teknikk Lifts, where he proceeded to serve a stint as Chief Executive. He never left the idea of WHC behind, though, and continued to serve as the group's custodian until it could return to its former glory.

It was around 2015 that Pueff found a unique Minecraft server spiking his transportation interests. Minecart Rapid Transit, it was called. Members were building cities, and operating franchises. And here was where Pueff's aha moment lied.

He knew that perhaps the best way to revive a dead group was to expand its member base. So, he became a member, and inside a large cave in his native Danielston, he started a brand new Waffle House (minus the "Cafe.") The revised menu and new, cosmopolitan atmosphere made it virtually unrecognizable from the Roblox franchise. And sure enough, the reinvigorated cafe took off - so much so that Pueff decided to halt Roblox operations altogether for favor of, as he put it, the "golden (brown) mine."

Pueff remains at the helm today, overseeing our 60+ locations. We will always stay unique and inventive, and continue bringing you the highest-quality food. And we don't plan to stop anytime soon.


Waffles to Order


All combos are served with hash brown bites and a choice of beverage.
1. Chocoholic: sweet cream or chocolate waffle w/ choc chips
2. Fall Favorite: Cinnamon waffle, apple chunks, cinnamon chips
3. The Original: Sweet cream waffle w/ banana slices, praline pecans, maple syrup
4. MJ's Favorite: Sweet cream waffle w/ banana slices, granola bits, chocolate chips, maple syrup
Other combos may be available depending on the store.


Start with a dough:
Traditional Sweet Cream, Whole Wheat, Chocolate or Cinnamon
Add any combination of your favorite mixins:
Chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, cinnamon chips, apple chunks, blueberry bits, bacon bits, praline pecans, banana slices, granola bits
This season: Strawberries. Top your waffle with the fresh taste of in-season fruit.
Other mixins/toppings may be available depending on the store.
Finish with an artisan syrup: Maple, Hershey's, Cinnamon

Waffle Sandwiches

Served between two smaller sweet cream waffles.
Start with a protein:
Grilled chicken
Choose a cheese: American, Cheddar, Pepperjack
Choose an egg: Scrambled, over-hard, whites

Sides and Drinks


Served in Small, Med, or Large sizes
Straight up with a little house seasoning
Cheesy with the right amount of shredded American, Pepperjack, and house seasoning
Loaded with bacon bits, cheese, green onions, and house seasoning


Variety of potions (Awkward, Thick, Mundane, etc.)
COFFEE STOPPEE(R) espresso drinks


  • EXPRESS locations, unless otherwise noted, offer a limited menu and are not included in the main location tally.
  • WH TOWER/WH CENTER locations are regional headquarters, and may offer a larger menu. Only one WH Tower or WH Center may be operational in a given region, save for Region Five where our main headquarters is located.
  • Some locations have been built by CaptLincoln, our vice chair. They have been noted as such.

Radiance Square
Newton Le Willows
Janghwa City - MesaPromenade CLOSED
Janghwa Museum Tower CLOSED
Newton Le Willows Station
Birch Forest City
Royal Ferry
Airchester - Furling Park
Tulsi's Solitude
Nippia North
Matheson Hospital
Ellesume EXPRESS
Whiteley Harbourside
West Calbar
Royal Ferry East
Vermilion Victory Square
Pyeongmun City Hall
Ezzo City
Woodsdale Pacifica Rail Station Shoppe
Spruce Neck
Whitechapel Waterfront EXPRESS
Spring Valley
Wolf Peak
Ezzo City Ezzo Tower EXPRESS
Laclede - Bandaraya WH TOWER/Region Eight
Laclede - LHT Airport EXPRESS
Kolpino City
Kenthurst Mississa Bay
Utopia Leroy Satchel Paige Stadium EXPRESS
Snowtopic Theater EXPRESS
South Waterville
Burnt Oak
Gato - Marioni District Built by CaptLincoln
Kitania - Jerry Blvd. WH CENTER/Old World
New Pyeongmun Built by CaptLincoln
Heampstead - Westbury Mall EXPRESS ELEVATOR-THRU
Esterhaus University - Terry-Dewane Center EXPRESS
South Paixton/Canre
Spruce Hills
Konawa - Lillian Disney Amphitheatre EXPRESS
Royal Plaza
Spruce Valley - Taiga Tower
New Rosemont
Venceslo Village
Kolpino City - Airport EXPRESS
Waterville - Providence Park EXPRESS
Paixton - RailinQ EXPRESS
Central City - Fairfax Street Mall EXPRESS
Segav Sal
Venceslo - VFW Airport
Whiteley - Keighley Docks WH TOWER Region Six
Danielston - Riverton West

If you own or find a Waffle House not listed above, please let mjpwwf know as soon as possible.


Our stores are designed to fit into any environment, from the smallest of villages to the most towering skyscrapers. We individually hand-build every single one of our stores without the use of WorldEdit, giving each a custom touch to coordinate with the uniqueness and style of your town or city. No two Waffle Houses are ever alike! If you want a restaurant with the quality of a custom build at the most affordable price, Waffle House is your number one choice.

Here's some of our base packages to give you an idea of what we can do. Note that prices listed are estimates - you may pay more or less depending on size of your plot and detail of your store.

WAFFLE HOUSE(R) Standard a standalone store with plenty of couter space and optional outdoor seating which can be separate from or unified with the entrance area. A drive-thru may be added for an extra fee if space is ample enough. Minimum charge = $10
WAFFLE HOUSE(R) Lite a small store best for downtown areas and larger mall spaces. These stores are designed to retrofit into an existing building, stall, or MRT/third-party station. Base charge = $6-10, depending on building size.
WAFFLE HOUSE(R) expressTM a smaller Lite(R) location with a limited menu, best for mall food courts, MRT stations, airport stalls, apartment buildings, college campuses, or wherever else you can think of. Seating may or may not be included - if you do want seating, the base fee will be $6, otherwise $5.


Coming soon!


Waffle House on the MRT is in no way affiliated with the actual Waffle House chain located in the southern and eastern United States. As such, deliberate differences in store atmosphere and menu have been put into place for the MRT version of the franchise. We in no way intend to plagiarize Waffle House, Inc. or insult its existence by our own; rather, our goal is to pay tribute to a unique and longstanding American institution.