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Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport

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Sunshine Coast- Máspalmas International Airport
Airport type Civilian
Owner Cact0
Operator Port Authority Of Sunshine Coast
Location Máspalmas District, Sunshine Coast
Hub for AirPurpur, SunAir
Built December 20, 2018
In use December 21, 2018
Direction Length Surface
ft m
- - - -
Statistics (December 2018)
Area -
Gates 17
Airlines TBD
Transportation n/a

Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport is the main airport of the Far Southeastern Epsilon Region, and serves the cities of Sunshine Coast, Singlwurst, Mojangsburg, and Dana Point. The airport is the main gateway for travel to the tropical resorts around Sunshine Coast, and around 32,500,000 passengers pass through the airport´s two terminals each year. In 2019, the old, cramped, and crowded Terminal One was totally overhauled, replaced with a modern and sleek terminal that is built to accommodate up to 45,000,000 passengers per year. SunAir operates flights to various large cities such as Kanto, Richville, Fort Yaxier, Marblegate, and Whitechapel directly from SSI.


Gate Airline Destination Size Status
Gate A1 SunAir Marblegate, Kanto, Fort Yaxier Large Reserved
Gate A2 SunAir Deadbush- WMI Deadbush - Foxfoe Medium Boarding
Gate A3 SkyTrans UCWTIA, FYI Medium Boarding
Gate A4 IntraAir EBI Medium Reserved
Gate A5 FlyCreeper Freedon Medium-Small Reserved
Gate A6 BART Airlines Mason City Medium-Small Reserved
Gate B1 SunAir - Medium-Small Reserved
Gate B2 FlySubway Thunderbird Medium-Small Boarding
Gate B3 Infamous Airlines ATC, RVA Medium-Small Boarding
Gate B4 AirPurpur everywhere Small Boarding
Gate B5 BluAir somewhere Small Boarding
Gate B6 i forgot somewhere Small maybe boarding?
Gate B7 BluAir i forgot Medium Boarding
Gate B8 SunAir Whitechapel Medium Boarding
Gate B9 DAS deadbush Small-Medium Boarding
Gate B10 SunAir Larkspur, Elecna Bay Small Boarding
Gate B11 FliHigh Venceslo Small Boarding
Gate B12 ? ? Small ?
Gate B13 SunAir Formosa Small-Medium Boarding
Gate C1 SunAir Undetermined Small Reserved
Gate C2 SunAir Undetermined Small Reserved
Gate C3 SkyTrans North Haven Riverside Airfield Small Boarding
Gate C4 IntraAir Nippia-Liten Metropolitan Airport Small Reserved
Gate C5 FlyCreeper Creeperville International Airport, Deadbush Edgecliff Airport Small Reserved
Gate C6 Michigana Itomori Municipal Airfield,Dekuville Harbor Airfield,West Mesa International Airport Small Boarding
Gate C7 Infamous Airlines Richville, Valetta, Brooklyn Small Reserved
Gate C8 FlySubway AFK Small Reserved
Gate C9 Small Reserved