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Clockwise from top: Middelhoog skyline, Pioneer Stadium, Midrand Homes, Edgecliff Park, Pioneer Building
Flag of Deadbush.png
Flag of Deadbush
Deputy Mayorhvt2011
Town recognition
Date foundedApril 6, 2018
Date recognized as CouncillorMay 5, 2018
Date recognized as MayorMay 19, 2018
Date recognized as SenatorJuly 1, 2018
Date recognized as GovernorSeptember 30, 2018
Date recognized as PremierDecember 3, 2018
Town hall coordinates-8007, 78, 8585
WorldNew World
Ward(s)Ward 6
RegionGrand Mesa
MRT M36  Deadbush Central
 M37  Deadbush Pioneer
 M39  Deadbush International Airport
 D38  Deadbush - Quarryville
 D39  Deadbush - Johnston
 D40  Foobar
Road connectionsA6
Air facilitiesDeadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport
Deadbush International Airport
Deadbush Johnston-Euphorial Airport
Deadbush Valletta Desert Airport
West Mesa International Airport
Heampstead Heliport
Bus facilitiesB61 Bus Terminal
Karaj Bus Terminal
Nord Bus Terminal/Yard
O'Higgins Bus Terminal
Peachtree Bus Terminal
Pioneer Bus Terminal
Union Ave. Bus Terminal
Westpoint Bus Terminal
Rail facilitiesDeadbush Centro
Deadbush Karaj
Kings Cross Railway Terminal
Various NewRail FLR stations
Water transit facilitiesPort of Deadbush
mylesFerry Deadbush Valley District Port
Heampstead Waterport
Local transitDeadbush Metro
No. of buildings279+ (list of buildings)
Landmark(s)Centro Plaza
Former name(s)Deadbush City

Deadbush is a Premier city founded and owned by Mojang1014, located at M36, M37, and M38 on the MRT Mesa Line and D38, D39, and D40 on the MRT Desert Line. Deadbush was founded in the Grand Mesa on April 6, 2018, and currently serves as the largest city in the region.

Deadbush is known for its rapid growth and its absorption of nearby towns. Deadbush is one of the largest cities in the New World and holds the record for the most airports in one city at five. Deadbush was the fastest town to be promoted to Premier with respect to its foundation date with 242 days on December 3, 2018, before being surpassed by Oparia achieving the rank in 223 days on November 14, 2020.


Founding and integration of Southfields (2018)

The Pioneer district in July 2018

Deadbush was founded on April 6, 2018, by Mojang1014, then known as MojangChan. Deadbush started in a valley between two plateaus, currently known as the Pioneer district. Shortly after construction on Deadbush's first set of roads began, MojangChan received a complaint from Heampstead mayor MikeRoma of its close proximity. This was quickly resolved with assistance from moderator megascatterbomb by establishing a 300-block buffer zone between the towns.

While exploring the plateau south of Pioneer, MojangChan stumbled upon the abandoned settlement of Southfields owned by ModernArt. MojangChan asked ModernArt if it could be integrated into Deadbush, and ModernArt affirmed. MojangChan put his priorities to urbanize the gap between Pioneer and Southfields, so two new districts were created: Middelhoog and Valley. During this time that Deadbush's primary government offices were constructed, specifically the Union Building and the Deadbush Courthouse. In 2018, Mojangitis was coined as MojangChan, who at the time knew very little about WorldEdit, experimented with the 'stack' command on a furnished office building shell. With relative success, the technique was continually used throughout the city to create many of Deadbush's high-rise developments.

Senator and Governor (2018)

During the summer of 2018, the gap between Pioneer and Southfields was filled. MojangChan decided to apply for Senator; however, being bothered by some barren spots near Deadbush's then-main road, the pace of urbanization had to be increased. Three new districts, Oaksburg, New Manila, and Asulton, were established to double the size of the city, with a new arterial road paved to serve these areas. Deadbush achieved Senator on July 1, 2018.

