Deadbush Northeast Airfield

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Deadbush Northeast Airfield

Paliparang Hilagang-Silangan ng Deadbush
Airport typeCivilian
OperatorMunicipal Agency of Transportation
LocationGrand Mesa, New World
BuiltJuly 2, 2018 - July 3, 2018
In useJuly 3, 2018 - ****
Direction Length Surface
ft m
09 / 27 318 97 Gray Concrete
Number Length Surface
ft m
1 49 15 Light Gray Concrete
2 49 15 Light Gray Concrete
3 49 15 Light Gray Concrete
4 49 15 Light Gray Concrete
Statistics (July 2018)

Deadbush Northeast Airfield (DNA) was an airfield located in the northeastern area of Deadbush, along the B60 highway. It was the first airfield of its kind in the Grand Mesa and in the extreme Gamma Southwest. It served the cities of Deadbush and Totsworth. It was removed to make way for West Mesa International Airport.

Check-In Counters

Check-In Counters
Counter For Airline
Counter 1 A National Airlines
Counter 2 A Infamous Airlines
Counter 3 A BluAir
Counter 4 A South Weast Charter
Counter 5 A Waypoint
Counter 6 A FliHigh Airlines
Counter 7 A Caelus
Counter 8 A
Counter 9 A SkyTrans
Counter 10 A FlyCreeper
Counter 11 H Caelus
Counter 12 H Galactic Empire
Counter 13 H SkyTrans
Counter 14 H Infamous Airlines


Gate Airline Destination/s
TERMINAL Airplane Gates
Gate 1 South Weast Charter New Bakersville City Airfield
Gate 2 Infamous Airlines Tom Paris-Richville City Airfield, FYI
Gate 3 SkyTrans UCWTIA
Gate 4 Waypoint Epsilon International Airport
Gate 5 National Airlines FYI
Gate 6 FliHigh Airlines Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport, Southwold International Airport
SATTELITE Airplane Gates
Gate 7 BluAir Mason City International Airport
Gate 8 FlyCreeper Freedon Silverwood International Airport
Gate 9 Caelus Horizon National Airport, Fort Yaxier Airfield
Gate 10 Cascadia Airways St. Francis Xavier Regional Airport, Vegeta City Airfield
Gate 15 Cascadia Airways Waterville Municipal Airfield, Espil Ecilidae Airport
Helicopter Gates
Gate 11 Caelus Saint Roux-Charles de Gaulle International Airport
Gate 12 Galactic Empire Coruscant
Gate 13 SkyTrans Waterville Municipal Airfield
Gate 14 Infamous Airlines Bakersville Fairfield Airfield