Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport

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Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport
Airport typeCivilian
OperatorPort Authority Of Sunshine Coast
LocationMáspalmas District, Sunshine Coast
Hub forAirPurpur, FlyBahia
BuiltDecember 20, 2018
In useDecember 21, 2018
Direction Length Surface
ft m
- - - -
Statistics (December 2018)

Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport (SSI) is the main airport of Sunshine Coast. The airport is the main gateway for travel to the tropical resorts around Sunshine Coast. In 2019, the old, cramped, and crowded Terminal One was totally overhauled, replaced with a modern and sleek terminal. FlyBahia operates flights to various large cities such as Kanto, Richville, Fort Yaxier, Marblegate, and Whitechapel directly from SSI.


Gate Airline Destination Type Status
Gate A1 FlyBahia - EAM X-150 Delayed
Gate A2 FlyBahia Larkspur, Deadbush, Whitechapel, Chan Bay EAM X-150 Boarding
Gate A3 BART Airlines Mason City BARTiSonic-1 Boarding
Gate A4A FlyBahia Larkspur, Airchester EAM X-15 Boarding
Gate A4B FliHigh Airlines Venceslo
San Dzobiak International Airport
API RJA-20 Boarding
Gate A4C South Weast Airlines New Bakersville EAM X-10 Boarding
Gate A5 FlyBahia Fort Yaxier, Marblelake EAM X-500 Boarding
Gate A6 IntraAir Elecna Bay, Airchester IntraJet 3G Tini 3.0 Boarding
Gate A7 SkyTrans UCTWIA, Fort Yaxier B737-800 Boarding
Gate A8 Infamous Airlines Richville, Chan Bay, Achowalogen Takachsin EAM X-100 Boarding
Gate A9 FlySubway Thunderbird SI-A-100-8 Boarding
Gate A10 Waypoint Airchester, Murrville-Arcadia SI-A-300 Boarding
Gate A11 FlyCreeper Freedon SI-A-100 Boarding
Gate B1 FlyBahia - EAM X-100 Delayed
Gate B2 FlyLumeva Kanto, Whitechapel, Miu Wan SI-A-300 Boarding
Gate B3 BluAir Elecna Bay Medium-Small Boarding
Gate B4 FlyBahia - EAM X-70 Delayed
Gate B5 - - - -
Gate B6 FlyBahia Deadbush, Segville EAM X-50 Boarding
Gate B7 FlyBahia - EAM X-100 Delayed
Gate B8A BluAir Deadbush BluJet S1 Boarding
Gate B8B Oceanic Langus Airways Segville, Mojangsburg, Gemstride, Deadbush Scamell C84 Boarding
Gate B9 FlyBahia UCWTIA EAM X-50 Boarding
Gate B10 FlyBahia Kanto EAM X-500 Boarding
Gate C1 - - - -
Gate C2 - - - -
Gate C3 - - - -
Gate C4 Union Airways Villanueva–Rick Sanchez Airfield - Delayed
Gate C5 AirPurpur everywhere API RJA-20mod yes
Gate C6 FlyBahia Connect - EAM X-10 Delayed
Gate C7 FlyBahia Connect - EAM X-15 Delayed
Gate C8 Sandstone Airr Larkspur Lilyflower, Miu Wan TTL, Lapis Bay Expo East Airport

North Haven Riverside Airfield, West Mesa International Airport, Peacopolis International Airport

PA-1 Boarding
Gate C9 - - - -
Gate C10 Infamous Airlines Deadbush Johnston-Euphorial Airport, Brooklyn Regional Airport EAM X-10 Boarding
Gate C11 - - - -
Gate C12 - - - -
Gate C13 - - - -
Gate C14 HarbourAir Carnoustie DHC-8 Boarding
Gate C15 - - - -
Gate C16 Dand Air Shuttle Dand - Boarding

MRT Transit Award Winner
Best Airport - Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport
Category winner of 2020 MRT Transit Awards
MRT Transit Award Winner
Best Airport - Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport
Category winner of 2021 MRT Transit Awards