After achieving Senator, MojangChan constructed Deadbush's first air facility, and the first air facility in the Grand Mesa: Deadbush Northeast Airfield. The increasingly rapid pace of expansion continued beyond attaining Senator with the construction of numerous skyscrapers, high-rise condominiums, and public housing units built using the Mojangitis method. As a result, Deadbush was promoted to Governor on September 30, 2018, nearly three months after being promoted to Senator.

Airports, town absorptions, and Premier (2018)

As part of Deadbush's master plan at the time, two airports were to serve Deadbush: a large international airport and a smaller regional airport. The smaller airport, Deadbush Edgecliff Airport, was the first of these airports to be constructed and West Mesa International Airport was constructed after.

Borderville skyline in January 2019

MojangChan undertook an initiative of bringing development and urban sprawl into the city by persuading members to develop towns around the city, including Gemstride, Borderville, Euphorial, Weezerville, Peachtree City, Islington, and Kota Lembah. Due to some of the mayors' inactivity of those towns, some of the towns were transferred into Deadbush jurisdiction either through inactive asset transfers or through deputy mayor successions. Older existing settlements within the area were also integrated into Deadbush or subject to its authority, including Valletta. Satellite towns built by MojangChan, such as Johnston, were also integrated into Deadbush, increasing the town's size. Deadbush became infamous for acquiring, colloquially known as "eating", its neighboring towns, and its rapid growth. Deadbush was promoted to Premier on December 3, 2018, becoming the fastest town to be promoted to Premier with respect to its foundation date with 242 days. This was later surpassed by Oparia achieving the rank in 223 days.

New airports and bursts of growth (2020–present)

In late 2020, MojangChan, known then as MF_Moj, moved to Singapore, which inspired him to create stacked high-rise housing estates outside Deadbush's city center. The first new town created was Euphorial New Town, located in the former Sudwest Township. Numerous airports were built and demolished throughout Deadbush, including Deadbush International Airport, as the city's new main airport.

Deadbush continued expanding despite its massive size, with a long-term goal of being the largest city in the server. Various municipal districts continued to be created and expanded, including the creation of Sentral Nuevo, Quarryville, and Eastside. In February 2024, the Senator town of Heampstead officially became a part of Deadbush.


Deadbush as seen from Dynmap in November 2022

Deadbush is located in southwestern Gamma in the Grand Mesa. Most of Deadbush is located on the Zuid Plateau, with some parts of the city spreading into the lowlands. The Valletta district is located along the coast, in the desert. Deadbush touches lake 8 the Estival Sea.

Neighboring towns to Deadbush include Heampstead, Gemstride, and Weezerville.

Zones and Districts

As of February 2024, Deadbush is split between five metropolitan zones and 30 municipal districts.

Deadbush City Metropolitan Zone

Some of the districts in the Deadbush City Metropolitan Zone. Clockwise from upper left: Ormoc Street in Valley, Middelhoog, New Manila, Cadigal Opera House in Oaksburg, Queensland Lake in Cirque, Northern terminus of Union Avenue in Nord, Burolsburg, Boe Jiden Interchange in Blackwater, Asulton, Deadbush Courthouse in Southfields


Pioneer is the first district developed in Deadbush. It is a historic district in Deadbush, as many of Mojang1014's first buildings on the server were built in this area. The executive branch of the municipal government is headquartered in the Governor Building where the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are based at. It is located beside the Pioneer Building along Pioneer Avenue and cornering Channel Street. Points of interest in the district include:

  • Pioneer Building - first building built by Mojang1014 and in Deadbush; old City Hall
  • Governor Building - current city hall of Deadbush
  • Stone Bank (Deadbush City Branch) - franchise by Mojang1014 used for Citizen endorsements
  • Pioneer Bus Terminal - bus station located at the back of Stone Bank
  • supermetro's steak house - first foreign franchise in Deadbush
  • M37 Deadbush Pioneer - MRT Mesa Line station serving Pioneer
  • MojangChan's House - residence of Mojang1014


