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Founder & CEO juniverse2001
Facts and figures
Number of Stores 43
Headquarters Greenplain Heigts  ZS3  Foobar
Parent Company LocalCorp

LocalMart is a convenience store franchise founded by juniverse2001. It was his first franchise on the server, and is owned by the LocalCorp Holding Company.


LocalMart may look like a simple convenience store, but each store has its own slogan, and is filled with satirical products and other easter eggs. It is the first and leading franchise of LocalCorp. Throughout its lifetime, LocalMart has had one significant design change.

Due to its small nature, a LocalMart can be put anywhere, but usually comes in a 9x12 building.

New LocalMart stores cost $10, and upgrades from the old design cost $5.


LocalMart Spring Water (Enriched with Enriched Uranium)

Cheap Romance Novels

Celebrity Tabloids

Used Gift Cards

Direct-To-Video Movies






Raw Materials


Greenplain Heights -  ZS3  Foobar - First Location - Headquarters of LocalCorp

Birch Coast -  C6  Foobar

Lonespruce - Near NW8

Greenport - Near  I27  Fort Yaxier Central Station

Southport - No Station

Kolpino City -  M18  Kolpino

Easset -  F26  Easest - LocalMart r e t r o

Thunderbird -  F16  Thunderbird West

Birchview -  C1 - ZN13  BirchView - LocalMart Original Wave

Huntington -  C9  Huntington

Epsil -  C80  Espil - Eisli Central

Radiance Square -  A9  Radiance Square

West Calbar -  A14  West Calbar

Washingcube -  A15  Washingcube

West Vermillion -  XW16  West Vermilion

Liten -  ZN19  Liten

Nippia -  ZN20  Nippia Central - First Prototype of LocalMart M O D E R N

Unamed Town -  V24  Haibian

Spruce Mountain -  D10  Musique - Spruce Mountain District - First and only SuperLocalMart

Utopia -  D14  Utopia

Lacede -  T13  Laclede

Armada -  C107  Armada

Izumo -  C34  Izumo - Financial - LocalMart r e t r o

Oakley -  F5  Oakley Euston

Cornus -  T8  Cornus

Seaview - No Station - Forgot where Seaview was

Matheson -  I10  Foobar

Siletz -  V13  Siletz

Sealane -  XW2 - D2 - M2  Sealane

Legitevon -  ZS14  Foobar - LocalMart r e t r o - 9x9

New Beginnings -  V17  New Beginnings

42 -  XW7  - Should be the only store with the futuristic design.

BBTown -  M29  Foobar - LocalMart r e t r o

Waterville -  A21  Waterville - Union Station

Heampstead -  M42  Foobar - LocalMart Custom

MRT International Airport - LocalMart Custom

Freshney -  A16  Freshney

Venceslo Village -  ZS20  Venceslo Station

Mall in Achowalogen Takachsin - Station Unknown

Port City Of Victoria - No Station

New Atlantis - No Station

Dulwich -  P40  Dulwich Central

North Laclede -  T14  North Laclede

Lost Locations

Janghwa City -  M22  Janghwa City - Demolished

New Appleton -  P8  Achowalogen Takachsin-Covina International Airport - Demolished

Astoria -  C48  Astoria - Removed