Valletta Desert Airfield

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Valletta Desert Airfield
Airport typeCivilian
OwnerAEhub, MojangChan
OperatorValletta, Deadbush
LocationWest Desert, New World
BuiltNovember 4, 2018 - November 5, 2018
In useNovember 5, 2018 - ****
Direction Length Surface
ft m
09 / 27 633 193 Cyan Teracotta
Statistics (November 2018)
TransportationValletta Highway

Valletta Desert Airfield was an airfield located west of Valletta. It was built by MojangChan under approval of AEhub, with help from woorich999, Gran_Cacto, and Frosty_Creeper10. It will replace the old Valletta airfield due to its present abandoned state. It served the cities of Valletta and Deadbush, as well as nearby suburbs like Borderville. It helds the title for longest airfield runway at a length of 193 meters. It was torn down on May 1, 2020 to make way for Deadbush Johnston-Euphorial Airport.

VDF is a Deadbush-operated airfield, therefore it complies with the AGPG

Municipal Transportation Agency Resolution 3/Airport Gate Purchasing Guidelines (AGPG) This resolution sets the guidelines for purchasing gates in ALL Deadbush-operated airfields and airports:

  • A SMALL gate Costs 10$, A MEDIUM gate costs 20$, A LARGE gate costs 30$
  • The purchaser is given a maximum of 1 WEEK to put its plane with the warp onto its purchased gates, if the purchaser doesn't do so, it will be reminded on the day the time allotted has expired. If the purchaser doesn't comply, the plane will be dismantled and/or the gate will be reassigned.
  • A plane will be dismantled/gate will be reassigned if: 1)No plane in gate 2)No warp on plane 3)Purchaser has not payed purchasing fee
  • If the above has happened, the purchaser WILL NOT be refunded to ensure that the airline owner is responsible for its shortcomings, unless there is valid appeal.
  • Maximum of 2 PLANES serving one destination (airfield), Maximum of 5 PLANES serving one destination (airport)
  • To be posted in the wiki pages of every Deadbush-operated airfield and airport

Gates and Destinations

Gate Airline Destination
Gate 1 BluAir New Bakersville City Airfield, Sunshine Coast Cacto Regional Airport
Gate 2 Infamous Airlines Tom Paris-Richville City Airfield, Fort Yaxier International Airport, North Haven Riverside Airfield
Gate 3 FlyCreeper Freedon Silverwood International Airport, Creeperville International Airport
Gate 4 SunAir Sunshine Coast Cacto Regional Airport
Gate 5 Waypoint Epsilon International Airport
Gate 6 Infamous Airlines Brooklyn Regional Airport, Radiance Square International Airport, Tranquil Forest Airfield, Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
Gate 7 Infamous Airlines Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Ilirea Midcity Airport, Rockaway Airport
Gate 8 Infamous Airlines Murrville-Arcadia International, Pasadena Airfield, West Calbar Regional Airport
Gate 9 Infamous Airlines Zerez Capital Int. Airfield, Dekuville Harbor Airfield, Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport
Gate 10 Infamous Airlines Farwater Lanecra Landing Strip, Carnoustie International Airport, Mojangsburg Suidplein Airfield
Gate 11 Infamous Airlines Werk-En-Rust Airfield, Leydon International Airport, Kantō International Airport
Gate 12 BluAir Mason City International Airport, Ilirea Midcity Airport