Valley is a district located east of Pioneer, named due to its location between two plateaus. Valley is known for its drastic income disparity, as the super-rich and super-poor live alongside each other. Valley is split into two zones: Old Valley and New Valley. Old Valley is where development started in Valley. Many of the buildings are flat as they were built when there were no architectural influences in mind during construction. Much of the area is located underneath a viaduct of Union Avenue that crosses the valley and the B60. Ormoc Street, an alleyway, was designed with the aesthetic for frequent night parties and DJs. New Valley is located beside a former military base controlled by Titsensaki under the name of Pond Suburb of Titsensaki. It was handed over to the Deadbush government due to stagnant maintenance. It was later developed by Chan Industrial Development Corporation to house many high-rise residential projects in Nelson Hill. Points of interest in the district include:

  • POST Central - major transport hub for northern Deadbush
  • Tri-District Bridge - pedestrian overpass linking Valley, Middelhoog, and Blackwater
  • Ormoc Street - nightlife and DJ place in Deadbush


Middelhoog is one of Deadbush's central business districts. Being the first of its kind, Middlehoog houses Deadbush's first skyscrapers. Middelhoog is the headquarters of the legislative branch of the municipal government, housing the Union Building. Centro Plaza, a polished andesite square located in front of the Union Building, marks Kilometer 0 of all places relative to Deadbush. Many city-based companies have their corporate headquarters in this area such as Stone Bank, QMEU Telecom, and Damasony Electronics. The Deadbush Foreign Exchange is located here. Deadbush Centro Station, Deadbush's first intercity railway station, is located in the district. Points of interest in the district include:

  • Union Building - headquarters of Deadbush Parliament
  • Centro Plaza - andesite square in front of Deadbush Grandstand, Kilometer/Mile 0 for all roads in Deadbush
  • Deadbush Centro Station - first warp rail station in Deadbush
  • Jefferson Park - park built on the headside of a cliff
  • Pylon Building - first //stack by Mojang1014


Southfields is a town-turned-district, previously owned by ModernArt. It was handed over by agreement between him and Mojang1014. Southfields, unlike the other districts, has a distinct architecture derived from the former mayor's building style. Southfields chronologically predates all districts in the city as it existed as a separate town before Deadbush ever came to be. Southfields is split between two zones: Main and Oakridge. Main is the old town of Southfield that contains all buildings built by ModernArt. It houses the Deadbush Courthouse and the Southfields Convention Center. Oakridge was then developed to encompass the southern ridges of the plateau. It houses the Achowalogen Takachsin Embassy, the largest embassy in the city. Southfields is the judicial seat of the municipal government where the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Justice convene. Points of interest in the district include:

  • Deadbush Courthouse - headquarters of Deadbush Judiciary
  • Southfields Convention Center - first convention center in Deadbush
  • NewTRail - park built from demolished NewRail track
  • Achowalogen Takachsin Embassy - largest embassy in Deadbush
  • Pag-Unlad Cliff - commemorates the promotion of Deadbush to Governor

New Manila

New Manila is a district beside the Deadbush Central Business District that houses the city's Filipino and Chinese settlements. Many of the executive branch's first government ministries are headquartered here, including the Ministry of Employment, Ministry of Infrastructure, and Ministry of Finance. New Manila houses the central campus of The University of Deadbush, a large brutalist building occupying one whole city block. New Manila is named after the Mayor's Filipino ancestry. Points of interest in the district include:

  • University of Deadbush - flagship university of Deadbush
  • New Intramuros - Spanish pueblo-inspired area
  • Deadbush Chinatown


Asulton is a district occupying the southwest portion of the Zuid Plateau. Asulton houses the Deadbush I.T. Park, an extension of the Deadbush Central Business District which houses the headquarters of companies like Damasony Electronics and Le Tran Oils. Centered around the Deadbush I.T. Park is Wilson Plaza, a square encircled by the street of its namesake that mimics a laptop desk setup. Freeman's Ward, a long-standing shanty settlement is located in Asulton. Points of interest in the district include:

