MS Azalea Arctic

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Azalea Arctic
Azalea Arctic at its dock in Wenyanga
Operator Azalea Cruises
Entered service 9 May 2021
Gross tonnage 26,635 GRT
Class Arctic
Port of registry Wenyanga

MS Azalea Arctic is a cruise ship built for and owned by Azalea Cruises. Part of the Arctic-class family of cruise ships, its namesake is the MRT Arctic Line. She is also the lead ship of the class and her port of registry is Wenyanga.


Azalea Arctic and her 5 other sisters in the Arctic class were ordered on April 21, 2021, by Azalea Cruises. She was originally ordered as Princess Andromeda and would have been a Greek mythology themed cruise ship, before her name and design were finalised. The keel was laid near Wenyanga that same day and construction commenced. The ship was 90% built by MineGroup L14 Shipbuilding (now Azalea Shipbuilding) and Wenyanga Shipyards built some floors of the ship.

On April 22nd, it was announced that Azalea Arctic will sail on the Dogwood-Cape Cambridge-Wenyanga route for the 2021 MRT Summer Games and began operations on May 9, 2021, after being pushed from April 30th and May 3rd. However, her construction was suspended the next day due to a major collision involving MS Lake Pearl. This affected the construction of the Azalea Arctic greatly due to a new law being passed in Wenyanga that it is forbidden to build a ship outside of its dock.

On April 24, 2021, after the ship was moored to its dock at Wenyanga Cruise Terminal by Frumple, construction resumed on track for a planned May 2021 launch.

On April 25th, Azalea Arctic was officially completed, claiming the title of the largest cruise ship in the MRT in operational service from MS Lake Pearl, which was completed just several days prior. MS Lake Pearl briefly regained the title on May 12 after her gross tonnage was measured, but Azalea Arctic was measured later that day and once again claimed the title.

The next day, Wenyanga mayor AirplaneNiner christened the Azalea Arctic, following a tradition that Azalea cruise ships should be christened by the mayors of their home port. The maiden voyage date was subsequently announced on the same day.

On May 9, 2021, Azalea Arctic finally began its maiden voyage, departing from Wenyanga at 2:32pm local time. Azalea Arctic started calling at Miu Wan on May 19th.

Ports of call

As of May 2021, Azalea Arctic currently sails 5-night cruises from Wenyanga, her home port.

Ports of Call (Azalea Arctic, May 2021)
Day City Info
1 Wenyanga Leave port at 14:30z sharp
2 Cape Cambridge
3 Dogwood
4 Miu Wan
5 Wenyanga Arrive port at 08:30z


Deck A of the Azalea Arctic contains the promenade.ctrl shopping mall featured in all Azalea cruise ships, a 1-screen Dream Cinemas movie theater, and the Showdown Casino. It also serves as the entrance for docks which are small and has no empty space.

promenade.ctrl (Azalea Arctic)
Store Name Classification Builder Status
Nex Arcade Arcade STthecat Completed
Giovanni's Aglio Oilo Food STthecat Completed
Bobby’s Q Food STthecat Completed
Comet Cafe Food Melecie Completed
revaty. Clothing STthecat Completed
Pick 'n' Pay Grocery AirplaneNiner Completed

Decks B and C contain 18 staterooms each, for a grand total of 36. Each stateroom has 2 beds, a TV, and a balcony with 2 chaise lounges. They only have simple amenities, hence no bathrooms are available in the rooms. Deck B has an entrance for larger docks where Azalea cruise ships may stop at, as well as a medium-sized helipad.

Deck D contains 8 luxury suites, which are popular among VIP travellers. The suites are much larger than staterooms, and in addition to the basic stateroom facilities, also has a bathroom and a small jacuzzi. A suite-exclusive buffet area, known as the Grand Union, is located at the back of Deck D.

Deck E is the rooftop deck, containing a 1.5m deep swimming pool and a basketball court. The basketball court stands out from other cruise ships in the MRT as Azalea Arctic is the only cruise ship to feature one. Deck E also has several chaise lounges for sunbathing.