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Johnston Skyline
Town Information
Location Southwest Plains Peninsula
Rank [Mayor]
Important Dates
Founding November 14, 2018
[Councillor] skipped; second town
[Mayor] November 15, 2018
Town Officials
Mayor MojangChan
Deputy Mayor Gran_Cacto
Rail P&D Johnston Line

Johnston is a town located in an isthmus between the Sand and Grond rivers, in the southwestern plains peninsula. It was founded by MojangChan after deciding to start a new town, seeing that his first town, Deadbush, already became a developed metropolis. A notable fact about this town is that it achieved the rank of [Mayor] in just 2 days!


Old Town

The Old Town is the main area of Deadbush. It is the location of many buildings such as the town hall, the Falkland Building, and the Johnston Watchdeck. Notable franchises here include Stone Bank, Metropolitan Coffee, LocalMart, Instant Ribbits, and AstroSlurp. Notable embassies here include those of Deadbush and Birchwood.

East Hills

The East Hills is a residential area located east of the old town, in a flower-top hill touching the nearby deserts. It is the testing site of a new town-building strategy called "N Houses 1 Cluster" where several houses of the same design are built instead of individually unique houses, increasing the land area as well as the build count. There are currently five clusters of houses in East Hills.