  • Die Leiter / The Ladder - first stack of sesese9
  • Southern Gardens - first park in Deadbush
  • Freeman's Ward - first shanty in Deadbush
  • Wilson Plaza - plaza that mimics a laptop desk setup


Oaksburg is a district located on the northern side of the Zuid Plateau. It was the last district developed before the city was promoted to Senator. Oaksburg was named such due to its plentiful amount of oak trees. Oaksburg houses the Oaksburg Business District, one of the many central business districts within the metropolis. Deadbush's tallest skyscraper, One Farringdon Center, is located here. The main athletics recreation area of the metropolis, Jefferson Sports Complex, is located in the district where sports, including tennis, spleef, mini-golf, and sumotori are played. The district houses the Deadbush Theater, where Lingo by autobus22 is hosted. Points of interest in the district include:

  • Cadigal Opera House - opera house built by Foxfoe, replicating the Sydney Opera House
  • Jefferson Sports Complex - athletics area of Deadbush with venues for spleef, tennis, mini-golf, and sumotori
  • Deadbush Flats - mini-golf course built by TalonPlays
  • Oaksburg Business District - central business district located in western Deadbush
  • Jefferson Bus Terminal - brutalist bus terminal located in the Talonsville housing estate


Blackwater is a district located east of the Chan River. It is currently the largest district by land area. Blackwater is one of Deadbush's logistic hubs, housing West Mesa International Airport and the Port of Deadbush. The Deadbush Lower Business District, an extension of the adjacent Deadbush Central Business District, is located in Blackwater. The B61, Deadbush's longitudinal arterial highway, crosses through the district, leading to the outer suburbs and neighboring towns of Heampstead, Valletta, Johnston, Euphorial, and Southwest City. Points of interest in the district include:


Cirque is a district surrounded by the Zuid Plateau and the Midrand Hills, home to most of the embassies in Deadbush. The district houses the Midrand Homes, an affluent private residential subdivision in the city housing the Deadbush International School. One of the Pit Stops of The Amazing Race 10 was located in the gazebo of Queensland Lake in the district. Points of interest in the district include:

  • Deadbush International School
  • Queensland Lake - Pit Stop on The Amazing Race 10


Burolsburg is a residential district located in southwestern Deadbush. Due to the district's close proximity to the Oaksburg Business District, many private residential developments in Burolsburg, including the Darlington Tower, The Cascades, and Verwoerd Flats. The original westernmost point of the city is in the district, marked by West Point Park, which overlooks the runway of Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport. Points of interest in the district include:

  • Darlington Center - headquarters of Council of Districts
  • Pioneer Stadium - Deadbush's football stadium
  • Deadbush Obstacle Course - Deadbush's parkour race course
  • West Point Park - former westernmost point of Deadbush


Edgecliff is a district located in the southwest area of the Zuid Plateau. Much of Edgecliff was built by Nainzboy, who originally wanted to build an exclave within Deadbush. Due to bureaucratic incompatibility, much of its autonomy was relinquished and rescinded into the control of the Deadbush municipal government. Points of interest in the district include:

  • Edgecliff Park - park redeveloped from Deadbush Edgecliff Airport
  • Edgecliff Retail Park - outlet mall built by STthecat redeveloped from Deadbush Edgecliff Airport
  • The Oblong - elevated race track built around an adjacent oak forest


Howard is a small agrarian district located west of Pioneer. It is built on reclaimed land to cope with the hilly terrain. Deadbush Pioneer-Howard Airport used to be in the airport, which was demolished for the construction of Deadbush International Airport. Points of interest in the district include the Howard District Mayor Hall, a sub-municipal office.


Nord is a district located on the southern tip of the Nord Plateau. It was the smallest district in size until July 2023 when the Nord Yard Township was constructed adjacent to it. Points of interest include Lumity Cliff (Lumitieskloof) where Deadbush's first LGBTQ+ pride flag was erected.

West Metropolitan Zone

The districts in the West Metropolitan Zone in August 2023. Clockwise from upper left: Borderville, Peachtree City, Newfoundland, Kota Lembah


Borderville is the largest district and regional center of the West Metropolitan Zone. Before amalgamating into Deadbush, it was a separate town owned by Foxfoe. The district centers around a large terracotta hill named Government Hill where its district hall is located (hence Government Hill). It has numerous transport links connecting into other parts of Deadbush via the Deadbush Metro Lines 5 and 8, MylesMonorail, and the Western Ringway. Points of interest in this district include:

  • Government Hill - large terracotta hill located at the center of the district
  • Foxfoe Memorial Park - park commemorating the former mayor of the town
  • Borderville Business District - central business district of the West Metropolitan Zone
  • ANZAC Hill - war memorial commemorating the ANZACs
  • Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport - Terminal 1

Peachtree City (PTC)

Peachtree City, abbreviated as PTC, is Deadbush's westernmost district. Before amalgamating into Deadbush, it was a separate town owned by wbhob who built the original buildings of the town. In 2023, it was expanded south to make way for the construction of the Wee Boon Hob housing estate. Much of the roads in the northern precinct of PTC employ pedestrian stone brick paths, with buildings condensed into one another. The southern precinct is more organized with wider sidewalks and intentional zoning. The district can be accessed via various forms of transport such as MCR, Deadbush Metro Lines 5 and 10, MylesMonorail, and bus services operated by Prime Bus. Points of interest in this district include:

  • The Country Prison - Deadbush's only prison
  • Kampung Square - North Precinct's central square
  • Kwartsgebou - district hall of PTC
  • Masjid Al-Deadbush - Deadbush's first mosque, constructed by ReallyTuck
  • Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport - Terminal 2

Kota Lembah

Kota Lembah is a district located in northwest Deadbush. Before amalgamating into Deadbush, it was a separate town owned by Frosty_Creeper10. Kota Lembah acts as a gateway to Gemstride, a city owned by Melecie. Kota Lembah has transport links via the Deadbush Metro Line 4, MetroJeep, and MylesMonorail. Points of interest in this district include:

  • Plaza Shahada - district hall of Kota Lembah
  • Elytra Tower - highest point in Kota Lembah
  • IKEA - Deadbush's first IKEA


Newfoundland is a suburban housing district located south of Borderville. Many of the houses are mass-produced and multiplied via a single template. Two housing estates exist in the area, namely Borderville South Residences in the north and Wesdorp in the south. Access into the district can be done via Deadbush Metro Lines 5 and 8 and Neptune Buses. Points of interest in the district include South Field, a football field located adjacent to Borderville South Residences.

South Metropolitan Zone

Sentro Nuevo (top) and Qormi (bottom) in August 2023

Sentral Nuevo

Sentral Nuevo is the regional center of the South Metropolitan Zone. Meaning 'new center', the district was established to become the new government center of the city. The district is split between three distinct areas namely Karaj, Town, and Flagstaff. Karaj houses the Sand Well Global City (SGC), one of the many business districts within Deadbush. Town is the location of the district's administrative hall. Flagstaff, named after the large Mojanger Community flag, is where the Sansdorp Housing Estate is situated. Points of interest in the district include:

  • The Great Hall of the Crackheads - headquarters of the Deadbush Federal Parliament; featured in The Amazing Race 12
  • Valletta Flagstaff - large flagstaff located in front of a roundabout
  • Covina Rotunda - large roundabout where Union Avenue, B61, and Newfoundland Avenue converge.
  • Sand-well Global City (SGC) - business district located in the western part of the district
  • Amber Park - park in SGC built by Amber_Pine
  • Deadbush Karaj Transit Center - large multimodal transit hub in the South Metropolitan Zone


Qormi is a district in Deadbush with numerous sandstone buildings. Before merging into Deadbush, it was a separate town owned by AEhub known as Valletta. Qormi draws inspiration from Malta's capital, which the former town gets its name from. Qormi, Valletta's central district, predates much of Deadbush's development as it was already an established town back in 2016 during the Gamma era of the server. Qormi has numerous rooftop solar panels to produce electricity. The district has transport connections to other districts in Deadbush via the B61, the Deadbush Metro Line 1, MCR, and NewRail FLR. Points of interest in the district include:

  • Valletta Arena - spleef arena in Valletta
  • Hotel Luxe - boutique hotel in Valletta
  • The Kenthurst Tower - headquarters of Bank of Valletta (BOV)


Sliema is Valletta's central business district. It has numerous sandstone skyscrapers, with offices for companies such as HSBC, WestPac, and the Bank of Valletta. The administrative offices of the South Metropolitan Zone are also located in Sliema. Points of interest in this district include:


Weezerville is a district located along the coast of Avenir Bay. Before being merged into Deadbush, it was a separate town owned and founded by SansNotLuigi. Points of interest include:

  • Port of Weezerville - Maritime Hub along Avenir Bay
  • Weezerville Shriner Heliprt (WVH) - grandfathered heliport
  • Weezerville Bus Terminal - large bus terminal beside Deadbush Metro station
  • Weezerville Town Hall - building with large gray Weezer logo mounted on top

Valletta New Town

Valletta New Town is a public housing district located southeast of Qormi and directly east of Sliema. It was built as an extension of Euphorial New Town across the Johnston Skyway. Points of interest include the Kotka supermarket and Wuster's Burgers, both owned by STthecat.

Valletta South

Valletta South is a public housing district located directly south of Sliema and near Deadbush Valletta Desert Airport. Unlike other public housing districts, the district employs mass-produced, stacked houses, an approach of construction done in the Wesdorp housing estate in the Newfoundland district of Deadbush. Points of interest in this district include the Cathedral of Jesus Christ The Rise and Valletta South Secondary College, the rival institution of DSSC.

East Metropolitan Zone

The districts in the East Metropolitan Zone in August 2023. Clockwise from upper left: Euphorial Old Town, Euphorial New Town, Quarryville, Eastside

Euphorial Old Town

Euphorial Old Town is a district encompassing the buildings and infrastructure built by the area's former mayor Kangaroo567. It is surrounded by numerous terracotta hills. The district is comprised of two sections, namely the Historical District and the Plateau District. The Historical District contains much of the buildings built by the former mayor. The Plateau District on the other hand contains the area's first set of franchises such as Hvt's Arcade, Sans Inn, and Pinguin's Brot und Rindfleisch. The Euphorial Bus Terminal and the Euphorial Heliport is located in this section of the district. Points of interest in the district include:

  • Euphorial Bus Terminal - large bus terminal in Euphorial
  • Station Center Euphorial - community center of Euphorial Old Town which contains the district's only supermarket
  • George Bush Memorial Tree - tallest tree in Deadbush
  • Euphorial Courthouse and Prison - prison that serves the East Metropolitan Zone

Euphorial New Town

Euphorial New Town is a socialized housing estate located south of Old Town's Historical District. It was built as an experiment of the Singapore Housing & Development Board's New Town scheme. The district is called Euphorial New Town as the housing blocks in the district are inspired by ones found in Singapore's New Towns. The land where the district is situated was formerly called the Sudwest Township until it was redeveloped into a housing estate. It currently acts as the administrative center of the metropolitan zone. Points of interest in this district include:

  • Euphorial Center - administrative headquarters of the East Metropolitan Zone
  • Sudwest Township - slum within Euphorial New Town
  • Kangaroo Stadium - football stadium in Euphorial


Eastside is one of Deadbush's central business districts. It is the commercial center of the East Metropolitan Zone. Deadbush Johnston-Euphorial Airport is located here. Several Deadbush corporations have their offices in Eastside, such as WestBank. Points of interest in this district include:

  • Swanston Hill - large flagstaff with Deadbush flag on top
  • MCR Badminton Club and Rail Yard - badminton center and storage yard for former MCR rolling stock
  • Eastside Rotunda - rotunda linking roads going to Euphorial Old Town and Quarryville
  • Deadbush Johnston-Euphorial Airport - one of Deadbush's five airports


Quarryville is Deadbush's easternmost district. It is the second socialized housing district constructed in Deadbush. It was constructed to integrate the claimed D38 station on the MRT Desert Line, which then only had an MCR station under it. The district was the site of the former Highveld Military Base which stored the Mojang Union's nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles. It contains the refurbished, renovated, and non-Internet-sourced buildings from Deadbush's neighboring town of Islington. A point of interest in the district is the Islington Convention Center, a convention center developed from an abandoned building transferred from Islington.

North Metropolitan Zone


Heampstead is the regional centre of the North Metropolitan Zone. Initially a separate Senator-ranked city owned by MikeRoma, it was gradually integrated into the Deadbush metropolis, firstly under a caretakership and later fully integrated into Deadbush on February 10, 2024. Heampstead predates much of the developments of Deadbush as it was one of the first settlements in the Grand Mesa. Classical European architecture is used throughout the district, distinguishing itself from many of Deadbush's other districts. Points of interest in this district include:

Southwest City

Southwest City is a district in the far northwest of Deadbush. Before being merged into Deadbush, it was a satellite town owned by Mojang1014. Southwest City's architecture is heavily inspired by that of cities within the Estify Region, being Mojang1014's attempt to create a science fiction setting. Points of interest in this district include:

  • Galactic Library of Fanfiction
  • Galactic Building (former Ciy Hall)
  • Compton Offices - headquarters of aero
  • "Conric Found This While Livestreaming" Well

Deadbush International Airport District

Deadbush International Airport District is a specially administered amentity located between Heampstead and Southwest City. Due to its sheer size, the district's premises act as a separate sub-municipal entity, equal to that of all other districts in Deadbush. The airport acts as a hub for aero, Transoceanique Air Lines, AirMesa, and ArcticAir.



West Mesa International Airport, the city's former main airport

Deadbush is known for its numerous airports, current and former. In total, Deadbush has had a total of nine unique airports, the most of any city. Deadbush's five current airports are West Mesa International Airport, Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport, Deadbush Johnston-Euphorial Airport, Deadbush Valletta Desert Airport, and Deadbush International Airport. The four former airports were Deadbush Northeast Airfield, Deadbush Northeast Airfield, Deadbush Pioneer-Howard Airport, and Valletta Desert Airfield.

The first airport created in Deadbush was Deadbush Northeast Airfield, founded and demolished in 2018. The second airport created was Deadbush Edgecliff Airport, which had overbooked gate requests, resulting in anger from those who were approved gates but were not given one. This was gradually resolved with the creation of West Mesa International Airport, which became one of the most well-known airports of the latter half of Epsilon.

Within the span of 2020 to 2022, four more airports were constructed, complementing the massive scale of the city at that time. The airports were Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport, Deadbush Johnston-Euphorial Airport, Deadbush Pioneer-Howard Airport, and Deadbush Valletta Desert Airport. Deadbush Pioneer-Howard Airport was demolished to make way for Deadbush International Airport, replacing West Mesa International Airport as the city's main airport.

Deadbush Metro

Deadbush Metro Line 4 in Howard in October 2022

The Deadbush Metro is the principal rapid transit railway system in the Deadbush, operated by IntraRail Local Systems. It was created through a merger of all existing intracity warp rail services, excluding MoComm and the P&D Railway.

MCR Light Deadbush and MoComm were officially integrated into the Deadbush Metro in mid-2023.


The following towns have a Deadbush Embassy:

The following towns have an embassy in Deadbush:

City officials

Deadbush City Seal

Deadbush has been owned by two different people, its founder, Mojang1014, and Echohue, and five different Deputy Mayors.

Term Mayor Deputy Mayor Speaker of Parliament COD Chairman
April 2018 - January 2019 MojangChan frogggggg megascatterbomb sesese9
January 2019 - May 2019 MojangChan Cact0 AyyLion sesese9
May 2019 - December 2019 Echohue MojangChan AyyLion sesese9
January 2020 - November 2022 MF_moj Echohue Position terminated Position terminated
November 2022 - present Mojang1014 hvt2011